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jdang May 30, 18 1:45 pm

Issues with website
Anyone have issues with the Marriott site for searching Hotels and dates? I didn't see any recent threads about website issues.

When I try to search a city, it doesn't fill-down cities I might be looking for. The dates are completely unresponsive, I can type in a date but no dropdown with calendar or anything. I do put a correct date and press search, it'll only search for dates a 2 day from today.

When I press edit for my search, the whole section disappears and I can't adjust the date or anything else.(If I press Find and Reserve, it shows a dropdown with the edit info but I can't change dates still) I tried logging off, incognito mode, switch to firefox and everything else but they are all like that.

Everything was working fine yesterday.

phaka2 May 30, 18 4:28 pm

Same here @ 3:30 PM PDT

garkster May 30, 18 8:02 pm

Generally speaking, it's one of the poorer corporate-brand websites out there in terms of stability. On any given day, any component may not be working properly, and this comment is based on years of experience with Marriott's website.

Come to think of it, it's a pretty accurate reflection of the variability in quality I've experienced in Marriott's hotels over the decades. The only thing that's reliably consistent is the books in the night table.

echino May 30, 18 8:30 pm

Marriott website is not working.

Mr. Vker May 30, 18 8:31 pm

I am getting "unexpected error" trying to reserve anything. I am calling Marriott corporate tomorrow. Too many issues. Website, Plat line. Just out of control IMHO. They might not care, but it will be therapeutic for me.

Mwenenzi May 30, 18 8:36 pm

Originally Posted by jdang (Post 29810290)
Anyone have issues with the Marriott site for searching Hotels and dates?

Yes. :td:
Cannot log in to check an existing reservation

Mr. Vker May 30, 18 8:44 pm

I got logged in-but won't display any of my upcoming reservations. Total meltdown.’re temporarily unable to display the information you requested.Please try again later.’re temporarily unable to display the information you requested.Please try again later.

s0ssos May 30, 18 9:03 pm

And the website is down. Cannot see your reservations. But I did see one on the front page, and was able to access that. Nothing else seemed to work.

imverge May 30, 18 9:21 pm

I can't login to my account.

What is up with Marriott lately? The website is constantly down, telephone wait times are beyond acceptable, agents are snarky and don't seem knowledgeable anymore. :mad:

Tanic May 30, 18 10:28 pm

The stylish new brand logos have been installed. But the website had been dysfunctional most of the day. :mad:

kodansha999 May 30, 18 10:39 pm

using the app tells you no room availability on your selected dates:mad:

narvik May 30, 18 10:53 pm

Okay, so it's NOT just me then! Good to know....

pilgrim May 30, 18 11:02 pm

Same here. Error message consistently for over 5 hours.

yerffej201 May 30, 18 11:04 pm

website and app both don't work. this merger is so dumb

ElPresidente May 31, 18 1:23 am

Same. Couldn't reserve anything. Called in, LONG WAIT.
Rep said they are updating systems, be down until morning.

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