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itraveleverywhere May 28, 14 11:25 am


Woodland Hills Warner Center Marriott / CLOSED;
Welcome gift for Gold (Berries, cake, shoeshine or 250 points)
Coupon for breakfast - full buffet or $10 off menu per person

As a bonus, the waiter told us to hold on to the coupon, so I turned it in for the 750 points at checkout.

TrojanHorse May 30, 14 5:40 am

Bethesda, MD Marriott Suites
Gold - BF coupons (made clear it was for Continental) for TWO (not three) provided only after I asked- I say this because my reservation was for 1 adult 2 kids

actual - restaurant automatically upgraded kid b/f to full but kept mine at Continental

Could have taken 750 points in lieu of the BF coupons

four internet terminals in the lobby for anyone to use with printer access

FYI, parking is $15 even on the weekends

Tbakes May 31, 14 1:46 pm

Munich Marriott update

Originally Posted by NWstu (Post 22815312)
I'm staying here right now. Changes are bolded.

* Munich / Marriott / NO LOUNGE; They offer a food buffet and comp drinks (including beer and wine) in the breakfast area of restaurant "grill 93" in the evenings Sunday-Thursday 6-8:30 pm, closed Friday and Saturday nights and bank holidays (unless event going on, then lobby/bar area) for Golds/Plats; Full breakfast in restaurant daily for Gold/Plats; free usage of biz center; 5/5/14 update

Just another data point - staying here now Fri / Sat night. No lounge but given two tickets for 4 of us (wife and twin boys) for beer / wine / soft drink at bar. Also full breakfast buffet which was great.

Staff great but issue at sports bar with speed of service (45+ min for food) but handled well by manager. Was embarrassed to say anything, but 3 tables that showed up well after us get food before us. Other hiccup on checking in for two connected rooms got two doubles instead of one king and one double.. . Place is packed with multiple weddings but still a great property and recommended.

Delta3MM Jun 5, 14 6:49 pm

Small update to the sydney marriott. On the sheet I was handed during check-in, they allow you to either do breakfast in the lounge (which is good) or the Icons Restaurant (which is outstanding). That breakfast is A$38/pp. They said you are allowed two guests, but were unclear if that included yourself. Anyway - I just had one guest anyway.

It's been a few years since I have been here - and it was not this way in the past. Also, they have completely renovated the rooms and lounge. Also got a upgrade to a spa suite for a 5 day award stay.


Long Distance Jun 8, 14 10:44 am


lotusdog Jun 9, 14 12:17 am

San Juan Marriott Lounge CLOSED PERMANENTLY!!!
Puerto Rico

San Juan / San Juan Marriott & Stellaris Casino Hotel and Resort / CLOSED PERMANENTLY at end of May 2014.

Was given coupons for "Breakfast Combo" at the coffee bar. Not sure if this is standard as a small screw-up with reservation failed to recognize my Platinum status even though they had my Rewards number. First time ever "enforcing" the Guaranteed Platinum Arrival Gift provision. Then upon learning the lounge had closed forever and complaining it was a reason I selected the property over another this trip, was presented with the coffee bar coupons. YMMV

Melville Jun 16, 14 5:30 am

Munich Courtyard City Centre
Update, Plats continue to have the full buffet breakfast comped at this property. This was specifically mentioned at both checkin and checkout. ^

KristenP Jun 17, 14 9:48 am

Brussles/ Belgium/ Marriott
Breakfast was served in the Lounge as well now
Was only there during the week. 5/19-5/21

KristenP Jun 17, 14 9:52 am

Ghent/ Belgium/ Marriott
As well as one drink coupon you also get a free appetizer for each guest (up to 2 guest)

Horace Jun 18, 14 7:28 am

1) USA / Iowa / Des Moines / Des Moines Marriott Downtown

2) Lounge is closed on weekends; "Continental Breakfast for two guests" coupon for restaurant; coupon is honored for FULL breakfast buffet for two; additional guests $14.95

3) Lounge is NOT accessible on the weekends for sodas/water

4) Free wireless Internet in lounge

5) 06/16/2014

Platinum arrival gift choice: 500 points or $10 FB credit coupon only

Notes: Lounge is on mezzanine level

nequine Jun 18, 14 11:20 am

1) USA/Virginia/Crystal City Marriott at Reagan National Airport

2) Lounge closed at weekend. Voucher for continental breakfast or for points. I took voucher option but got access to the full breakfast. My +1 wasn't charged.

3) Lounge not accessible at weekends for water/sodas.

4) Free wi-fi in lounge but there was a couple of terminals too that could be used as well as access to a printer.

5) 06/2014

Lounge looks very small despite saying 160 max occupancy but I did manage to get a seat every time.

Horace Jun 21, 14 7:00 am

1) USA / Illinois / Downers Grove / Chicago Marriott Suites Downers Grove

The hotel does not have a lounge;
Monday through Friday morning, Gold and Plat get free full breakfast buffet in restaurant (guest name on a printed list);
Saturday and Sunday morning, Gold and Plat get a "Continental Breakfast for two guests" coupon for restaurant;
Coupon is honored only for cold items on the breakfast buffet;
Upgrade to full breakfast buffet $4 per guest;
2 guest only; additional guests $9.86

3) There is no lounge, so there is no access to sodas/water on weekdays or weekends.

4) No lounge, so no free wireless Internet in lounge

5) 06/21/2014

Platinum arrival gift choice: 500 points or $10 FB credit coupon only.

RichardInSF Jun 22, 14 9:31 am

Originally Posted by itraveleverywhere (Post 22938989)

Woodland Hills Warner Center Marriott / CLOSED;
Welcome gift for Gold (Berries, cake, shoeshine or 250 points)
Coupon for breakfast - full buffet or $10 off menu per person

As a bonus, the waiter told us to hold on to the coupon, so I turned it in for the 750 points at checkout.

They told me only continental breakfast was included.

HookEm Jun 22, 14 1:01 pm

I believe you need to remove the Marriott Horseshoe Bay Resort in Texas from this listing since it is no longer a Marriott.

gardener Jun 23, 14 6:27 am

Some updates:

1) Marriott STR Sindelfingen - stayed on a Friday night

2) Lounge was open Friday evening for snacks and desserts but Sat AM breakfast was in restaurant (full buffet)

3) if the lounge is closed, if it's still room key accessible on the weekends for sodas/water; YES

4) if the exec lounge offers free i-net & whether it's terminals or wireless
-did not check as had free wifi in room

5) June 2014

1) Marriott Munich Airport - this was a weekday stay so maybe not relevant but treated very well

2) No lounge but had booked two rooms, one for me & DW and one for my son - FD clerk gave us chit for 3 persons for snack & bev in bar - the snacks were more like a meal, you have 4 choices each normally costing 10 euro - son ordered Cajun chicken sandwich and fries, I got baked potato with smoked salmon and sour cream, DW got bruschetta plus 3 beers would have been 45 euro easy

Also gave breakfast chits for 3 persons - full BF which cost normally 21 euro

5) June 2014

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