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Legacy to New Travel Package Conversion (effective August 2018)
A Marriott supervisor can currently convert your legacy travel package into the new category mapping. If you hold a Category 6, 8, or Tier 1-3 legacy certificate, it's ideal to downgrade your certificate before converting so that points don't potentially get lost in the process.

When converting your legacy certificate to a new certificate your prior certificate is cancelled and your new certificate will (in most cases) have an expiration date that is 12 months from the date of issuance (today).

The codes for the New Category partial packages are:
5-night packages
  • OC5=530T/P530 is now NC4 QP53
  • OC6=570T/P570 is now NC4 QP53
  • OC7=610T/P610 is now NC5 QP61 (refund value: 45K)
  • OC8=650T/P650 is now NC5 QP?? (Refund value: 75k)
  • OC9=690T/P690 is now NC6 QP69
7-night packages
  • NC4 QP83 = OC5 830T/P830 (refund value: 45K)
  • NC4 QP87 = OC6 870T/P870 (refund value: 75K)
  • NC5 QP91 = OC7 910T/P910 (refund value: 105K)
  • NC5 QP95 = OC8 950T/P950 (refund value: 135K)
  • NC6 QP99 = OC9 990T/P990 (refund value: 165K)
  • NC6 QP99 = OC Tier 1-3 L830 (refund value: 195K)
  • NC7 QL87 = OC Tier 4-5 L870 (refund value: 315K)
Other 7-night packages
  • NC5 QP88 = OC7 P880 (refund value: 135K)
  • NC5 QP92 = OC8 P920 (refund value: 165K)
NCx = new certificate category
QPxx = post-merger converted partial package
OCx = old certificate category
QLxx = post-merger converted partial package (only QL known so far is QL87 for NC7)
xx0T = initial package;
Pxx0 = partial package;

************************************************** *******

MARRIOT UK: +44 20 7012 7312

For best practices on converting OC to NC, I’ve copied post # 1181 here. Thank you jameswes!

(Also, never use the word UPGRADE. You must say you want to CONVERT your certs.)

New data point for the new year.

I've read/followed the majority of this thread and now that I have a plan for how to use the travel certificates I made it happen

Last July, I purchased two OC1-5 travel packages. I have an upcoming trip that I wanted to use the certificates to book two rooms at an NC5 hotel.

1) Verified that I had an extra 120,000 MR points in my account (2x60,000 to upgrade from NC4 to NC5)
2) Call the UK Marriott # in the wiki (+44 20 7012 7312). In total, the call took about 25 minutes.
3) Explain that I have a booking I wanted to make, and I wanted to Cancel my two 830T certificates and convert them to two QP91 certificates. I did need to be clear with the rep that I was going to be using additional points from my account to upgrade the certificate.
Canceling two 830T (OC1-5) added 90,000 points (2x45000) to my account
Ordering two QP91 (NC5) subtracted 210,000 points (2x105K) from my account
4) The rep said that their "specialist" wasn't in the office, but she would leave detailed notes and have him do it the next day
5) True to form, the next day (today), I got an emails saying that my old certificates were canceled and new certificates were ordered.
Email clearly states that 830T certs were canceled
Second email clearly states that QP91 certs were ordered and 210K points were redeemed
Email (and account) state that the expiration is one year from today
As typical, App is up-to-date, website doesn't show the updated information yet.
IMPORTANT! Possible Points Advance Implications of March 5 category changes: There’s a (potential) issue with the category changes and Points Advance reservations. Marriott included the following information when they emailed some of us about the upcoming changes: “Points Advance — Members who wish to book a points advance redemption under the current Marriott Rewards and SPG award chart are encouraged to order redemption certificates before March 5 to lock in the rate. On March 5, redemption bookings are subject to the new unified program award chart.” We’ve reached out to Marriott to confirm the practical implications of this verbiage, as it sounds like Points Advance reservations will revert to the new pricing if they don’t have certificates attached prior to March 5. To be on the safe side, if your hotel is increasing in category be sure your TP certificate is attached to the reservation before March 5.

Concerning use of TP for peak or off-peak, see post 2179:

Originally Posted by Marriott Bonvoy Lurker View Post
The new award redemption chart will not impact Travel Packages. After these changes go into effect, you'll be able to book a hotel within the category assigned to your Travel Package, regardless of whether the dates at the hotel are in off-peak, standard or peak rates.
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Originally Posted by dhacker View Post
I have two of the old certs for old cat 1-5 (5 night version) that expire in the next month or two. A couple of questions:

- Does converting to the new cat 1-4 certs still extend them for a year?
- Is is crazy to use one for a stay at a new cat 3 that is only charging $100/night during my stay? I also have a free timeshare exchange week to burn and I don't know when I'll have a chance to use all these stays. And, even if it's not the best use, $500 in my pocket is still $500 in my pocket.
Yes. And I would go that route if you can use it in 2020 - would save you more than $500 but of course you would not see that saving until next year.
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Prior to the changes last summer I made 3 separate reward bookings to cover a 7 day booking, I could not make one booking as the same room type was not available for one of the nights. I attempted to add my Cat 9 travel package but as they could not make it into one reservation they were unable to do so. The customer services rep spoke to the hotel and once availability opened up, which was post the changes in Aug, Customer Services were able to combine all bookings into one. Customer Services confirmed the vacation had been booked and they had attached the travel package.

This week I received an email stating that I had insufficient points for the booking. Having spoken to Customer Services they now state that they are unable to add the travel package as the hotel is a higher category than the certificate I have. The points they are quoting are also at the new higher rates, which is significantly higher than the points required for my initial booking. I have logged a complaint but it will take 3 working days for them to come back to me and I fly a week on Sunday so time is running tight.

Despite the travel package being added after the changes in Aug it was logged against a point booking that had been made before the changes and the Customer Service Agent confirmed by email it was booked. What are my chances of getting them to honor it?

If I do decide to transfer MR points to pay for the booking if they do not let me use the travel package, should I not be paying the lower rate when I booked the room, rather than the higher rate quoted now?

Any advice is welcome!

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Something similar happened to me. I won’t go into the the long explanation. But an agent cashed in my 7 night certificate instead of converting it to the new system and did a points advance booking, when I easily had the points even without the 7 night certificate. The hotels category went up and ...

I resolved it by calling, US daytime during the work week - so call today, and asking for a supervisor. This was in March just after the category changes. After getting transferred to a supervisor I was on the phone with her for over 90min while she worked the problem plus had to talk to loyalty. By the end of the phone call my reservation had a certificate attached at the hotels new category.

Every time I’ve used email to open a case it’s been much less satisfactory.

Its a really horrible use of Amex MR points unless you have to and you shouldn’t have to considering you had a cert of the proper value when the reservation made.
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Originally Posted by Pid View Post

Any advice is welcome!
I already replied in your other thread. Pls do not cross post in multiple threads....
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Originally Posted by Willbur View Post
Key for getting through is to call the 1-801-468-4000 number within the first our of them opening and mentioned something along the lines of "award travel certificate" and the robot will repeat certificates and connect you quickly. Each call this morning I had less than 1 minute wait and the person I got each time was very knowledgeable. Certs converted and confirmed with no issues. Calling after hours or weekends is a complete gamble on the knowledge of the person and the evenings is usually a long wait.
Thank you for this. Did this today and it worked as you described. It also helped to have the old/current certificate codes to guide the CSR along. Five minute call.
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Geez. I called the UK number and had no luck converting to a new higher category. I followed the script and it went to a supervisor and was denied. I expected as much as there are many DPs on this action request being denied.

Then I asked about converting the old category 1-5 to the new 1-4 and was told by a supervisor that that would not reset the expiration date and I need to use the certificate by the end of July, 2019, i told him that is not true, I did it for my husband’s account last week, and he is now on the phone with the specialist to see if I am right.

An exercise in frustration.

Edit to add: and the supervisor came back after speaking with the specialist and said he was wrong and I was right!

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Since the introduction of new travel packages last August is it still possible to downgrade to a lower category package.

I had an old category 8 5-night travel package that I today converted to a new Category 5 Travel package. However I have a 5 night stay coming up and the best hotel in the city is only a Category 4.

I am wondering if it possible to downgrade this package to a Cat 1-4 package and apply to the upcoming reservation.
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I believe you can always use the package at lower category hotels, you just won't get a partial refund of the difference in value. So, rather than let your new Cat 5 certificate go to waste, you could use it on a Cat 4 hotel, just don't expect any points back.

However, I suppose it never hurts to ask whether you can get a partial refund (even though the T&C for the new certs says you can't get one). You may be able to argue that the rules for the 5-night certs are different than for the 7-night certs (not being a time-share owner, I don't know the rules for those).
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The time to downgrade was when you were converting the certificate over to the new one.
Once that has been done, it will be very hard convincing an agent to do it for you.
Probably only possible if Marriott had made an error and had to correct it.
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Just a word of warning for others. Once you have had a certificate attached, make sure you log in and check your reservation actually has certificates attached.
I had some agent take a certificate from my account and did not attach it properly. Got Bonvoyed. Called up again and they are trying to get it fixed but I'll have to wait 2-3 days. I'm not confident and expect a long battle and many phone calls.

Every single agent I've talked to has struggled with these 7n certificates. It's like they've never seen one before and are dealing with one for the first time. It's always a 30min battle to get one attached or converted.
That's the only positive in the devalued new packages, I don't have to waste hours on the phone with Marriott once I use up my existing certificates.
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Possible to use a TP to book and add someone as additional guest? No issues checking in if I won't be there?
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Called the normal customer service number and was told she couldn't edit my 7 night certificate from before the merger, she'd have to email someone to do it and will take 2-3 days. Is this normal? Fine if it is just concerned as it expires in a couple of weeks and don't want to wait days to find out she just wasted my time.
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That is not normal. Keep calling until you find someone willing/able to do it.
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Originally Posted by SideShowBob View Post
Called the normal customer service number and was told she couldn't edit my 7 night certificate from before the merger, she'd have to email someone to do it and will take 2-3 days. Is this normal? Fine if it is just concerned as it expires in a couple of weeks and don't want to wait days to find out she just wasted my time.
Did you call the UK number? I did so just last friday and agent was willing to extend certs for another year (old certs that is).
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No didn't call UK will be calling shortly -- got a horror story of being Bonvoyed over on r/churning so will be calling ASAP before they do who knows what to my cert.
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