$ Value of a Marriott Reward Point?

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$ Value of a Marriott Reward Point?

What is the value of a Marriott reward point? I know that it is a subjective question. However, I am curious to hear what people generally think. I like to use that number to see the value of a reward stay when I book a hotel. Also, I am curious to compare my credit card to a cash back card I have, see which gives more value.

Thank you!
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I have yet to fully settle on a value, but I'm thinking around a penny a point.

I valued "old" Marriott points at about 1.3 cents (using a standard 1.5 cents for the 120,000 airline mile portion of a Travel Package.) Now I'm pretty much going to rebaseline on the 5-night award, and I'll probably settle on 1 cent. If 140,000 points nets me five nights in a hotel that's $250 + tax, I'll probably call it good.

I'm personally limited in that I don't regularly spend my own cash on extremely expensive hotels. If I redeem an award at a top-category hotel, it's sort of theoretical value to me. When I redeem awards in the range that I'd actually book with cash if I didn't have the points, getting much above a penny looks pretty hard in the new program.
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I was sure that there was an existing thread about this, but I couldn't find it using search. The consensus has been that a Marriott point is worth between 0.8 and 1.
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I valued a SPG point at $0.025 which means M is now $0.008333. I agree with dayone between 0.8 and 1 cent.

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Spot on https://thepointsguy.com/guide/monthly-valuations/
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Originally Posted by ExpatSomchai View Post
Actually good to see that TPG still views them as 0.9 post-merger. I've always thought he was a little low on both MR and SPG, perhaps because he blends total returns across stays of varying lengths, not just Travel Packages or 5-nighters. So if you *do* stay frequently enough to reach at least a 5-night award, your return can be a little better...at or a bit above 1 cent.

I tend to agree with most of his valuations overall...he wisely takes a slightly conservative view on most types of points.
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This question makes little sense. I's like asking how much is a pound of steak, without specifying what cut, and where you are getting it.

It all depends on how you use them. I think I am loosing out if I get less than 5-6 cents per SPG point (divide by 3 for marriot points), but my best redemption was a hair under 11 cents per spg point. If I dont get this value I dont use the point. Right now I have a pretty good cushion of points to spend (after conversions figure about 700k spg equivalent). There are other uses for points were you might not get half a cent per points.
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These valuations are always subjective, because people who point out great valuations often look at the listed price of an item and the impute value to it -- for example, if I can get a ticket valued at $5000 for let's say 50,000 miles then it's worth 10 cents per mile. But that ignores the reality that if you were paying cash, you could get just good an itinerary for $3500. Or that you might never actually pay that much for a ticket -- in which case is actually worth more or less (more because its an aspirational award, less because you would never actually 'purchase' that real ticket)

That's a long winded of saying valuation is definitely subjective and sites like The Points Guy and Nerd Wallet provide some reasoning behind their valuation. Personally for Marriott I've been using the very simple point per penny valuation -- if I can redeem points and I get better value than that I redeem. However, that didn't use to be the case, I used to get really good values with travel packages, etc. It's still possible and at least I know my Marriott point is worth more than a Hilton or IHG point. I haven't figured out which of the latter two is worth less (I'm leaning towards Hilton the way they give out like candy).
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I like TPG because I know he has a pretty sober view on valuation. He plays it pretty close to what my own calculations are for points I know very well. Therefore, I'm willing to use his baseline on types of points/miles I don't know very well.

It's clear he uses more of a cash-replacement methodology. e.g., Airline coach awards, regular/midrange hotel awards, etc. Most of us here know how to optimize points/miles for long-haul F and/or hotel suites, but unless we regularly buy those tickets or suites with our own cash it's all kind of theoretical.
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