Marriott Bonvoy hotels in Curacao

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Old Nov 3, 02, 2:26 pm
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Marriott Bonvoy hotels in Curacao

Has anyone stayed at this property? Any details would be appreciated. I'm looking at taking a long weekend there. What are the rooms like, upgrade possibilities, the beach, or anything else. Thanks in advance.
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Old Nov 3, 02, 2:37 pm
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This is a nice hotel and the upgrade that I got was really nice. It was hard to find it in the evening. It is also next to the Sheraton that is not as nice as the Marriott
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Old Nov 6, 02, 9:44 am
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Pretty decent propert, although they did not upgrade me even though I was Platinum. The standard room was good enough for just me, however. On-site dining was acceptable, although unadventurous. There is a beach club with activities, although like most of the beaches on Curacao it is rocky rather than sandy. Nice pool area and a casino that doesn't seem to pay out (Not to me at least, .

All the staff that I encountered were great, and spoke good english.

Pretty far from the town, so either rent a car or be prepared to take taxis. Also it's on the south of the island and the airport is on the north, so that's another taxi ride to account for.
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Old Dec 26, 02, 11:12 am
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COMMENTS: Curacao Marriott Beach Resort & Emerald Casino

Changed plans during upcoming vacation in Aruba and will now split time between there and Curacao. Staying at the Marriott Resort there, and wondering if anyone out there can comment on this property.

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Old Dec 27, 02, 1:27 pm
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I have stayed at both Marriotts, the Aruba Marriott was noisy because of the tile floors in the hotel. The island, I found somewhat boring. The snorkeling is great as there are so many ship wrecked boats to explore. The Curacao Marriott is very nice. The island is also very pretty. As far as a car I would get one ech day, but only for a day as you will need it to drive around, but other than that it isn't necessary
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Old Feb 7, 03, 9:57 am
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has anyone been to curacao marriott?

I am plannning to stay there for a week with my wife. would appreciate any comments you may have. how would it compare to Mallorca, County Hall or one of the other better Marriotts? thank you.
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There is a thread on this. Do a search for Curacao. I did stay there very nice property. Airport is lousy.
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In March 2000 I booked 3 nights at the Sheraton Curacao (Level 2--now 3.) The beach sucked--basically a driveway into the ocean . I walked 10 minutes in the sand to the beautiful Marriott beach next door, then left for Detroit a day early to play indoor volleyball with my friends at a Rec Center in Ann Arbor.

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Resurrecting an old thread to ask a couple of questions...

We will be staying at this Marriott Resort for a few days at the end of the month.

It seems that it is quite a trek from the airport to the hotel - we are planning to get a taxi. About how much we should expect to pay?

We are also booked on a rate that includes a room upgrade - any tips about what to ask for at check-in?


-- Dambus
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Old May 16, 03, 6:47 pm
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This property was rather nice, probably the nicest hotel on the island. It is not very far from the airport actually, no more than a 10min drive/ride. I don't remember how much we paid for the taxi, but it wasn't unreasonable. Less than $20US. And it is also less than 10min to the center of Willemstad.

The hotel rooms, while very clean, are in need of renovation. The common areas and restaurants are modern and nicely decorated/furnished, but the rooms are due for a refurbishment. I suspect that will be happening in the not-too-distant future as Marriott has recently taken over the property from Sonesta Hotels.

As for upgrades, the best advice I can offer is to ask for a room fronting the Caribbean Sea, as there are not many of them and I assume those are considered upgrades. Pleased with the overall experience at the Curacao Marriott!

Hope you enjoy your stay as much as we did, in general. I would like to return to Curacao someday.

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Old May 19, 03, 10:59 am
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Thanks for reply AtlMan! It sounds like we are in for a nice vacation.

-- Dambus
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Old Oct 22, 03, 9:26 am
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Marriott Curacao?


I'm going there for a weeklong award stay over Christmas. I haven't seen much information about this resort on the board that is recent.

Anyone have their updated opinions/reviews of this resort?

Thanks in advance,

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Old Oct 25, 03, 8:34 am
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On page 266 of the November issue of Conte Naste Traveler that hotel specific is listed as one of the "Top 25 Caribbean/Atlantic Resorts" by a reader's choice poll. It was acutally rated #23. It was listed higher than the Aruba property (#25). There ratings are based upon reader's comments not advertizing $$$$ spent with the magazine. Those resorts listed higher really are classy & really expensive places. However, based upon some good discounted rates I think that the Curacao property offers great bang for the buck.
I plan to visit after my liquidity recovers from the cost of a wedding.
I thuink that you will enjoty that hotel.
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I am booked for first few days in Jan. at this resort. I think it's a good bargain for using Marriott Miles vs. Aruba.
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Old Oct 28, 03, 12:19 pm
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it's not too bad. regular marriott furniture, etc. breakfast buffet is good. otherwise food is nothing to write about. definitely get an ocean front room. the beach is nice, the pool is nice. though when we were there in feb of this year quite windy. regarding food - go to kura hulanda (a beautiful hotel in town) that has couple wonderful restaurants.
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