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C17PSGR Jul 9, 18 4:14 pm

I overnighted here recently as the Renn was sold out. It's OK for an airport Marriott and I was in after midnight and out by breakfast. On the plus side, it's renovated and the shower was good. Also, the views from the M Club are great! On the negative side, the bed didn't have a Marriott standard mattress which was surprising for a new renovation, I didn't upgraded, and it was poorly staffed after midnight considering how busy it was. Overall, it has a nice look but feels more like a super busy hotel than the Renn. I missed breakfast so can't comment on it. Between the Marriott, the Westin, and the Renn, I'll probably still continue to stay at the Renn, all things being equal.

jtwiz Jul 10, 18 8:45 am

I am here now. I waited about 15 minutes for the shuttle, which is okay. It's the same shuttle that services the LAX Ren, which I knew from my last stay there back in January. Check-in was friendly and fast. I was trying to get a room on the 18th floor, where the M Club is located but no luck. I think the FDC thought she was doing me a favor by giving me a room on the 17th, but it is right below the M Club and extremely noisy - especially in the morning (note: don't take room 1707!) If I had realized it last night, I would have moved to a different room. But as I have to get up tomorrow at 4 AM, I'm not going to bother.

The M Club evening offering was plentiful, appetizing and replenished often. There were two bartenders (prices were much less than at downstairs bar - ie. same glass of wine was $4 less at M Club.) And plenty of staff cleaning up plates, including a manager that was pitching in to help everyone out. He commented that they were much busier on a Monday than usual. This morning at breakfast, once again, there was lots of friendly staff. Plates were cleaned up quickly, food never seemed to run out.

You did have to check in both in the evening (room #) and morning (last name) before entering. I noticed a couple people trying to bypass check-in (DYKWIA syndrome...), but they were called out on it. I get it's a pain to wait in line (although for me, I only had to wait behind 1 person in each case), but that's how they keep the lounge to just being people who belong there.

Other than noise, room is fine. As another poster mentioned, no true desk, but there is at least a place where you can park your laptop and work. The bathroom has been gutted, unlike the LAX Ren. Someone else mentioned having issues with temp control in room, mine has worked well. I would definitely stay here again, just not in this particular room!

manico Jul 10, 18 3:47 pm

It seems like the old LAX hotels are finally getting spruced up, possibly spurred on by the recent construction/conversion of a couple of properties on Century and more planned in the next few years. Previously, I always stayed at the Renn because they were good about giving lounge access sometimes during quieter periods to even "lowly" Silvers. I also enjoyed their lounge with it's view of the runway and the quieter downstairs where the computers were. Now they have renovated but unfortunately I haven't been able to check out the new lounge (minus the bottom floor bus. center which I was told is gone) because I've stayed on weekends when it's closed. The room renovation wasn't that great at the Ren nor was it great at the Marriott but considering how dingy and old the rooms at the Marriott were, it is an improvement (much brighter and lighter but I feel the rooms are much smaller now).

I actually much prefer the M lounge at the Marriott----I like the idea of checking who enters during prime times as I think it helps to cut back from people bringing in their friends, cousins and countrymen. I like the open space and views and the bar in the middle if you want to purchase a drink (almost all hotel lounges except one at LAX charge for alcohol). The food offerings were quite nice when I stayed there-----much smaller portions but nicer quality. The reusable water bottle station is a nice idea too for those concerned about the environment. The Sheraton also has a nice lounge with newer furniture and a "larger" food offering (1 hot item and sandwiches) so that's also a good alternative.

sanfran8080 Jul 11, 18 7:45 pm

I feel like the M lounge is a dance club. Get rid of the loud music

UA-NYC Jul 11, 18 9:33 pm

Wasn't the Ren supposedly renovated? My bathroom last night had an old school tub and looked at least 10 years old. Room mildly spruced up but A/C took about two hours to cool the room down. Lounge was packed and mediocre. Not impressed...

jtwiz Jul 12, 18 5:01 am

Originally Posted by sanfran8080 (Post 29964380)
I feel like the M lounge is a dance club. Get rid of the loud music

I was in the M Club 3 times this week (2 evenings, 1 morning) and had no issues with loud music. Maybe they have toned it down?

manico Sep 26, 18 2:53 pm

Originally Posted by UA-NYC (Post 29964640)
Wasn't the Ren supposedly renovated? My bathroom last night had an old school tub and looked at least 10 years old. Room mildly spruced up but A/C took about two hours to cool the room down. Lounge was packed and mediocre. Not impressed...

I think it was a "light refresh". I stayed there too after the supposed renovation and also noticed that they didn't touch the bathrooms. The "new" room look isn't that great----I almost like the old one. Haven't had a chance to check out the new lounge though as it was closed on the weekends unlike at the Marriott down the road. I did miss the little downstairs area of the Ren lounge where you could use the computers but I believe it's now gone and the lounge is only one level.

hindolio Oct 1, 18 10:56 pm

Just returned from a pleasant 1 night stay (09/30/18). Gold elite asking for an upgraded room and given an M Club access room on the 15th floor. View of city was okay. I could hear the soft hum of planes going by every once in a while.

Desserts served from 7:30 pm to 10 pm reminded me of those little desserts at a typical Las Vegas buffet. They were okay, but the cookies were very good.
Breakfast was average in my opinion. The eggs were very dry and bland.

Overall though, the service was as good as the other posts here. The pool looked good and was not crowded on a Monday.

yerffej201 Oct 13, 18 8:49 pm

Would folks who've stayed here recommend this property vs the Westin LAX?

UA-NYC Oct 14, 18 6:25 am

M Club is nice & the rooms are newer

huynhc Oct 16, 18 10:09 am

I have stayed here twice now since the start of October. First time, I waited over 20 minutes to the elite line. One agent for the elite lines and three at the normal check-in. The line for the regular crowd was busier and I was next in the elite line but apparently behind a DYKWIA demanding a suite upgrade. I felt like the regular desk agents should have waved me over since I was waiting forever after 10PM with a one-year old infant strapped to my chest. Room was not upgraded but had an elongated entryway so was great to store luggage there. Room was small but adequate for an airport stay. M club bfast was mediocre and busy. Staff was attentive and exchanged plates and food out to keep with demand.

Second stay was coming back from vacation and was horrible. Waited over an hour for a shuttle and when one finally came it was full! It was around 10PM at night and I was livid (again with a 1yo strapped to my chest). I took the Hilton shuttle and carried 6 bags with the wife to the Marriott. Luckily the valet agent saw me struggling to get all my bags up the driveway incline and rushed down to help. He was a glimmer of hope. For this stay, I redeemed 2 SNA to a one bedroom suite. However once I got there they downgraded me to a junior suite (I did not select that as a SNA option). Usually I don't care for upgrades but if I put a SNA in for a particular room type and it clears, it should be honored. I could have used it at countless other stariott properties to secure a suite when I travel with the baby. I spoke to the manager who offered a hospitality suite on the first floor after much pushback. I appreciated the effort but their SNA system needs work. The M club staff was great in the morning. We were looking for whole milk for the baby and the lounge didn't have it and so the attendant went down to Starbucks for us and grabbed us whole milk.

If it wasn't for the two wonderful staff at the valet helping with my luggage and the m club attendant I would never stay at this property again. But the hard work of those two employees really stood out to me and would make me re-consider the Marriott lax as an option (only on outbound flights as waiting for the shuttle on arrival is ridiculous).

In short, although the hotel looks much more modern and clean after the renovations, the lack of service and especially shuttle service makes this airport hotel an epic fail.

sfozrhfco Oct 16, 18 11:29 am

Stayed a couple weeks ago and check in was about the same as described--though I was called over to the regular checkin side as there was only one person checking in elites very slowly. One reason it may take so long to check people in is that the hotel does not seem to preblock elites--even those doing online checkin. As a Platinum Premier Elite with Ambassador status that checked in through the app and arrived after the standard check in time, I was presented with a regular room and no acknowledgement of status. I just asked what kind of room it was after getting the key and only after saying it was a standard room as booked did the check in agent even look to see if something better was available.

The food for the evening service in the M lounge was quite good with many options. Did not stay long enough for breakfast as I had an early flight. Walked back to the airport so didn't deal with the shuttle.

Prefer the Sheraton for the room size/quality/preblocking into a suite and not a great fan of the bible/Book of Mormon which Marriott seems to be pushing in their rooms. Overall it was an ok stay to take advantage of the $60 off offer through the SPG AMEX but don't know that I would stay again.

SkiAdcock Oct 16, 18 11:36 am

My last stay (arrival about 9pm on a Sat night/departure at 5am) had the same check-in line issue. I was in elite line but the normal line was moving faster & they weren't calling people from the elite line. I finally moved to the regular line to get checked in while people behind me in the elite line were still waiting after I had gotten my key. No upgrade, until I gently pushed mentioning it was a single night stay & then was upgraded to junior suite. Junior suite was fine, other than it was facing Century Blvd & the traffic noise made for fitful sleep. I prefer the Renaissance.


BLG Oct 27, 18 10:59 pm

Gave it a try on Thursday night. Shuttle picked me up within a minute...just good luck I imagine. Check-in was a non event at 10PM. No lines at all. Maybe lucky again. No upgrade but didn't care. Had a bite at the Marketplace which I liked. Thought the room was only about half-rehabbed -- carpet was still old and stained. AC had two speeds -- loud and noisy or louder and noisier. Was too tired after coming in from LHR to care. Had to use a pen to toggle the control button on the thermostat. Breakfast was good. Service was good. Staff was helpful and nice. Would go back to the Ren next time. A more relaxed feel and a little more "refined". If I had to stay there again I would but it wouldn't be my first choice, probably not my second either.

Kacee Oct 28, 18 12:18 am

Originally Posted by sfozrhfco (Post 30321578)
not a great fan of the bible/Book of Mormon which Marriott seems to be pushing in their rooms.

These now infest the SPG properties as well. In fact, they've made it all the way to Bangkok, where I found one bedside at SGS last weekend. So, unlike the loyalty program merger, the infliction of religious propaganda was effected quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly.

Good to know where Marriott's priorities lie.

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