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smurdo Jan 28, 01 7:49 pm

Marriott Rewards and United MileagePlus "RewardsPlus" Partnership
I have 300,000 Marriott Reward points and need to transfer some over to United Mileage Plus to create 90,000 United miles.

Is there a more efficient way of doing this to minimize my Marriott point redemption than to order NINE Code 790s? (Code 790 is for the redemption of 30,000 Marriott points to United for 10,000 United points). I really don't want to redeem 270,000 points -- is this the only way?

PG Jan 28, 01 8:40 pm

I do not know of any other way than to ask for TEN transfers of 30K MR -> 10K United. You may also want to read some of the discussion about the Marriott air+hotel rewards where the air portion is done by depositing miles in your UA account.

FOOLISHRUNNER Jan 28, 01 9:24 pm

Why don't you get one of the 200,000 awards and get 120-160,000 miles transferred to United and get a 7 night hotel voucher to boot? Look under the previous thread about the 200K awards.


LIH Prem Jan 29, 01 4:33 am

Yes, use the 200k choice award:

Not only will you get the miles you need, you'll also get a coupon for a 7 day stay, a 25% car rental discount coupon and a phone card.

Here's the thread:

And here's a helpful chart:

The chart includes links to the rules for the award so you can do your homework before you call MR.

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smurdo Jan 29, 01 4:29 pm

This is great stuff -- through the help of this board -- my eyes really got opened as to this 200,000 redemption under Code 713.

I talked to Marriott today and confirmed my understanding of how this works -- will probably call back tomorrow to "do the deed".

Frankly, I do not need "two rt coach tickets" but DO need that level of UA Mileage Plus points transferred to my UA account. What I REALLY desire is 1 business class round trip US to China -- which is 90,000 UA miles. Code 713 for 200,000 points will get me there where Code 712 for 150,000 will not.

As far as the hotel -- I, like similar posters to the boards, don't desire 7 consecutive nights at the same hotel. But hey, I will use what I need of the 7 and not look back on those nights that I don't use. I'm still getting a FREE ROUNDTRIP BUSINESS CLASS to China and 3 FREE NIGHTS AT THE JW MARRIOTT in Hong Kong for 200,000 points -- not to mention the phone card.


LIH Prem Jan 29, 01 7:18 pm

By requesting a choice award on UA to HKG .. You will actually get 120k M+ miles, so you'll get the 90k you want, plus an extra 30k in your account.

Also, you don't have to book the hotel portion of the trip when you call MR, unless you are really sure you want to use the entire 7-night coupon just for the 3 night stay. You can keep the coupon for a future Marriott visit (perhaps to HI or somewhere more expensive?) if you want to. They will probably tell you all that when you call them to book the award.

Depending on which hotel you choose and what days you stay, the hotel in HKG could be inexpensive enough to make that work for you, plus keep you on that road to that next 200k choice award.


ozstamps Jan 31, 01 1:03 am

These 7 day certs -- are they transferrable, or can they only be used in the name of recipient? I need 4 nights in NYC, and have lots of UA points and ............

Clark Kent 2001 Feb 5, 01 12:34 pm

Smurdo, you sound like you have seen the light of the 200K award, but in case anyone out there is still thinking about a straight-up points-for-miles transfer, I think you can only do that a limited number of times per year. Here's an illustrative lesson in the foolishness of youth:

Silly me wasted 90,000 points a couple of years ago on three transfers to Delta SkyMiles; the swap netted me a piddling 30,000 miles. In any event, Marriott told me that I could only do two such swaps a year; I had to wait until January of the next year to do the third one.

I've smartened up considerably since then.

flyerwife Feb 5, 01 12:38 pm

Marriott 7 day cert specifically says "non-transferable".

rhermoso Feb 15, 01 10:27 pm

MR transfer to United
I called MR tonight to try to use my MR points for a trip to Bali this summer on United (through their partner Singapore Airlines). The representative suggested using a 150,000-point award for a free ticket plus a 5-night hotel reward I can use at another time (since there is no marriott in bali). The problem is that United doesn't fly to Bali.
My question is does Marriott just transfer the points to my United account and then I can do as I wish with them (allowing my to fly on a United partner) or am I bound to fly United? And how many miles is my account credited for this 150,000-point award?
I had this issue a couple of years ago when I used MR to get a certificate for a free flight on United to New Zealand, but I had to fly United and not their partner Air New Zealand. Have their rules changed?

bagold Feb 15, 01 10:59 pm

I did the same thing. Requested an award to Australia but miles transferred to AA. They said that AA doesn't fly to Australia but I said their partner QF does and it was 60,000 miles/ticket. So they found a destination equivalent to 60,000 miles (turned out to be S. America) and transferred the miles to AA. I am not sure whether it was an exception but I got the AA miles.

rhermoso Feb 15, 01 11:03 pm

How many points did it take to get you 60,000 miles on American? I need 75,000 miles on United.

LIH Prem Feb 16, 01 2:53 am

You are better off with the 200k choice award .. go read this thread:

With the 150k award, you can only get 60k UA Miles. For 200k, you can get 120k UA Miles.

The awards on AA, CO, DL and UA are Miles.

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transpac Aug 10, 01 6:53 pm

Transfer of Miles from UA to Marriott
Can I transfer United Airlines Mileage Plus miles into the Marriott Rewards program? If so, what is the conversion rate?

PG Aug 10, 01 9:53 pm

See my reply in

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