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jedikiah Apr 27, 10 9:23 am

England (small update)

1) Bristol Marriott City Centre
3) COUPONS (in reality they simply remove the charge for buffet breakfasts at check-out)
4) No access
5) Business services at a fee
6) April 2010

jtp1947 Apr 27, 10 9:27 am

Great job, thank you!

Fremont, California, USA
Fremont Marriott Silicon Valley
Lounge Closed Weekends-Coupons Issued
No Lounge Access on Weekends

Monterey, California, USA
Monterey Marriott
No Lounge-Coupons Issued

BrightlyBob Apr 27, 10 9:56 am

Wow, Sharon, great thread, and really good info, thanks so much for this, it will really help on my forthcoming visit to USA

So to help where I can...


Toronto Airport, closed, no vouchers


Birmingham, No lounge, free hot and cold buffet 7 days/week

Durham, No lounge, free hot and cold buffet 7 days/week

Edinburgh Dalmahoy, No lounge, free hot and cold buffet7 days/week

Manchester Airport, Lounge key access, free hot and cold buffet in restaurant at weekends

Peterborough, No lounge, free hot and cold buffet 7 days/week

Portsmouth, No lounge, free hot and cold buffet 7 days/week

Southampton (Meon Valley) No lounge, free hot and cold buffet 7 days/week

Swindon, No lounge, free hot and cold buffet 7 days/week

Liverpool Marriott South is now a Crowne Plaza


Monaco Cap D'Ail (not Ait) No lounge, free hot and cold buffet 7 days week + from minibar free food and drinks inc wine/beer, restocked daily.

Note at none of these hotels have I ever received a coupon at all, I've just been told breakfast is included in the restaurant.

Once again, thanks Sharon for this very useful list, it seems that Marriott is reopening for business...


SkiAdcock Apr 27, 10 11:25 am

Well I don't have time to do this w/ all the properties in the Marriott chain, but I did have a 20-minute window today - so I decided to look at hotel websites & call some of the properties to find out if the lounge was open, and if it was closed, if they offered breakfast coupons.

I didn't ask about i-net terminals or key access, though, because I confused the first clerk when I did.

So - Alabama is updated at least (I picked a state that I figured didn't have 1,000 properties and that started w/ an A LOL).

Still need help from other FTers to report if the overall list is accurate, or add properties if they're not listed. Thx!


VA1379 Apr 27, 10 11:30 am

I'll post some info later today since I'm getting ready to check out of the Hyatt Bellevue.

dalm Apr 27, 10 11:31 am

1) Chicago, IL - Chicago Marriott O'Hare
4) No access
5) 1 terminal available
6) April 2010

hhoope01 Apr 27, 10 11:40 am

Originally Posted by SkiAdcock (Post 13851654)
Also, if there is a property listed that you've stayed at & the information is correct, can you post that it is & the most recent date you stayed/confirmed it?

Most of my entries are a couple of years old (or older), and I don't know if someone has more recent stays or info, but here you go:

Florida - Hollywood Beach Marriott - July, 2006 - Correct per my experience

Tennessee - Memphis Marriott East (Thousand Oaks) - Nov, 2008 - Correct per my experience

Virginia - Crystal Gateway, Arlington, VA - March, 2007 - Correct per my experience

China - Wuhan Renaissance - March, 2008 - Correct per my experience
China - Shanghai JW Marriott, Tomorrow Square - March, 2008 - Correct per my experience

England - London Heathrow/Windsor Marriott - September, 2007 - NOT LISTED (OPEN - but no food on Weekends) (Note this used to be the Slough/Windsor Marriott)

Egypt - Cairo / JW Marriott / OPEN - May, 2008 - Correct per my experience
Egypt - Cairo / Cairo Marriott Hotel / OPEN - May, 2008 - Correct per my experience

dinger Apr 27, 10 12:18 pm

1) Denver, CO - Denver Marriott City Center
4) No access
5) Don't know
6) March 2010

travelismylife Apr 27, 10 1:12 pm


Chicago / Renaissance Chicage O'Hare Suites / CLOSED[/QUOTE]

Every time I've been there over the weekend I've eaten in the restaurant and they didn't charge me after I gave them my room #. Haven't been there in a few months though.
Also there's no Marriott in Jerusalem, Israel. And there's a Ren. in Tel-Aviv. Not sure what the deal is there though.

FlyinHawaiian Apr 27, 10 2:55 pm

Originally Posted by travelismylife (Post 13853442)

Chicago / Renaissance Chicage O'Hare Suites / CLOSED

Every time I've been there over the weekend I've eaten in the restaurant and they didn't charge me after I gave them my room #. Haven't been there in a few months though.

I'm basing this from my conversation with the GM last week:

Originally Posted by FlyinHawaiian (Post 13804347)
The GM of the Renaissance left me a voice message Friday evening on my work number and confirmed that the lounge is closed on weekends and thay they do *not* offer breakfast comps in lieu of lounge access. I'll take her word for it, but the email from one of her subordinates (poorly written as it was) does seem to contradict this.

[Update] The GM called me this morning after I sent her an email directly and she did say that she would honor her subordinate's offer for free breakfast. I thought she did a nice job of taking owership of the problem once it got to her and worked towards a reasonable solution.

Thanks again to Marriott Concierge for helping me make contact with the property.

IndyDave Apr 27, 10 4:45 pm

1) Boulder, CO - Marriott
4) Access Soft Drinks/Water
5) No
6) March 2010

ohmark Apr 27, 10 4:48 pm

Renaissance Parc Trocadero (Paris): no lounge; comped breakfast 7 days in restaurant (stayed there fall 2009)

Renaissance Vinoy should be listed as a resort (Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort and Golf Club). They go beyond most resorts by providing comped breakfast 7 days. One breakfast per plat/gold up to a maximum value of $20 the last time I stayed there, in 2008.

Renaissance Mayflower: Lounge closed on weekends. Former policy of providing coupons or comped breakfast on weekends has been eliminated.

SkiAdcock Apr 28, 10 8:31 am

Updated the list. Again, please review & if you see any errors, please post a correction. If you see any properties not listed, please add them. If you see something listed that's correct & you've stayed relatively recently w/in the last year or so, post that so I can put an update next to the property. Thx!


VA1379 Apr 28, 10 8:53 am

I ended up missing my flight yesterday and took the redeye back to the East Coast.

Here is the info I have:

1. Fullerton, CA - Marriott
2. Closed
3. Free breakfast - no paper coupons, they take it off based on your elite status. Also, this property will let you go downstairs to get a free omelette made on weekdays when the lounge is open. I assume you have to pay a tip, but this is still pretty nice.
4. No weekend access when lounge is closed
5. None that I'm aware of, but platinum and gold members get an access code from the front desk for free internet. Note this property does not have free roaming with Boingo or other third party internet providers.
6. February 2010

1. Aliso Viejo, CA - Renaissance ClubSport
2. No lounge
3. Free breakfast everyday - you can get a full buffet, but you have to pay extra for an omelette - seems somewhat cheap to me for them to define a full free breakfast this way.
4. N/A
5. All guests have free internet
6. February 2010

1. Portland, OR - Marriott City Center
2. Closed
3. Coupons provided for free breakfast - note it ends at 11 am, relatively early compared to many other Marriott hotels for a weekend breakfast so don't sleep in too late.
4. No
5. Free wi-fi in lounge. I think there is a terminal as well.
6. August 2009

1. Redmond, WA - Marriott
2. Closed
3. No free breakfast on weekends
4. No
5. No terminals and not sure if lounge has free internet. I went to the lounge mainly to eat. :D
6. April 2010

SkiAdcock Apr 28, 10 9:18 am

Thanks for the info. First post updated. Cheers.

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