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Flyaway Sep 9, 99 9:19 am

Buffalo Marriott Niagara, NY [Master Thread]
I will be in Buffalo on business and I am wondering if anyone has any experience with this property.

Efrem Sep 10, 99 11:03 am

Eleven of us were there for three nights the last weekend in August. Quite nice, people polite and efficient. The indoor pool was delightfully warm, with a water link to the outdoor side. Outdoor pool bar was closed then due to weather damage, probably still is. The only meal we had there was breakfast - not special but quite OK. The bar was pleasant, nearly deserted at 9 pm on Sunday. Hint: don't take your bags out of the car when you check in unless you plan to use a porter. The rooms are much more convenient to the rear entrance than by walking all the way through on a long corridor. Check in, get back in your car, drive around and unload there. That's where you probably want your car to be anyhow.

Flyaway Sep 10, 99 11:14 am

Thanks Efrem.

Flyaway Sep 13, 99 8:44 am

Nice staff, however, I think that this is a property which needs some renovations.

doc Sep 13, 99 10:03 am

Perhaps so, for a while now. But they have so little competition. The Hyatt downtown by the Convention Center and this property both benefit immensely from this fact.

SLO1K Sep 27, 99 7:58 pm

I totally agree with Flyaway. Out of all of the Marriott properties that I have stayed at, this one is in the highest need of major help in the area of physical appearance.

Flyaway Sep 28, 99 1:33 am

SLO1K: You are so correct. I think that I will stay at the Courtyard or Residence Inn on my next trip to Buffalo. These are new properties.

SNA_Flyer Sep 28, 99 10:25 am

Another vote here for rennovation. I have tried a lot of the hotels in the area, and this seems to be the case. We have or east coast HQ there. If you want a nice new room, I got stuck at the Fairfield Inn (Marriott) one time, which was pretty nice (ok not full service, no Marquis points, but looked 100x better than the Marriott!). The Courtyard was allright too.

Flyaway Jan 1, 00 4:53 pm

Courtyard Buffalo is surely a better hotel. New, clean, quiet nice staff.

doc Feb 16, 01 2:00 pm

Things any better here lately by chance? I'm due back! Where does one stay for points and service?!

Dugernaut Feb 16, 01 2:14 pm

If it weren't for the bonus points, I would stay at the Courtyard down the street.

doc Feb 27, 01 2:05 pm

And there is now also a Hampton Inn next door which looks fine, but I did not stay there!

Nothing has changed here except that the ceiling fell down over the pool and now they have temporary lights, etc!

The heater was VERY loud and it made sleeping a bit of a challenge! Thankfully I was VERY tired too!

And the phone kept cutting out making any attempt at conversation absolutely futile! If someone called, however, I found that the bathroom phone worked!

The restaurant was adequate albeit with pretty slow service, the jacuzzi is still pretty mild for temp and bubbles and well suited for kids at about 2 feet deep and the pool is still kept at about 87 degrees F! The concierge floor (10) was fine, with modest offerings for breakfast and before dinner snacks!

All the honor bar drinks (3) came through on my bill, however!

Just got the turndown chocolate(s) 1 out of three nights - about my average lately!

The best attribute here is, as it always was, the staff, which is generally friendly, competent and professional from the front desk to the pool, gym, concierge lounge, etc! I really appreciate this too!

So I'd probably actually stay here yet again - until someone opens a really good place to stay up here in Buffalo!

BTW- It was, I believe, about 60 degrees here the other day!

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T3 Feb 28, 01 8:30 am

Both the Courtyard and the Hampton Inn are generally better options. I've stayed at both. Courtyard is quite new and the Hampton Inn is nice as long as there's not too many teams/groups staying (UB is nearby). There's also a Residence Inn only a block away and I saw that they were doing some renovations about 6 - 9 months ago but I haven't stayed there since that time.

ohmark Jan 11, 07 11:20 am

7 1/2 years later
Well, I'm staying here 6 years after the last post above and, man, is this one property way overdue for a renovation. In fact, I feel like I'm back in the 1970's. They ought to play some Simon and Garfunkel in the lobby. The concierge lounge is especially pitiful (the facility and vittles, not the people).

BigLar Jan 11, 07 5:46 pm

Word on the street is the Hampton Inn downtown is one of the nicest HI's in the Hilton system.

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