Marriott MORE shopping website **CAUTION**

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Marriott MORE shopping website **CAUTION**

For those considering a "shopping experience" at the Marriott MORE shopping website, allow me to caution you, in my opinion, you are likely to have a superior shopping experience at Walmart.

In my brief experience at the Marriott MORE shopping website, I encountered numerous technical failures, and ABYSMAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

What Marriott is doing, by affiliating themselves with the Marriott MORE shopping website, is simply mind boggling to me.

Should you make an effort of shopping at the Marriott MORE shopping website, be forewarned, the experience is toxic.

I don't know which is worse, shopping at the Marriott MORE shopping website, or attempting to obtain assistance from the Marriott call takers, who, in my experience, are absolutely clueless about the Marriott MORE program. Today, I discovered the extent to which the Marriott culture and stature has deteriorated. I spent hours on the phone with Marriott, being slam-transferred from one hold cue to another, without even the courtesy of a heads up that my call is about to be transferred from one department/person to another.

It is clear to me that Marriott's ONCE brand loyalty programs, have greatly deteriorated under their current leadership.
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non-USA members, beware of the exchange rate used by Marriott More:

Marriott More acts as an intermediary during the payment process and even if the partner store bills in Canadian dollars, Marriott More will convert that amount to USD and charge it to your credit card (The transaction will show a USD transaction from Marriott More, and not from the partner store)
  1. Bought a pillow from ShopMarriott Canada via Marriott MORE on August 30th. Order total 120.54 CAD.
  2. Marriott MORE, acting as an intermediary for the payment, charged my Canadian credit card 96.82 USD.
  3. My credit card, which does NOT charge foreign currency transaction fees, converted the 96.82 USD charge to 125.86 CAD, exactly per the MasterCard exchange rate with 0% FX fee.

Take away: Marriott MORE used a BAD exchange rate that is in their favour and owes me 5 CAD.

I am in the position to chargeback the transaction because all my bills and receipts from ShopMarriot and Marriott MORE show the 120.54 CAD amount and they do not mention the USD amount or the exchange rate used by Marriott MORE.

As mentionned by the op, support from, the operators of Marriott MORE, is abysmal and there do not provide a phone number for talking to a live agent.
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