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B-HQC Apr 29, 07 3:36 am

W Los Angeles Westwood 2007 on [Master Thread]
How is the noise? Any annoying bouncers outside the front door or does this happen only on the weekend? I am choosing this hotel for its relative proximitry to Van Nuys (there isn't anything decent there). This is not a leisure trip and I will not be impressed if the "party atmosphere" erodes into the hotel. Should I give it a pass then? Any other good *Ws? I need the nights for Plat.

Thanks for your advise.

TravelingWookiee Apr 29, 07 9:53 pm

I just stayed there this weekend. I came and went at all hours of the day and night and had no trouble with the bouncers. Once you let them know you're a guest, there are no issues. I also had no problems with noise or a party atmosphere.

Also, the room I was put in was a suite with separate a living room and office, making for a much more productive time when I had to actually work (mixed work/leisure trip). I actually found it to be one of the better W's for getting work done. In the past, I've not found most of the W hotels to be very practical in that respect.

While that does not answer your question directly, I'm guessing that if Friday and Saturday night were fine, you should do okay the rest of the week as well.

From NYC Apr 30, 07 12:18 pm

Originally Posted by B-HQC (Post 7657139)
How is the noise? Any annoying bouncers outside the front door or does this happen only on the weekend? I am choosing this hotel for its relative proximitry to Van Nuys (there isn't anything decent there). This is not a leisure trip and I will not be impressed if the "party atmosphere" erodes into the hotel. Should I give it a pass then? Any other good *Ws? I need the nights for Plat.

Thanks for your advise.

Request a room on the pool side of the hotel, which is at the opposite end, just in case. However, I find the walls really thin at this hotel, so the party atmosphere need not be in the bar to disturb.

toolz May 1, 07 1:27 pm

Don't remember the bouncers on Sunday through Tuesday but even when they are there, they are not a problem for access. Just have your room card available.

Noise is much less the days you are talking about. Ask ahead for a "quiet" room on a higher floor and towards the other side of the hotel.

Have not had issues with noise and these are some of the largest W rooms you have probably stayed at.

B-HQC May 23, 07 10:50 pm

W Westwood Los Angeles renovation
Was about to make a booking here today for a stay in June but it appears the rooms are now being renovated... a no go? Anyone been there since May and can advise?

W Los Angeles - Westwood is in the Process of Being Renewed

From May 1, 2007 to August 31, 2007, W Los Angeles - Westwood is in the process of renewing our guest rooms. Acclaimed designer Thom Filicia & his creative team are in the process of transforming the W Los Angeles - Westwood into a welcoming oasis. This summer we invite you to delight in our newly renovated hotel. Please contact the hotel for further information.

dick tracy May 24, 07 5:28 am

I stayed there last week for 2 nights. Didn't really notice any noise. The morning I checked out there was a notice about no water after a certain time. I have another reservation set for 2 nights next week.
Glad they are renovating it had really gone down hill.

jason8612 Jun 11, 07 4:50 pm

W La
Few questions.
I can use my SPG 50% off efficiently at either the W or Sheraton downtown
For someone who is flying in at midnight, out the next day at 11pm, what would be the most convenient hotel, thats close to the sites of LA, yet where I wont be stuck in traffic for hours.
I wanted to see the sites of Hollywood, the walk of fame, etc. What would be more convenient? Unless there are any others that are close by. Was looking 7/20-21st.

kevinsac Jun 11, 07 5:46 pm

Jason --

I'll go thru the list and offer suggestions.

First, you'll need a car or taxi to see the sights. None of the properties are conveniently located...or, more specifically, LA is too spread out. Not was wonderfully centrally located as everything in Krakow! Taxi can be expensive....or with car, parking will be expensive.

Second....your timing. Getting in so late, you are probably not going to do anything that night. By the time you are at the hotel, 1:00 am or later. So, no consideration of what to do at night. Next day, unless you book the room for 2 nights, the latest check-out you can get is 4:00 pm. And you'll want to be spending that time seeing things, not at the hotel. Right? So, location is not that important for your day time activities, unless....will you be leaving your luggage at the hotel until you leave for airport on second evening? Or, what are you doing with luggage?

Downtown Sheraton and Bonaventure -- just a few blocks apart. Right downtown, and nothing around there to do. A few restaurants. But not all. 15 min ride to Hollywood.

LeM-nice location for Beverly Hills. Shopping and eating. Could be good location to wander some on the second evening, stop by the hotel to pick up your bags, and then go to airport. 15 min to Hollywood.

W LA -- great location for Westwood, UCLA cool-hip-college town. Cute stores, some good restaurants, but not "the" LA sites to see. about 15-20 min ride to Hollywood.

Sheraton Universal or Westin Pasadena - good for the theme parks. But a 20-30 min ride to Hollywood.

Airport properties -- 30+ min ride to Hollywood.

You do not want to go any further out than that. (Unless you want Disneyland.)

Hollywood walk of fame will be -- sorry -- a disappointment. Everyone wants to see it. I have taken many friends there. And while it is fun to walk along and pick out the markers of people you "know" it's a pretty run down part of town.

Post a reply....what else might you want to see? Getty? The beaches? Put a few ideas together, and maybe some of us could put together a one-day tour and base hotel recommendations on that. Maybe Santa Monica Sheraton.


sfozrhfco Jun 11, 07 6:00 pm

The Sheraton Downtown would be more convenient to get to Hollywood. The metro station is right across the street. You can get a day pass for $3.00 and it will take you to Hollywood/Vine or Hollywood/Highland in about 20minutes. You can also take metro back to the airport if you are leaving from LAX though it would be quicker to take the new express bus service from Union Station. Downtown late at night is not that great and the Sheraton is your average US Sheraton--nothing special.

The W is a much nicer hotel. You could take the 720 express bus from Westwood and Wilshire to get to Santa Monica or Beverly Hills. Hollywood is a bit further but is not too far. There is a new non-stop bus service from Westwood to LAX which starts this week. You can go to to plan your trips if you are planning on using public transporation. Taxis are not recommended unless you have a lot of money to burn. It would be cheaper to rent a car.

Don't plan on staying at the Le Meridien as it is closed for renovations and won't be open until March 2008 at the earliest. The W also has fewer rooms available as they are renovating the rooms floor by floor during the summer. Book early if you want to use your certificate.

jason8612 Jun 11, 07 6:00 pm

i would leave the bags at the hotel, and I'm only 1 night.
Beaches? Nah. I would of just came back from Aussie, and most likely going to Mexico a week later
Clubs? Nah I got enough in Krakow, plus more affordable
Theaters (as in Plays) would be nice, but with the 11pm flight, it would be close. Any aquariums or museums? thats an option.
Celeb houses? Would be interesting.
Chinese theater? Would be nice to see that.
Zoo? Got a few in Chicago
Food (farmers market) would be nice

Basically something that Krakow or Chicago don't have. I was looking for a more leisure day. I would eat somewhere lunch and dinner on the town, and just would head back to the hotel for my bags. From what it sounds though, either hotel I pick is a at least a good 15min ride anywhere

bigguyinpasadena Jun 11, 07 7:24 pm

Well your schedule will not really give you too much time to experience anthing at all.
If expense is not an issue than I reccomend a cab-which is around $45 into downtown/westwood
The Sheraton would be my choice-but I like downtown LA.
The walk of fame is ok-I really think a greyline tour would get you to everything you needed to see in a short amount of time.
If Beverly Hills is important to you than the W would be a better choice.
Cabbing it/rental car will be about equel if you figure in parking and the time you will waste getting lost.
Given the fact of your late flight and departure the next day why would you not consider a starwood at the airport?grab the shuttle back to the airport,get the flyaway into downtown(union station),take the redline to hollywood,get on a tour,either take a taxi back to the hotel-or the redline back to union station when you have had your fill,fly away to LAXshuttle to hotel ,pick up bags,shuttle to LAX.
Yes it is a lot of time spent in transit-but you will not have the hassle of driving/parking that you would have renting a car at 12:00from an off airport location,have to drive an unfamilliar route in the dark to find a hotel getting to bed at 1 am???

dankyone Jun 13, 07 12:18 am

Stay at the W and look around Beverly Hills during the day. You might be underwhelmed, but not as badly as if you stayed downtown and looked around Hollywood.

jason8612 Jun 13, 07 4:02 am

thanks for all the advice.
Its going to be a somewhat relaxing day, from all that flying.

ismann Aug 14, 07 5:26 pm

Has anyone stayed in one of the newly renovated rooms? Have they made any major improvements? I'm planning on staying for one night at the end of September.

dick tracy Aug 15, 07 9:04 pm

I stayed there 2 weeks ago and got a renovated room on the 14th floor. New paint job, carpet, flat screen tv's, etc, Gone is all the dark wood and replaced with a glass desk, white closet, new lamps. The bathroom I had did not have a tub but a fully tiled shower with a half glass wall. There is also a frosted glass frosted between the bathroom and the bedroom.
Good look but I doubt it will wear well. Worth staying in until they get run down.

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