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Exec lounge renovation is complete. Access is elite+1. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Maximum of 2 guests per room for Lounge access. 80 charge for third adult and 40.00 for a child.

Swimming pool:

Adults: open 5:30am-11:00pm weekdays, last entry 10:15pm; 6:00am-11pm weekends, last entry 10:15pm

Children under the age of 16 may access the pool from 9am-7pm & must be accompanied by an adult
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Plats get lounge; probably river view

My experience as a plat at County Hall, and other plats who have posted here: you automatically get access to the concierge lounge and are extremely likely to be upgraded to a river view. Please note that there are river views and there are river views. You want the one that includes a view of Parliament and Big Ben. This view will probably also include the London Eye (gigantic ferris wheel). I'm told certain river views give you the London Eye but not Big Ben and Parliament. This would be nice, but not nearly as nice. I'm guessing that as a plat, you didn't need to spend the money. Nevertheless, the view is spectacular, and the lounge breakfast and afternoon snacks very nice. Enjoy.
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County Hall is not one of my favorite Marriott hotels, and I wonder how it got it's Cat. 7 rating, but for the first time visitor it can't be beat. Having been there (on my first trip) I would not select it now. Although we had a great river view, the furnishings were well worn, the bed uncomfortable, and wallpaper lifting from the walls.

But everytime I see the news with Big Ben and those familiar buildings (Scotland Yard, etc) across from the river view room I got without extra fee on a 7 night point certificate, I now know the location was really something special. But I found the hotel staff 'stuffy' with vastly overpriced lousy meals, and after the Eye and a boat tour most of the things we wanted to see were quite a walk or ride away. Nearby restaurant selection was of pretty low quality.

The next week we were off to the Paris Marriott which I felt was much better located and exciting, even though it also had a poor restaurant. Great shops and restaurants abound near that hotel.

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I have to agree with Brian on all accts. We stayed there on our first visit to London in May 2003, and were upgraded from a std award cert to a river view, with great views of Big Ben and Parliament (no status or fee, they were just empty that week). Every time we looked out the window, it was like "WOW!!!". But the hotel restaurants were poor, and there was little within walking distance (though we found a little hole-in-the-wall place nearby that had good, cheap 'full English breakfasts'!!!). We are very glad we stayed there for our first trip, but would probably stay somewhere else on the next trip.
We also enjoyed the Champes-Elysees on our first trip to Paris this year. Great location, Very expensive, not great restaurant (though we liked sitting in the cafe out front associated with the restaurant - better, more reasonably priced food there - and great people-watching).
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While I agree that the state of furnishings and hospitality and efficiency of the staff is not to the level of, say, the Chancery Court, they are not terrible either. Further, my wife and I found numerous tourist sites and attractions, including museums, interesting walks, art galleries, famous buildings, and tube stations within walking distance of the County Hall. Indeed, the County Hall, in my opinion, has a far better location for tourists than the wonderful Chancery Court. We also found numerous nice restaurants for dinner in the area. For breakfast, the concierge lounge was perfect.
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The County Hall Myth

The 40 supplement buys a view of Ben and Parliament and is worth the additional cost simply for the experience of being able to look out the window at the Thames.

Brian and Chuckles raise some interesting points about County Hall as I too am not especially fond of the property either. Please don't take my remarks as County Hall bashing, but after several London visits, my wife and I have been to enough London Marriotts to notice a significant difference between these properties and County Hall.

For me, the problem with County Hall is that there is a subtle, pretentious attitude which pervades the property, and this, combined with the expensive prices, makes for a less satisfying experience there. Mind you, the employees are perfunctory and always polite, and the service prompt, but I've always had a sense of "sterility" and "diffidance" when visitng County Hall which is lacking at many of the other London Marriotts ( Chancery Court being an example of a cozy and warm London Marriott hotel experience ).

As Brian suggests, one has to wonder why County Hall is designated as a category 7 property because other than the location on the Thames, there is nothing compelling about the property other than its high prices. I've never had dinner at County Hall because the prices are simply outrageous (unless you are on an expense account, in which case, eat up!). And while the restaurant faces the Thames, there are no views of the river out the windows. The rooms are ample and nicely appointed in my opinion however.

In an odd way, County Hall is an isolated property. Yes, Waterloo Station and Westminster stations are but a 5 minute walk from the hotel. But as it sits, County Hall is all by itself in a cluttered and cloistered spot away from restaurants, shops, and pubs. Yes, the Aquarium and Dali museums are there along with an arcade and a McDonalds ( ), but the property just doesn't have the same feel or ambiance as many other London Marriotts.

So why go to County Hall? Well, a family doing a London visit could enjoy the proximity of tourist spots such as the London Eye, the river walk, and Big Ben and quick access to the Underground. Be forewarned about the extreme prices lurking in the restaurant however. The best deal for a County Hall stay is to utilize MR points and pay the 40 supplement for a Thames River view.

I'm not tring to give County Hall a as much as I'm saying that there are lots of London Marriott properties to choose from and that one needs to pick and choose carefully since CH has both plusses and many minuses. Given the high prices at CH, one should consider precisely the kind of UK trip that they want. County Hall may or may not fit one's expectations.

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Stayed at County Hall on a 7-night reward stay and, for our purposes, found it great. Only Gold at the time, but upgraded to a lovely room with a great view of Big Ben and Parliament. Concierge Lounge was closed for renovations so they comped us to breakfast in the restaurant for our stay - a great treat. And the breakfast staff "held" our favorite table each morning. As a tourist we were expecting to walk a lot, and the 5 minute hike to the subway station was no problem.

But based on comments above, plan on trying Chancery Court next time.
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jerseyfinn, you have summarized the London Marriott experience very well. While I think all London Marriotts are better than the competition for various reasons, there are differences between the properties as you have explained. County Hall is definitely a "must-do" for the first-time London visitor - especially if with the family. However, for comfort and ambiance give me one of the other London properties any day. 47 Park Street remains a favorite. I'll be trying the Kensington Marriott for the first time next week (got walked the last time) and I suspect it will also prove preferable to County Hall for all reasons listed in this thread.
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deleted (wrong content)
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I did a search on getting "walked" and I'm going to call Marriott tomorrow. I was walked in El Paso (of all places) last week (I'm silver). It was a comedy of errors, but they did pay for my night's stay in a comparable hotel - however, it was about a 20-minute ride away and our meeting was being held in the Marriott at 8am the following morning (we checked in around midnight). Doesn't it seem if you're a silver and have a conference room booked that they'd scrape up a room?

Anyway, I'll be calling to see about compensation - thanks for the info in this thread!
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Originally Posted by Pointfreak!
I love reading a happy ending to one of these sounds like Marriott "did the right thing", and you came out smelling like a rose!
Just like a fairy tale, isn't it? "And the good Princess of Upgradia kissed the weary traveler, and just like that, his eyes popped open, and the Walking Curse was gone. Surrounded by suites, Big Ben and certificates for free nights, the two were married and lived happily ever after."

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Originally Posted by pwrshift
County Hall is not one of my favorite Marriott hotels, and I wonder how it got it's Cat. 7 rating, but for the first time visitor it can't be beat. Having been there (on my first trip)
Seeing as how a hotel's category is determined more by the rate of awards redeemed than by the quality of rooms & service, I could see how more guests would use awards points to secure the sought-after river view at CH.
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Need email contact for Marriott County Hall in London

Does anyone have an email address for any management at the Marriott County Hall in London? My wife's birthday is this week and she is staying there. I would like to try to arrange a special surprise, but I need to contact someone there to help me arrange it.

I tried phoning them, but it was a less than satisfying exchange.

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I do not have any email information however, I do have the fax number for this property if that will help.


I would recommend sending it attention the front desk and include her confirmation number for reference.


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County Hall, London

I have a 2 night leisure stay booked in early April - anyone recommend? any tips for the stay - any recommended sites or tours, restaurants? Upgrades? Thanks in advance.
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Haven't stayed here but check out the past reviews (via google search):

The most common highlight from past FT'ers is its room views of Big Ben, Parliament, the Thames, and London Eye. Some folks question the room size and service.

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