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Counsellor Jul 19, 10 1:10 am

Originally Posted by jadedinsider (Post 14319141)
So basically being Gold/Platinum is pretty much meaningless at this property. That is just great as am getting ready to take on a job in Stuttgart and was looking forward to the typical EURO FS Marriott. SOME people work on the weekends !!! No coupons and the lounge is basically closed? GREAT !!!

This is one of the Ramada chain Marriott took over about 10 years ago. Unlike many German Marriott properties, this does have a lounge (Munich properties, for instance, don't even have that). Unlike Munich properties, though, no free breakfast for Gold/Plat when the lounge isn't open.

It's a comparatively nice place, but not what you think of when you're thinking "full service" like the Marriott in Frankfurt or Heidelberg.

P.S. Actually, you'd think they would keep the lounge open on weekends, since they're not just a "business traveler hotel". They have a significant number of families living there in transit, coming in or going out.

USirritated Jul 19, 10 3:29 am

UPDATE for Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel

1) Las Vegas, Nevada, USA/Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel;

2) Lounge is CLOSED on weekends;

3) I first asked whether the lounge was open on weekends, as it was the last time that I stayed at that hotel. She said no, and apologized. I asked for breakfast coupons, and was intially turned down. After a long pause, the FDC asked me when I was last a guest at the hotel, and I told her November 2007, and she said that since the hotel's breakfast coupon policy changed in 2009, she would give me coupons since I did not know that the policy had changed. She went into the back office and came back with two (one for each day), each marked with her intials, and "inconvenience," even though I never complained;

4) if the lounge is closed, if it's still room key accessible on the weekends for sodas/water - I don't know, I never tried, but the FDC did volunteer that if I wanted more water than was in my room fridge, just call, and they would bring it to my room at no charge (this was not necessary, since both the regular maid and turndown maid placed two bottles per day (total of four per day) in my room fridge;

5) if the exec lounge offers free i-net & whether it's terminals or wireless - I did not see terminals in the lounge, but I remember that the lounge had wireless from my last stay there;

6) 7/15/10 to 7/18/10

LOUNGE NOTE - This lounge still offers one of the nicest breakfast offerings in the USA, two (changing) hot offerings, plus breads/pastries, cereals, hot oatmeal, fruits, yogurt, AND LOX, every weekday morning.

BONUS NOTE - This hotel is still offering "Escape Your Way Package," which is THIRD NIGHT FREE, adjusted at checkout, but in order to get this promo, rez must be made through Plat rez line, telephone rez code "NDLX." I do not know whether this package is an EEO benefit only, or available to any guest staying 3 nights or more.

JJJJust Jul 19, 10 7:50 am

Boca Raton, FL / Boca Raton Marriott

Lounge opens at 5:30 PM on Sunday and closes Friday night. Not open on Saturday. (Website indicates that it is open M-F but not weekends, but apparently this is not true.)

Checked in by Front Desk Supervisor and was given breakfast coupon without asking. (MR Gold)

Unknown whether access is available during non-operating hours.

Hotel has complimentary wi-fi already, however there is also a computer and a printer in the lounge.

Information accurate as of July 19.

FlyinHawaiian Jul 19, 10 12:27 pm

Originally Posted by USirritated (Post 14323310)
UPDATE for Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel
...if the lounge is closed, if it's still room key accessible on the weekends for sodas/water - I don't know, I never tried...

Per my experience from this past weekend (I guess we missed running into each other); the lounge is locked Saturdays and Sundays with no key access. The FDC advised me to get waters from the gym if I wanted them.

SkiAdcock Jul 19, 10 12:46 pm

Updated the list w/ updates. Thanks! And if people have other updates, please post.


curana Jul 20, 10 8:11 am

Saint Louis MO Marriott
Last Friday I was at St Louis MO - Airport Marriott. I was told that my name would be in the list of restaurant but once I checked out I was charged. I called hotel but no change. Although I got free parking there.

boxo Jul 22, 10 7:22 pm

1) San Francisco / Marriott SFO Airport
3) no coupons
4) ???
5) yes; both
6) 07/10

1) San Francisco / The Stanford Court Renaissance
3) no coupons
4) no key access
5) yes; both
6) 07/10

mb1136 Jul 25, 10 8:28 pm

1.Marriott Sable Oaks in South Portland, Maine
2. Lounge closes at 12:00pm on Friday and reopens at 5:30pm on Sunday
3. Coupons were given for free buffet breakfast
4. Lounge is accessible by key on weekends to get waters, etc. (although I'm told they don't last very long)
5. Not sure about internet, although I was told that free wireless internet is available for everyone throughout the hotel (didn't try to use it as I always just use my Sprint mobile broadband card)
6. Information current as of 7/25/10

Marcell Jul 25, 10 10:49 pm

Crystal Gateway Marriott; Arlington, VA

Concierge Lounge Closed on Weekends


As a Plat, Receive a Reduced Rate for Buffet Breakfast
(Regular Price--Around $18--Reduced Rate--$3.27)

Last stay was as of 7-18-10.

USirritated Jul 25, 10 11:44 pm

Originally Posted by Marcell (Post 14364416)
Crystal Gateway Marriott; Arlington, VA

Concierge Lounge Closed on Weekends


As a Plat, Receive a Reduced Rate for Buffet Breakfast
(Regular Price--Around $18--Reduced Rate--$3.27)

Last stay was as of 7-18-10.

If they are going to discount it 82%, why not just give out coupons to make it discounted 100%? Either way, it is a good thing for Plats, just seems odd as heck.

bdschobel Jul 26, 10 6:47 am

Could it be that's the amount they pay to the servers as tip? In other words, the hotel is willing to give Plats the food for free but not the service?


SkiAdcock Jul 26, 10 9:24 am

Thanks for the updates everyone! Keep them coming.

And re: the reduced by 82% vs 100%, 82% is still better than none, but the topic should be discussed in the general forum & not on this thread, as the thread is to report status of lounges open on weekends etc. Appreciate the comments & reasoning why, but just want to head off any side discussions & keep the thread focused.


Marcell Jul 26, 10 7:34 pm

Atlanta Marriott Midtown Suites; Atlanta, GA

No Concierge Lounge in Hotel

Coupons Issued for a Free Buffet Breakfast

Stay was for the period June 20-23, 2010.

JJJJust Jul 27, 10 2:58 am

Renaissance Boca Raton
Boca Raton, Florida

"Club Level" lounge open Sunday @ 5. Closed midday Friday through Sunday evening.

MR Gold and was given complimentary breakfast buffet (hot/cold) in hotel restaurant when lounge closed. Same benefit extended to non-elites staying on Club Level. No physical coupons, hotel has list. Signed $13.99? (something like that) receipt for buffet but no charge posted to folio. (Cooked to order omelete from buffet alone would have been worth the $13.99, IMHO.)

Lounge has internet enabled computer with fax and printer. Hotel already has complimentary wireless.

Off-hours access unknown.

This information accurate as of 26 July 2010.

VA1379 Jul 27, 10 5:51 pm

Fairfax Marriott at Fair Oaks (Fairfax, VA) - lounge is closed on weekends. It reopens at 5 pm on Sunday evening, but appetizers do not come out until 5:30 pm.

Free breakfast is offered on weekends. You are given a coupon at check in (I assume this is for platinum and gold members). They do not give you a bill to sign in the restaurant, so you have to tip in cash. The lounge has a terminal for use with printer and maybe fax machine (will have to check again on a future visit), wi-fi, and one ethernet cord, along with 2 TVs.

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