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freeupgrade Nov 4, 00 7:34 pm

LAX Marriott [Master Thread]
Looking for candid comments about this property - especially interested in Concierge Lounge comments, TV channel availability, airport shuttle service, newness of room furniture.

Thanks to all in advance.

sfpaul900 Nov 5, 00 12:11 pm

It's been a year or so since I stayed here but, as far as I can remember, it was just another standard-issue Marriott. It's rather large and there can be huge crowds at check-in. The lounge is nice, but nothing special. The staff is efficient and pleasant. They charge for parking and the location is not terribly convenient to anything other than the airport. I've heard nicer things about the Airport Renaissance, although I've never stayed there.

ROADRUNNER Nov 5, 00 8:04 pm

I stayed there a lot, even when not flying. Then they lost their Marriott touch over a year ago with the new Awards program. Even during remodeling, no considerations from temporary front desk. Good rates are harder to find.

Apparently there was a multi million dollar renovation of public areas. The rooms have had wear and tear and remain so. Unless you are Gold forget the "When you are confortable, you can do anything" Marriott slogan!

JIMBOLIGUY Nov 5, 00 8:37 pm

I was put up there two weeks ago by AA due to a misconnect. Rooms were ok -- standard Marriott. Shuttle service was fine -- took 10 minutes for pickup. On the return, I think they leave every 1/2 hour.

I was there for 5 hours -- so I cannot comment on the rest (except at 5:45 am -- there are no facilites open (i.e. coffee, juice etc...)


Paul19 Nov 6, 00 6:03 am

Can't recall if I've ever been to the LAX property, but was at the Renaissance LAX in April, and was pretty impressed. Excellent food, nice lobby, rooms are fairly standard-sized but feel pretty new.

BillMorrow Nov 7, 00 10:38 pm

I can give another thumbs-up for the Renaissance LAX. Nice furnishings and lobby. Very nice service.

Run a search on the messages in this section. The Marriott LAX has gotten rather mixed reviews here in the past

Roger Nov 18, 00 2:29 am

I stayed there last week (at a rate).

Compared with one year ago and two years ago (at regular rates), I believe the property has improved, due no doubt to the refurbishment but especially because of more welcoming staff.

TV selection poor, with only 20 channels or so. How can it be that most Days Inns and the like can have far more cable programming?

$11 per day for parking. When I stayed there before, I didn't pay for parking. They seem to have almost completed a new underground parking facility.

I also stayed at the Renaissance last week at a rate. Superficially OK, but I prefer the Marriott. Odd situation at breakfast. My wife ate a la carte, I took continental. They only charged for my wife. I pointed out their error. (OK, but I did.) This caused a lot of confusion, and I eventually got a new check with the two breakfasts showing. Not a word of apology or thanks. Also, how much 'service' (tip) should I add for a self-service breakfast?

freeupgrade Nov 19, 00 11:06 am

Any more comments anyone?

Thanks to all thus far for the advice.

BobLinderman Nov 21, 00 9:48 am

Small is good and nice sports bar facility...But, for my money (and points), I stay at the Renaissance. No sports bar, but the rooms are much nicer, larger and more elegant. As far as the food is concerned, the Renaissance beat the LAX Marriott, hands-down!

Also, at the LAX Marriott, there is too much hussle and bussle over there. They use the parking facility as an "off-site" long-term parking alternative for LAX and it attracts non-guests. This fact just adds to the mass of humanity and is more of a reason why I try to avoid this property and go to the Renaissance.

FrontRow Nov 22, 00 1:01 pm

It's been at least a year and a half since I stayed at the LAX Marriott. I can't recall anything special other than the best Shoeshine Man I've ever seen. He was in the lobby around the back. When I got there he had two guys in the chairs and both were finishing up on their 6th or 7th pair of shoes respectively. They both told me that it was worth it to wait. I have never seen an old pair of shoes look better...better than new.

Mr Earn Jul 1, 01 9:48 pm

Any Updates on this Property?

rwethereyet850 Dec 4, 11 10:41 pm

LAX Marriott vs LAX Hilton
I realize they're roughly co-located, but any advice re: preference for 1 night stay with wicked early next day flight? Have Diamond status with Hilton and Gold with Marriott. Have seen some not too comforting comments regarding hotel shuttle punctuality so appreciate experiences on that as well.

Thanks in advance - cheers!

Tony10s Dec 4, 11 11:09 pm

I like the Courtyard by Marriott on Century Blvd
It's literally at the LAX entrance
You could walk not advised tho LA drivers and all
This Courtyard is pretty nice

deirdre Dec 4, 11 11:33 pm

I've stayed at both properties, and also the courtyard and four points. I tend to book the Hilton because I prefer the setup there, but I usually go to conventions at the Marriott. The Four Points has the better beer bar if you like that sort of thing. The Marriott's sports bar has pretty dismal service and staff who don't care about dietary constraints, and I've had better luck eating at the Hilton overall. That said, I like the happy hour specials at Marriott.

I guess I'm just not that loyal (I have Silver Hilton status, but most recently stayed at the Marriott, where I only accrue miles).

PHLGovFlyer Dec 5, 11 11:46 am

If you're counting on the shared shuttle it's a crap shoot from all of the hotels near Century blvd. Sometimes it's fine and other times you'll wait 35 minutes only to find the shuttle packed.

For a really early flight just make sure you're waiting outside the lobby of any shared shuttle hotel about 2 hours prior and you'll be ok.

California Traveler Dec 6, 11 4:53 pm

We have stayed two times (flew to Hawaii and Europe for two weeks) at the Hilton LAX - good service and rooms. The shuttle was hassel free and wait time is just a few mins at the airport. We are Marriott and Hilton members but prefer the Hilton at LAX - Hilton has a nice park and fly deal - secured underground parking. The Marriott was more expensive and no underground, secured parking. Check out the Trip Advisor reviews.


deirdre Dec 6, 11 5:28 pm

Also, every single frakkin' time I stay at the Marriott, they "lose" my reservation before it gets posted to the rewards program. We check in, my husband pays, they change the res to his name instead of mine, and then I have to follow up on it. This has happened three times, and I'm no longer going to stay there any more. Hilton's never done that to us. I'm the Keeper of the Rewards Points.

steve-o Dec 6, 11 6:16 pm

LAX Renaissance vs LAX Marriott vs. LAX Hilton
I've tried all three and prefer the LAX Renaissance, which is almost next door to the LAX Marriott on Airport Blvd. In fact the Renaissance and Marriott share a shuttle vehicle. So the wait time at either will 30-60 seconds different.


allset2travel Dec 7, 11 2:49 pm

Originally Posted by steve-o (Post 17579503)
I've tried all three and prefer the LAX Renaissance, which is almost next door to the LAX Marriott on Airport Blvd. In fact the Renaissance and Marriott share a shuttle vehicle. So the wait time at either will 30-60 seconds different.


Stayed at Hilton, MR & Ren (all LAX). Concur with steve-o Ren would be my choice, all rates being equal.

rwethereyet850 Dec 7, 11 7:52 pm

Thanks all for the insights - think i'll give the Renaissance a shot.

sbedelman Jan 26, 12 11:04 pm

LAX Marriott 2 for 2 Refuses Upgrade
I'm now 2 for 2 with the LAX refusing a Platinum upgrade to Concierge even when there are rooms available.

Checked in at the Elite desk and specifically told Concierge is full. I called the 800 line and they confirmed space for all 3 nights, including bed type. I went back to the desk and they again confirmed full. So I walked across to the main desk and they also confirmed full.

At this point I informed them Res was willing to take a booking. The clerk went back to the office and confirmed space was available. I asked to speak to the front desk manager who acknowledged there was space and offered to move our room. I asked why I was denied at check in and was told there had just been a cancellation (seems unlikely but irrelevant since I had confirmed space before the second time I was denied). At this point I asked to file a complaint and the front desk manager said she didn't know how to do that. She went off to find out and when it dragged on I told the other clerk I would like to have the general manager call me.

This is the second time the exact same thing has happened. Either they are blocking rooms so the front desk clerks actually think Concierge is full or they are training them to say it is full when it is not. Because of the way things went I strongly suspect the former.

As I said this is the second time I've seen this at this hotel out of 2 visits since I started checking. It is interesting to note that as best I remember I've never successfully received a Concierge upgrade at this location.

Unfortunately I believe this is not the only Marriott engaging in this kind of behavior. I've seen it a lot recently but after a long trip I'm just too tired to bother to call them on it. This time it just really bugged me because I could tell the hotel was no where near fully booked.

I should have searched to see if there is already a thread on this so shoot me down if there is. If not, then can people let me know if this seems to be a pretty widespread problem?

Ivanwood Jan 27, 12 12:25 am

It happens to me as well. They tell me they don't have a concierge room for the entire length of my stay. But, it sure seems like they give them away to any party or group staying for a limited time. I usually don't complain, as long as they give me access to the lounge. But your right, I think the standard answer is no we are full.

sbedelman Jan 27, 12 9:03 am

That's exactly what she said the second time I asked (after I had call Res and confirmed rooms were available for all the days). At check in she had claimed Concierge was full that night. Both statements were untrue.

Like you when I've failed to get an upgrade in the past I've let it pass but Marriott HQ needs to be aware these kind of shenanigans are going on

DillMan Jan 27, 12 10:39 am

This happens to me all the time as a PP. The only times I can recall not getting a CL upgrade and actually finding out that the CL rooms were really full were during conventions, special events, etc. I've stopped even arguing, however, I do still push the point when you get the "we can't give you CL access because we have exceeded the maximum number of guests allowed access on a given night" line.

Marriott corporate is well aware of these practices. At worst they encourage it. At best they just look the other way.

Mr. Vker Jan 28, 12 11:46 am

Originally Posted by DillMan (Post 17898244)
however, I do still push the point when you get the "we can't give you CL access because we have exceeded the maximum number of guests allowed access on a given night" line.

I have not had this happen yet. However, if/when it does, it will be a big problem. This is a major GUARANTEED plat benefit. MR will be on the phone quick. Don't know what will happen, but I won't make it easy.

freeupgrade Jan 28, 12 5:58 pm

LAX Marriott has really gone downhill.

Stay at Renaissance LAX instead.

sbedelman Jan 28, 12 7:17 pm

I got a call back from the message I left for the GM and he explained what was going on.

This hotel gets a large number of PLT. Enough in fact that they fill the Concierge floor most every night.

Knowing this is the case they have been randomly assigning upgrades until they fill the floor. The reason I was told I could still make a booking when I called the 800 # is that it is possible to make a Concierge booking even when the floor is full. Apparently RES will take the reservation and advise you that because the floor is full you'll be placed on a high floor and have access to the lounge (I wasn't told this but I didn't try to complete the booking either).

To the GM's credit when I told him this policy violated Marriott rules he said he would look into it and get right back to me. A little while later he did and confirmed that I was correct. The rules are availability at checkin.

He said they would change their policy. Where previously checkin went quite quickly because rooms were preassigned and front desk personnel told any PLT that weren't preassigned an upgrade that one wasn't available they will do something different going forward. I didn't ask exactly what and I'm not sure he had decided. It sound like they might only offer an upgrade if they were full that day if the PLT asked.

Overall a very response GM. Also a learning experience for me. It seems likely that other hotels may be doing the same thing. The one I can say about the policy of preassigning is that it isn't about revenue enhancement. The hotel is no better off either way. All it means is the early bird doesn't always get the worm.

The lesson seems to be that if you arrive at a hotel and don't get an upgrade then call and find that space is available you should ask again. Its possible they've just blocked the rooms so it might be a good idea to confirm whether all the upgrades have actually checked in or if the space is preassigned (blocked). If its the latter then they should unblock a room for you.

VickiSoCal Jan 28, 12 7:41 pm

My issue with availablity at checkin- is what if 5 platinums are checking in and 5 golds and there are only 5 c-level rooms. Should it be first come first serve.

Technically, according to their policy, it is at check-in for both plats and golds so if the five golds arrive first they get the rooms.

iztok Jan 28, 12 8:03 pm

I for one like pre-assignment in most cases. This gives more fair distribution.

I frequently stay at certain FS in ATL and when I make a reservation I let front desk manager know and they take care of me. (pre-assign specific room on CL away from noise).

A little perk for someone who is there 2-3 weeks a month.

I also second the LAX Ren property suggestion. Love that property.

Time traveller Feb 1, 12 11:04 pm

Just out of curiosity, are the rooms on the CL floor better than the rooms on the other floors at the Marriott LAX?

I have stayed at the Ren LAX previously, but have a room booked at the Marriott LAX in a couple of months.

sbedelman Feb 2, 12 10:05 pm

Originally Posted by Time traveller (Post 17935205)
Just out of curiosity, are the rooms on the CL floor better than the rooms on the other floors at the Marriott LAX?

I have stayed at the Ren LAX previously, but have a room booked at the Marriott LAX in a couple of months.

A Bit.

DJ_Iceman Feb 3, 12 9:54 pm

This was my EXACT experience at the Marriott LAX a couple of times when I couldn't get into the Ren. After this hassle I also found the rooms to be a letdown, the soundproofing a joke, and the customer service lacking. I will now stay at the Ren, even for a fairly substantial price premium. It has NEVER let me down, over dozens of stays.

kaaria Jan 26, 14 3:45 pm

Marriott LAX now at CAT 6? Really?
Just less than 24 months ago, the Marriott LAX was a category 4 hotel. I have stayed there regularly and have not seen that much of an improvement where it is now a cat 6. Meanwhile, the Renaissance up the street is still at Cat 5.

What do you guys think of the Cat 6 label?

DENROC Jan 26, 14 4:04 pm

Not particularly impressed but category is apparently based upon occupancy rate

escapefromphl Jan 26, 14 7:01 pm

This is the effect of the Cat 1-4 & 1-5 Megabonus certificate redemptions. It will probably drop down to Cat 5 again at some point.

MSPeconomist Jan 26, 14 7:14 pm

Originally Posted by DENROC (Post 22227582)
Not particularly impressed but category is apparently based upon occupancy rate

I would have thought that the Marriott category would be based on some definition of average room revenue per night. It would be easy to get occupancy rates up by lowering prices.

VickiSoCal Jan 26, 14 7:36 pm

It is primarily based on redemption demand. If a lot of people redeem at cat 5 rate, it goes up to 6. If few people redeem at cat 6 rate it drops to 5. There's a sweet spot of redemption rates where it stays steady. The Cat 1-5 certs have made that sweet spot weird for 5 in particular.

nacho Jan 27, 14 2:50 am

I thought corporate will decide on the facilities of hotels to determine which category they are going to be at.

What I was shocked about is CPH Marriott can be a Cat 7 hotel - old and dated and absolutely poor in value and service.

jr1202sr Jan 27, 14 6:34 am

CPH Marriott = Worst Marriott in Europe imho

BrightlyBob Jan 27, 14 6:39 am

Originally Posted by nacho (Post 22230154)
I thought corporate will decide on the facilities of hotels to determine which category they are going to be at.

What I was shocked about is CPH Marriott can be a Cat 7 hotel - old and dated and absolutely poor in value and service.

To a great extent, we determine a hotels category since it's place on the table is determined by the number of redemptions each year.

It's all about demand, a $500 night hotel at cat1 will be inundated by redemptions. A $100 night hotel at cat9 will never see a redeeming guest.

When a hotel first joins the group it's categorized based on expected redemption activity and recategorised depending how that works out. It's worth remembering Marriotts annual redemption adjustments generally see a similar number of moves down to up, although usually the annual balance is on the up reflecting a slow stealth devaluation (saving last year when Marriott used the redemption categories to give effect to a large devaluation, with the vast majority of changes being properties moving up, and only the tiniest minority moving down).

This gave rise to the cat4 certificate issue and led to Marriott offering a choice on megabonuses of either 3xCat4 or 2xCat5 certs. The most obvious redemption venue for such certs is airport hotels, since there are few luxury or leisure options in those categories, hence cat5 airport hotels were bombed with redemptions resulting in the upward move. Now of course as a cat 6 it's out of the certs but represents poorer value on points, and hence will see redemptions collapse so it'll almost certainly be busted back to a cat5 where the process will then restart!

As far as CPH Marriott is concerned, I liked the hotel. It's a bit industrial, but the rooms are a good size, exec lounge offerings are strong and it seems well maintained. Certainly planning a trip with the kids as it's within easy walking distance of the train station, city centre and Tivoli. Bearing in mind I joined MR in 2006 when the top category was 7, I guess it could be deemed surprising it's there, but now that the top category is 9, I'd say its category broadly reflects it's price, location and facilities, though as discussed above, that's not the criteria!

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