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Input for Marriott Execs @ FT Awards?

Input for Marriott Execs @ FT Awards?

Old Oct 19, 10, 1:52 pm
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Input for Marriott Execs @ FT Awards?

I'm assuming I'll run into some of the Marriott execs at upcoming FT Awards. How long I have to chat w/ them is up in the air. Could be just a couple minutes; could be longer.

Anything you want me to ask them about and/or provide input on? Again, note that I don't know for sure I'll meet them or how long so even if you write down an extensive list no guarantees we'd get through it

Also, please note that I will not engage in any bashing, haranguing, etc, but will accord them the respect they deserve as professionals. In the past, some FTers thought because the execs were there (not Marriott, but would be equally valid w/ them) it was ok to ambush them & just do a negative core dump. I am not like that.

I am also aware that this is an industry event & that FTers have been invited, but the primary purpose & emphasis is on the industry folk & we are just guests.

Having said all that - fire away on what you'd like me to bring up - and btw, that includes good things (such as EEOs) as well as negatives (resort & weekend exclusions on brekkie). It's not just negative stuff, but things we like & would like them to continue etc. You get the idea: the great, the good, the bad, the ugly.

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Old Oct 19, 10, 4:38 pm
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I'd say one of the most important things that MR offers to me that is not offered elsewhere is the lifetime status program. I find that when I'm travelling extensively for business, I do little recreational travel and when my business travel slows or stops, I start travelling more for fun. However, I don't get enough stays to maintain gold or plat status when this happens.
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Old Oct 20, 10, 9:41 am
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Thanks dave.

Folks, here's your chance to get some input heard via me mentioning it to the Marriott execs. You all aren't shy about voicing input on this forum, but I'm not going to comb through a gazillion threads to find your thoughts.

So ante up or I'll just say hello to them & toddle off to the drinkies instead

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Old Oct 20, 10, 10:10 am
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Thanks for the offer.

One thing that I tend to like about Marriott is their consistency within their product lines i.e. I generally know what to expect when I walk into a room at a Marriott or a Residence Inn.

Having said that, one thing that I dislike is the apparent lack of consistency when it comes to treatment for elite MR members upgrades. In the past few weeks I have seen a number of threads / comments about how best to get an upgrade or, better yet, an upgrade to a suite. My reading of the T&C's is that an upgrade is supposed to be on a space available basis. Why would they want to allocate an upgrade 4 weeks in advance? It appears that elites have to play "who dares wins" by contacting the hotel directly (GM on down) or Platinum line long in advance. I would think that both the hotel and service center would be better served if they didn't have to prioritize these requests. Some airlines have established clear rules for clearing upgrades e.g. gold at 24 hours, platinum at 72 hours. This may be a better approach for Marriott to implement in order to establish consistency in this area. This may result in some existing elites being unhappy, mainly those that are making their requests weeks in advance, but the consistency would certainly help people like me that want a known set of guidelines.

Thanks again,
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Old Oct 20, 10, 12:33 pm
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Thanks for offer to do this.

I am Platinum Premier with Marriott and have been at least Platinum for the last five years.

The real strength of Marriott for me is the abundance of properties where I travel. I also find reward availability to plentiful for when and where I want to go. I really appreciate the new dedicated phone number and email address for Platinum Premiers to have all of their Marriott needs addressed. I know that this is a trial thing but I hope that it stays. I have been able to get answers to my questions via email almost immediately.

There are a few things that I would change. I wish that Courtyards would offer free breakfast for Platinum Members. Whenever I have a choice between Courtyards and Hilton Garden Inn, I choose the later as I get free breakfast as a Diamond Member. My biggest gripe is that none of the resorts give lounge access or breakfast for Gold and Platinum Members. I travel a lot for work and when I am on vacation with my family at resorts, it would be nice to have these benefits extended.

Overall I am pretty happy with and quite loyal to Marriott. I hope Marriott looks at some of these issues, addresses them, and makes a concerted effort to fix them.

Thanks again.
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Old Oct 20, 10, 12:43 pm
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Thanks for offer...

I would like to ask about the consistent disparity in perks for US and non-US members. eg internet (now fixed), EEO (like hens teeth in UK) etc. Marriott prides itself on consistent and high quality product - can the perks not be part of this consistent approach.

Many Thanks
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Old Oct 20, 10, 12:49 pm
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I personally do not have much to complain about. These are the things I would think could be improved:

1) I agree with the upgrade comment about having a more formal process. It is easier for airlines because they only have Y and F/C, but the hotels might have 4-8 different room types. Not sure how to work it, but it would be nice. It seems the squeaky wheel gets the upgrade in advance.

2) Some type of instrument to get a suite upgrade maybe twice a year or at least to top level non-suite type (oceanfront, etc). I want the upgrades when I go on vacation, not when going to Podunk, USA on business. Obviously subject to availability.

3) For the megabonus, have ability and option to choose which one you want - such as 20 nights/40,000 pts vs 15 nights/25,000 pts. We know there are several different options that go out each quarter and I travel enough to make platinum, but some quarters are heavy and some are light.

Thanks for reaching out. Hopefully you get enough time for an elevator speech.
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Old Oct 20, 10, 12:55 pm
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I love the lifetime status carrot dangled for long time road warriors.
I like the updated bedding (not really recent but hey I like it).
More flat screens with plug in adapters would be nice.

Bring back the cookies and newspapers at Courtyards. Nickel and dime stuff is annoying.
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Old Oct 20, 10, 3:39 pm
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As the industry changes, so to do the hotel chains themselves. As noted in the http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/marri...ourtyards.html thread. CYs have changed and it might be a nice "sell point" to start giving MR points for incidentals at CYs (and even some or all the other non-FS brands as well.)
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Old Oct 20, 10, 3:59 pm
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I'd ask for a stay qualification option for elite levels. SPG, Hilton and Hyatt have both stay and night measures by which you qualify for gold, platinum, diamond, etc. I think the view that 1 stay @ Fairfield = 1 stay @ Marriott is where they current system is.

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Old Oct 21, 10, 1:36 am
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Hi Sharon,

Thanks for volunteering to be our spokesperson.

For me personally, there are two improvements I'd like to see:

- Lifetime status: Rather than having to meet both the criteria of total points and total nights, I'd like to see some formula that recognizes people who spend more per night vs people with a lot of cheap nights. For example, I have 1.5M lifetime points, but have only hit 410 lifetime nights. Introducing some kind of formula that would "average" nights and points would make it more interesting for someone like me.

- Point value of MVCI weeks. With the changes in the past years, getting 100K points when you trade in your week, which then costs 275K for someone to use seems out of whack. Maybe an adjustment would be warrented.

Thanks and cheers,

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Old Oct 21, 10, 9:27 am
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Thanks - keep the input coming. Remember - good, bad & ugly. Now I wish I had paid more attention to the recent Rate Marriott Program thread that Inside Flyer did.

I will check this thread & compile input until October 31st, then I'll be offline for the most part due to StarMegado & will see the Marriott execs on Nov 4th.

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Old Oct 21, 10, 9:51 pm
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Sharon, I've been top-tier since 1994, earned lifetime platinum last year, and have been platinum premier the last three years. I think it's obvious that Marriott has earned my loyalty.

That being said, it has really become clear to me lately that Marriott needs to simplify the program by closing lots of loopholes and exceptions. Two examples that jump to mind are the breakfast benefit on weekends and the difference between "hotels" and "resorts". It would both make customers happy and make it easier for Marriott to implement the program if benefits were clear, consistent, and generous.
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Old Oct 22, 10, 12:37 am
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I'm broadly happy with Marriott and think that many of the program's aspects are very positive - I stay at Marriotts and Hiltons and have diamond/plat status at them... Hilton's one huge advantage over Marriott is the Diamond privlidge being able to be used for spending points. Vice versa of course Marriott's Platinum override is far better for use when a hotel is full as a result of it being more reasonably priced, so quid pro quo and its always good to be loyal to two programs. I do however fully agree with DJ_Iceman and this is another area where Marriott is far weaker than Hilton.

So, whether you'd want to raise it or not I leave to you, but mine is a trivial point;

In the recession Marriott's properties worldwide started to skimp on certain aspects of housekeeping to reduce costs - primarily the provision of new toiletaries each day, and the removal of mouthwash.

The result is that if I check into a Hilton I get Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash (and new ones each day) plus mouthwash in exec rooms. At Marriott you don't get conditioner unless in an exec room and they are frequently not replaced during a whole week.

I'd be curious if they think that they will ever return the service to normal, or is it something that most guests don't care about - its only because I typically spend 4 nights in a single hotel/week that I notice, but it is a little annoying that I have to bring my own conditioner. Many budget chains must be eating into Marriott's core customers, hence why we now have free internet on the way, but this is another minor point that disappoints when paying an average of perhaps 100|$150/night for a full service room 150nights a year

PS: And keep the lifetime status as requiring points and nights to be eligible - it feels like the right mix to me for "real" loyalty and that it can't be "bought".
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Old Oct 22, 10, 4:46 am
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Thanks for doing this. A few things from me:

1. As a PP it would be nice to get consistent service even a P things are pretty inconsistent where I go:
a. Awards-There should be more award space as you go up the elite chain.
b. It is very hard to get awards that cross the 50 week in advance. So I I want a 10 night stay on points which often needs to be booked 50 weeks in advance it is very hard to get this all logistically worked out. I would be nice to change the 50 weeks or have a wait list process like airlines have.
c. Arrival experience needs to become more consistent.

I agree with dave-b. The life time Plat is great. I am well over 1000 nights and will likely hit 2,000 before retirement. It would be nice to have something over 1K.


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