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Originally Posted by dcchi View Post
We are a family of 5 (kids are essentially middle school aged). In recent years, we have done some traveling abroad (Paris/London, Shanghai/Japan) where we have, with careful planning, managed to stay at Marriott hotels together. This has been through lots of research regarding suitably-sized rooms, generally combined with pre-trip communications with the hotels to confirm that our smallish children will be okay with us in the room...........
That being said, just wondering what other families (of 4 or 5 or more) do, if anyone cares to share. I am loyal to Marriott, but it doesn't seem to really work (esp. in Europe and some parts of Asia). Any magic tricks that others have? Any places where having a family of five was no problem? (And, I am open to hearing about travels anywhere, not just Italy....I can store that info for our next trip!)

We are a family of 5 with the youngest being 18. Like you I gave up on hotels including Marriott in Europe in general. Too many instances of 2 rooms to accomodate 5. We did stay near the Marco Polo airport in a room but had to "hide" the fact we had a 5th person in the room. In Venice, and Austria, and Croatia we found wonderful AirBNB accommodations for us with the ability to cook or bring take-out back and to have fun shopping for food. We love Marriott but Europe and families of 5 or greater are tough in hotels.
In a lot of places in Europe, you will either need three rooms or pay a substantial surcharge for the 3rd adult. With 5 people in Europe, I would look at renting apartments. As much as my wife would have preferred the Danielli or the Gritti Palace while staying in Venice, I wasn't about to rent three rooms at either.

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I think the family size issue is not limited to only Marriott hotels or only Europe. It just seems to me anywhere in Europe or Asia, most hotels do not have two double size beds. Sometimes, even when they have two double beds, they don't accept reservations for four in a room. (Case in point - Holiday Inn Golden Miles in Hong Kong). Sometimes they quote a price for a room for four people at a rate higher than two rooms with two people each.

I have a family of four, and found that it takes a lot of research. I have better luck with Crowne Plaza hotels in London, Rome, and Paris than Marriott hotels.
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Originally Posted by dcchi View Post
For now, I have booked a 2-BR apartment that is associated with Pensione Guerrato hotel that is a couple of blocks from St Marks Square. I think that's a good plan, but we'll see!
Originally Posted by dcchi View Post
Yeah, I definitely noted this in various comments/reviews I've read in preparation for our trip. If I can't figure out an alternate plan, I'll be the middle-aged man struggling to haul three suitcases up then down Rialto Bridge to get between the hotel (where we need to check in) and the actual apartment!
You may want to actually count the number of bridges you need to cross between the train station and St. Mark Square. I counted about seven that I can see on Google Map.

Here is a picture of what type of exercise you will go through (either yourself or a porter you hire) :-)

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We have needed connecting room on occasion traveling with the grandchildren. When needed-they need to be guaranteed. That just makes sense for all. I have had great success with contacting the properties directly after I make the reservation. They will confirm the connecting room-100% success every time.
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