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Marriott Bonvoy hotels in or near Cairo, Egypt

Marriott Bonvoy hotels in or near Cairo, Egypt

Old Mar 12, 2003, 11:34 pm
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Arrow Which Starwood in Cairo Egypt [Master thread]

I see there are four properties, I list them below with the quotes Im getting:

1) Sheraton Royal Gardens. Located 5km from the city and 6km from the pyramids, in Ginza district. Im getting $101 per night.

2) Sheraton Cairo/Hotel and Casino. Located in Galae square, west bank of the Nile, near the Opera House. Getting $85 a night.

3) Sheraton Heliopolis Hotel & Towers. Located on Uruba Street. The hotel was recently renovated. Getting quote of $116 per night.

4) El Gezirah Sheraton Towers/Casino. Located on Gezirah Island, also near Opera House. Getting Royal Suite quotation only, $1004 per night.

Hotel 4) is out of the question. Im wondering if any experienced Cairo travelers (I was last there about 10 years ago) can point me in the right direction. In principle, the Royal Gardens looks the nicest, but it seems to be located somewhat far from town. I was thinking of having something more central, since I would like to visit some local restaurant by night, and not just eat at the hotel.

Thoughts/ideas? Thanks.
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Old Mar 13, 2003, 4:38 pm
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To start, you might want to review my recent stays in Egypt, at http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/Forum74/HTML/006652.html .

The Heliopolis is near the airport, and seems to mostly cater to the conference and business travel crowd. Rates seem to be higher than the other Cairo Sheratons, typically 3-4x, but not unreasonable for an international airport hotel. It has many very good restaurants, several bars, and a huge lobby-lounge -- there must be 4 or more pianos. You can order a drink or snack in the lobby, and listen to live music in the evenings. Rooms are pleasant and a decent size, but not exceptional. However, like all Egyptian Sheratons, they take SPG and particularly Platinum status very seriously, so I wouldn't be surprised if you were upgraded to a palatial suite upon arrival. Heliopolis is aways from the city and most touristy things, but like I said close to the airport. We stayed their 4 nights upon arrival (though I was delayed for 2 of those days due to snow in London.) It gave us some time to relax and get settled after the travel, and figure out where and when we were going. We also stayed there the night before depature, to avoid the Cairo traffic jams. (Rush hour in Cairo started about 1960, and continues to this day.)

Though we didn't stay there this trip, I have in the past stayed at the El Gezirah. "Gezirah" means island, which is not surprising as the hotel is at the south end of a small island in the Nile River in downtown Cairo. It's a circular tower (or cylindrical, if you like) and no matter which room you get you'll have a view of the river, Cairo, and with the right rooms, maybe even the pyramids in the distance. Last time I stayed there I was only Gold. The room was pleasant enough, but again nothing exception. There are a lot of shops and restaurants in the hotel lobby. It's close to downtown, and places like the train station, the Egyptian Museum, etc. You'll probably still want to take a taxi as they are very cheap, and actually might be safer than trying to walk across the street in Cairo.

We had a night booked at the Sheraton Cairo, but problems with train reservations required that we cancel. (Actually the only reason I booked a room here was so I could say I'd been to all the Sheratons in Cairo.) It's very near the Gezirah, but on the "wrong" side of the Nile River, according to some people. But there are still lots of shops and other attractions. It's probably only a couple of minutes by cab between the two. Interesting multi-level lobby, with several floor elevators, and shops and restaurants throughout. More than the others, this one felt like a business hotel. (The Gezirah seemed like a "party" hotel, and the Heliopolis, like an "airport" hotel -- there's a surprise.)

Finally the Royal Gardens. This is an interesting place, formed by the conversion of two villas, a cinema, and bar, and several other buildings. Each wing is distinct and has different types and styles of rooms. It's very difficult to describe without you having seen it, but the word eclectic comes to mind. This Sheraton more than any of the others is a "resort" hotel. It has a large courtyard in the middle, complete with rock gardens, outdoor restaurants, and a swimming pool with the obligatory swim up bar. Several restaurants, including a Trader Vics, a Lebonese place, and other which escape my memory. It's a long way from downtown Cairo (in fact the entrance is on a residential street) but that makes it easier to get around. Lots of shops, less of the tourist variety and more of the locals type. It's also by far the closest Sheraton hotel to Giza, the Pyramids, and other area monuments such as Sakkarah, home of the oldest known stone monument in the world, the step pyramids, and lots of other fascinating stuff. If the crowds overwhelm you (and in Cairo they probably well, eventually) it's easy to get out of town from the Royal Gardens to more laid back areas.

(BTW, only insane people drive in Cairo. But once you're out of the city it's no worse than a lot of other big cities.)

Given my recent experiences, I'd say you can't go wrong with Sheratons in Cairo or Egypt. Service is exceptional at all, particularly if you are a Platinum. It mostly depends on what experience you're looking for, and to a lesser degree you're budget.

In February, I got the Royal Gardens for $50/night, Sheraton Cairo for $65 (but cancelled), and I recall the Gezirah being available for $55/night. The Heliopolis ranged from $217-$255 per night, so I used points instead. I'm a little surprised at the rates you are getting, but don't know when you're travelling. Can you post the dates? (For curiousity and research purposes.)
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Old Mar 13, 2003, 5:02 pm
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On the other hand, it looks like all 4 Cairo Sheratons are quite full between now and mid-April. But a sample one night booking for April 20-21, using www.1800anyhotel.com , shows rates of:

El Gezirah Sheraton Hotel & Towers - $65-$250
Sheraton Cairo Hotel, Towers & Casino - $65-$240
Sheraton Heliopolis Hotel, Towers & Casino - $119-$495
Sheraton Royal Gardens - $60-$156

Try this link: http://makeashorterlink.com/?H21C42CC3 .
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Old Mar 14, 2003, 10:48 am
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Stayed at the Gezirah about 18 months ago. No status then - got a horrid room that can't have been decorated since the place opened. Also a problem with 'ladies of the night', knocking on doors. Not impressive, but Kebabgy (sp?) is a great restaurant. And for that matterv Cairo is a great city.
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Old Mar 16, 2003, 8:23 am
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just got back from Egypt on March 14th. I stayed 3 nights at the Royal Garden. The Royal Garden bills itself as a 5 star hotel and shows signs that it may have been about 1920 when it was built. It has a nice marble bath. The ceilings are 10 feet high and have a wooden floor and wood trimmings reminiscent of those times. I am a platinum and they claimed to have upgraded me to a larger room but I did not get a suite. The platinum amenity was a fruit plate and some pastries. All the restaurants were excellent. My family liked the Japanese restaurant best. This hotel is closer to a two star four points hotel. I stayed for $50.00 per night and they did not charge me for the breakfast buffet. The value for price paid is excellent. The down side is the hotel is located far from the center of town which is exaggerated by the slow crawl of traffic typical to Cairo.

I stayed 4 nights at the Luxor Hotel. The rate was $55.00 per night. As a platinum they gave me a room facing the Nile and a second room free. The platinum amenity was four soft drinks and two fruit juices per room.

I spent one night at the Heliopolis. No suite upgrade and the platinum amenity was a fruit plate plus a few pastries. This is a nicer hotel than the Royal Gardens but the location next to the airport is a two hour drive to the pyramids.
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Old Mar 25, 2003, 6:06 am
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Im back from Cairo... I stayed at the El Gezirah and at the Heliopolis. The El Gezirah was not too nice... did get an upgrade to a Suite thought. The place was dead, and the property needs a renovation.

The Heliopolis was much nicer, with recent renovations and a happening place. The Casino was lots of fun (although its small and the decor is dated), also the English Pub. The location sort of stinks to visit Cairo, but if you can live with the commute, I think this is a reasonable place to stay. You should be able to get a room here for around $60 a night. I was upgraded to a Towers Room with full benefits.

Ken, thanks very much for your help.
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Old Mar 25, 2003, 7:56 am
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Gaucho I stayed at the Sheraton Hotel & Casino a couple years ago. I don't remember why exactly. I do remember that my upgrade wrap around suite was huge. The Hotel was a bit dated. I did get one of the best drivers in any city to date. My guide was less than gracious. I'm sure the driver is not there anymore. The tours arranged by the Hotel (private) can be a rip. In hindsight I should have arranged these at the Hotel in person. IMHO
Old Jun 14, 2003, 2:59 pm
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Marriott Bonvoy hotels in or near Cairo, Egypt

having a tuff time deciding whether to stay at the new JW Marriott or the marriott that features the Omar Khayyan Casino. anyone stayed at any of these property's can you please help me make up my mind? what is the difference in location, rates, restaurant and amenities if any?

what is the best mode of transpotation to and from hotel?
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Old Jun 14, 2003, 6:44 pm
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While have yet to try the new JW, I would go for the more central Marriott next time I'm there again. Better, more central location. Many locals have wedding receptions in the Marriott as it really is a beautiful place.

That's just my 2 cents having not stayed at the JW. BTW, not to try to steer you away from Marriott, also stayed at the Four Seasons and truly enjoyed my time in the lap of luxury.

I was on a packaged tour, so had bus waiting upon arrival in CAI, which was good because was fairly late at night. So, sorry I can't make any recommendations about that. I do remember the sign I read while waiting in a long customs queue that said something like "importing drugs into Egypt is illegal and if convicted of such a crime, the sentence is death and a fine". In which order, it didn't specify but be forewarned.

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Old Jun 14, 2003, 8:25 pm
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I have stayed at Marriott (non JW) and would recommend it. Great location, great hotel.Stay there with confidence.
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Old Nov 19, 2003, 7:22 am
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I will also go to Cairo in December and I have booked at Sheraton Royal Gardens. How do you travel between hotels and airport in Cairo? I would guess that the taxi business is wild at the airport. Do you pre-arrange a transportation with the hotel when landing to Cairo?
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Old Jan 20, 2004, 4:13 pm
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Planning a week-long trip to Cairo in early March with Mrs. M. Leo, who lived in Cairo as a young girl.

Any recent trip reports on Starwood properties in Cairo?

Specifically, I am looking at either the Sheraton Cairo Hotel Towers and Casino or the El Gezirah Sheraton.

Frankly, based on some lackluster reports, I am leaning againt a Starwood property here (I'm Plat, and this goes against my nature...) From what I gather, properties are a bit dated, food is just OK, staff is just OK. Cairo Marriott seems like a better option; Four Seasons is twice the price but seems like the best option.

Cost is not the issue; I'm looking for a nice property in central location, with good rooms and service.


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Old Jan 21, 2004, 2:09 am
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I've heard good things about the Marriott from colleagues who have stayued there.

The Towers rooms as the El Gezirah have been fairly recently remodelled and are thus O.K. The stsndard rooms are pretty poor. There is one good restaurant - Kebabgy and if nothing else the location and views are pretty special.

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Old Feb 17, 2004, 2:13 am
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(I don't know if anyone still needs this now, but I'll still post it if someone needs it in the future.)

I just stayed at the Royal Gardens. It's off Pyrimad Street in Giza. The room was booked through SPG.com.

The property had a 'fortified' feeling to it because it'd 4 walls around it.

The rooms surround the block, all facing the middle - where the pool is. It seems all rooms have a balcony, facing the pool. The pool is heated. It was relatively cold when I was there, but with the heated pool, it was good enough for a swim.

It's very quiet in the property. For the first time in Egypt, I didn't hear the 4:30 prayer call in the morning.

Checked in very smoothly and was treated very well. I was told I was upgraded (I'm on a SPG basic) and was also asked whether a ground floor room was OK. (I was in Block D.)

It's one of those things - how do you know whether you've been upgraded? The room was quite big and would have been OK if there wasn't a loud noise every 2 minutes or so.

I went back to Reception and was moved to a room on the 2nd floor in Block C. This room was slightly smaller though.

There are 4 restaurants (I think) in the property. It seems only the outdoor was open during the lunch.

There's no in-room Internet or even common features like checking your bill through the TV, etc...

There's a Business Centre with 1 PC, a printer and a photocopier. Internet access is through this PC on a relatively slow dial-up line - charge was E30/hr. (E5/hr is common in central Cairo and you get high-speed connections.)

Food and Room Service was fast and efficient. All staff I encountered was fluent in English.

I was on the BA departure in the morning. I booked a car at the hotel for the trip to the airport. It was a Mercedes. One way charge was USD$20 or E120. They'll also take you anywhere. There's a price list.

Early in the morning, traffic was light from Giza to the airport. The trip took about 25 minutes.
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Old Feb 19, 2004, 10:07 am
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Platinum Treatment at El Geizrah Sheraton Cairo?

Hi All,

I'm off to this hotel on Saturday. Does anyone know what is offered by way of upgrades to Platinums? Specifically, do they upgrade to the Towers floor(s)?

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