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DrHowser Mar 23, 01 10:56 pm

Marriott Bonvoy hotels in Dubai, UAE
Looking at staying in Dubai at either the Marriott or the Renaissance. Any comments on either property??


tcook052 May 1, 05 12:08 am

Courtyard opens first property in Dubai
Marriott International (NYSE:MAR) recently announced the opening of the 165-room Courtyard by Marriott Green Community Dubai. This magnificent Marriott property marks the entry of the first Courtyard brand in the UAE.

Oceanbound222 Sep 15, 05 6:19 pm

Marriott Executive Apts DUBAI
Has anyone stayed at the Marriott Executive Apts in Dubai?

If so, feedback please.

I read one very very negative review at Yahoo. Can they be that bad ?

kryten22uk Oct 18, 05 11:39 am

Anyone stayed at any of the Dubai properties recently, particularly the JW? Anyone got any views on these?

I was looking for an interesting way to use the 2 free nights vouchers I got recently.


johnaalex Nov 13, 05 2:55 am

Renaissance or JW in Dubai
Any views on which is better?

It does not look as though the JW has a Club Lounge which would surrprise me.




PaulMCO Nov 13, 05 10:34 am

Have only stayed at the JW in Dubai. Has an excellent lounge with WiFi access.
Traffic is bad in both areas so it depends where you are doing business.

Could not get into either for the Air Show next week.

blue27 Nov 29, 05 8:32 pm

Marriott's in Dubai
I am looking for some advice on which Marriott to stay at while in Dubai. I have narrowed it down to the Marriott Apts the Courtyard(Green Zone) or the JW

thanks in advance for the help

Platcomike Nov 30, 05 1:59 am

I just checked out of the JW yesterday for my second stay this year.

Facilities, service, food are all excellent and I would strongly recommend. When I was there in May, I met Mr. Marriott (the younger) himself who was visiting.

They treat platinums especially well and the lounge is outstanding, with custom eggs in the morning, a two hour cocktail hour with great snacks and free wireless internet. It is open until 230 in the morning to accomodate those arriving on those pesky night flights. There is a concierge on duty outside the lounge 24 hours per day to assist with anything you need.

dan1431 Nov 30, 05 5:17 am

I also add my vote for the JW. Marriott Dubai for all the reasons that the previos poster mentioned.


cpx Feb 8, 06 12:26 pm

I have not stayed at this apt/hotel, but I can give you some
general comments:

overall, I think apartments in Dubai are nice!
nice as in clean and good service.

Only thing i see, is there is limited non-smoking availability, but
I never had an issue of finding a good room.

I've stayed at 3 different Le Meridien, 4 points sheraton (Bur dubai)
several times at Airport Millenium (Emirates wing)
(A best western in/near Sharjah) I liked Apartments better than the hotels
(I dont care about on-site restaurants or breakfasts.. dubai has
a lot of good restaurants around) I've stayed at a couple of
no-name apartments, but dont remember the names.

One of the cheapest Le Meridien was among the best.. great
service, clean rooms.. It was small and it was in Deira.. dont remember
the name though.

Overall from my experience, if its a big chain, it would not be bad.

I've stayed there on half a dozen times over the past two years..
and I've never had a bad experience.

Only thing bad about Dubai was the traffic .... during peak hours.

TidewaterTraveler Feb 8, 06 5:51 pm

Residences at the Hyatt Regency
I've stayed at the Hyatt Regency Residences and it is real nice there. You, of course, get all the benefits of the hotel, but in a long term arrangement. Fitness center, bar/lounge downstairs (alot of Eastern European women on the prowl). The location is near the old town Dubai instead of the newer super high rise section as you come from the west. The hotel is also connected to a mall.

dreamytraveller Apr 13, 06 10:16 am

i am also interested in thoughts on the marriot as it is quite a cheap option, but is there anything in the complex? a bar etc? Thanks!

LAX UA 1K Apr 14, 06 10:31 pm

Not sure which Marriott you mean. I have stayed a few times at the JW Marriott, which is a very nice full-service Marriott. Nice rooms, decent fitness center, attentive staff, and great concierge lounge (24 hours I think, which is unusual). The Renaissance is quite ordinary, although I find the location is convenient to the airport and getting around where I need to go. The JW is in a similar location. I only stay at the Renaissance when it is much cheaper than the JW.


Platcomike Apr 16, 06 12:59 pm

JW Much better
The JW and Renn are only a block apart, 5 minute walk if it is not too hot outside. Then it is a one minute taxi ride.

I found the JW to be excellent in every respect. Rooms, food, service and especially the lounge which is open until 230am to greet late arrivals (a GREAT idea, btw). The Renn is fine, but ordinary compared to the JW.

Plats are taken immediately upstairs to the concierge to check-in, no front desk formalities. They will even get you a drink while you are waiting, or just go into the lounge right afterwards while your bags are delivered.

The last time I met young Mr. Marriott himself at the hotel on a tour of the area. The place was pretty lively and of course, all spruced up.

I am returning to the JW next week for my fourth visit in about a year and looking forward to bringing my wife this time.

Swiss Tony Jun 1, 06 11:18 am

Anyone have an e-mail for the JW in Dubai?
Title says it all - if anyone has a general reservations e-mail contact there, i'd appreciate it.

Many thanks


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