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Marriott Branded Credit Cards Free Night Certificate Discussion Thread

Marriott Branded Credit Cards Free Night Certificate Discussion Thread

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Before 18 Aug 2018, Chase issued certificates good for specific categories of hotels. Post 18 Aug 2018, all certificates have been converted or will be issued at a specific level of points. SPG AMEX and Ritz Carlton credit cards have also begun to issue certs.

25K points - lower level certificates
35K points - higher level certificates
50K points - luxury level certificates

Marriott will introduce peak and non peak levels for hotels after 1 Jan 2019. Certificates will be capped at the points level where they can be redeemed rather than for a specific category of hotel. Thus, if a hotel is 25K at the non peak level and the peak level is higher, it cannot be booked in the peak level window.

Seven co-branded credit cards offer an annual free night worth up to 50,000 points:
  • Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant American Express Card (formerly Starwood Preferred Guest Luxury Credit Card from American Express) - up to 50K
  • Marriott Bonvoy Boundless (formerly Rewards Premier Plus) Credit Card - up to 35K
  • Marriott Bonvoy Premier (formerly Rewards Premier) - up to 25K
  • Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express - up to 35K
  • Starwood Preferred Guest Business Credit Card from American Express - up to 35K
  • Marriott Rewards Business Premier Plus Credit Card - up to 35K
  • Ritz Carlton Rewards - up to 50K
Things to know:
  1. Certificate is issued at the anniversary date plus one month of the credit card
  2. The certificate expires one year after it is issued.
  3. Can NOT be combined with a 3 night award to get a "Stay for 5, Pay for 4" award.
How to use:
  • Search for a points booking at an eligible hotel and the option to use the certificate a replacement for some of the required points should appear during the booking process
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Old Sep 26, 18, 5:44 pm
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any updates on using these certs for SPG properties?
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Old Sep 26, 18, 6:31 pm
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Originally Posted by cfischer View Post
any updates on using these certs for SPG properties?
I tried to book an Element hotel on the website. It took points instead of the certificate. So I called Marriott. I immediately got through to a platinum agent, and she transferred me to SPG. I was on hold for over 30 minutes for the SPG portion. The man that answered had no idea what he was doing.

So in this situation, I had great customer service from Marriott, and horrible customer service from the SPG agent. After talking with him for another 30 minutes, he told me to contact the hotel. He claimed the hotel was the only entity that could change the reservation to a certificate. In my case, this was a 25K certificate. Finally, he said that since it was Sunday morning, the hotel probably wouldn't have anyone on site to change the reservation to the certificate, so I would have to wait until Monday.

I ended up just cancelling the Element reservation, and booking a Residence Inn a few miles away. I have never stayed in an Element before and was looking forward to it. But that is just too much of a pain to mess with!!!

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Originally Posted by cfischer View Post
any updates on using these certs for SPG properties?
Please see post #716 , this thread.
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Originally Posted by cfischer View Post
any updates on using these certs for SPG properties?
So a couple weeks ago I tried to make a reservation online for a Sheraton with my cert. It booked as a regular award (took points; didn't offer to use cert).

After reading this thread (I had meant to call Reservations, but never found time to hang around long enough) I finally cancelled the reservation today and called to rebook it. At first the SPG agent thought I was talking about a Suite Award (and promptly couldn't find it in my account). Then she said I would have to make the reservation through the credit card company. When I said "no, that's not how it works" she offered to research and came back after a couple minutes and said she had found the way to do it. And managed to get it booked without further hiccup. Overall the wait time to get an agent was longer than the time it took to get the reservation done.
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Old Oct 14, 18, 10:45 am
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Called the SPG reservation line ( 888-625-4988 ) to book a Sheraton. First agent picked up, mentioned I wanted to use TWO Marriott Free Night Certs (25k points each, originally from Chase). They transferred me to another agent. They took my Marriott rewards number and details, asked which hotel I wanted to book and the dates. They made a reservation per free night certificate - for a two night stay, I have two separate reservations for the two nights at this Sheraton. I'm fine with this as the certificates were applied sucessfully!
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Old Oct 21, 18, 1:52 pm
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Warning - RANT HERE!

I made a reservation using my Chase Free Night shortly before the system merge. No points were deducted but the Free Night Cert continued showing unused and the reservation had a note that I had to request an e-cert. I decided to wait until things settled down so today I tried to request the "e-cert". Nothing happened so I called the reservation line and was treated to some pretty interesting "customer service".

After looking at the rez, first she told me that I hadn't done what I told her I'd done. She couldn't elaborate and when I tried to mention the system merge she kept speaking over me and then said "first you need to listen to me carefully and then I'll listen to you .. carefully". She tried to attach the free night cert but when that didn't work she put me on hold. Came back after a few minutes and said OK it's attached now. And then proceeded to keep talking. She insisted the system was not in error but never did listen to me, carefully or otherwise.

I didn't have high hopes for the call but didn't expect to be lectured on how I need to act....
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Old Oct 22, 18, 12:20 pm
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I started a wiki which will hopefully help with frequent questions. Please add information that will help each of us use the ones we have.

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Old Oct 22, 18, 12:26 pm
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Calledto ask how to my 25k certificate from chase and the agent said canít do it online only via the phone. Ok Iíd like to make a reservation for an upcoming stay. She said itís been used already. When? She told me the date and hotel. Thatís impossible. I used points and didnít call to make the reservation like you said, I did everything online. Sir you used your certificate already. Why would I use a 25k certificate on a 17.5k hotel? Iím not sure but you did. Mam, Iím sorry but there must be some type of technical error as I didnít call in and I didnít apply that. Ok please hold Iíll desuct the points and add your certificate to your upcoming stay. Never received an email or heard otherwise from them and no points deducted so Iím not sure where it stands.

I noticed no 17.5k points were ever deducted from my account for the stay in question but I thought it was due to a severe issue at the hotel they decided to not charge.

Weíll Iíll see what happens.
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Old Oct 22, 18, 2:38 pm
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It seems Marriott/Chase are getting their act together. My free night cert originally show up a month ago as a 25K and this morning its now an 35K.
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Do they still extend them?
Anyone have recent data points for cert extensions, I have a 25k Chase cert expiring next month and really doubt I will be able to use it before it expires.
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Originally Posted by soy View Post
Do they still extend them?
Anyone have recent data points for cert extensions, I have a 25k Chase cert expiring next month and really doubt I will be able to use it before it expires.
I had one extended in June, should be possible.
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I have a pre-merger Cat 1-5 cert that I attached to a reservation for a couple of stays in a month. These were attached before the merger of the programs in August. I am considering using the for another purpose but am very concerned about losing it due to general “merger drama”.

Has anyone in a similar situation canceled one (of course, within the cancellation rules for the previous reservation)?

What did the cert come back as after the cancelation?

What was the cancelation date of the new cert? I have several of these and have no idea what their expirations were before they were attached?
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Old Dec 13, 18, 12:37 pm
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Marriott reps still extending award night certificates?

I read a recent comment on the awardtravel subreddit that someone was not able to get any reps to extend an award certificate's expiration. I know before the merger this had been trivial, but I haven't read much about people extending free night certificates (either travel package certs or Chase free night certificates). Anyone able to extend one of these recently?
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Old Dec 13, 18, 12:53 pm
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I have extended one post-8/18. Not sure if status plays a role in how cooperative they are, or if there might be training shortcomings with so many new call center agents. HUACA might be the best approach here.

Edit: This was a CC free night certificate.
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Old Dec 18, 18, 10:59 am
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Looks like it was a false alarm: quick call in and my wife was able to extend her 2x 60k point Ritz certificates from the RC she'd gotten last year. Called into Marriott Rewards, who then transferred her over to some Ritz desk who quickly extended the certs by a year.
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