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wosstyles Apr 26, 18 5:48 pm

Repeated Declines on Best Buy giftcards
If this can be lumped into a monster thread of such, you'll have to forgive me there's so much information in this forum, feel free to put this in an appropriate section.

To clarify I don't really churn or ms as a big time thing, I do it very sporadically for cashback bonuses and am a noob at it. Which is even more concerning because I'm not really putting in significant orders or offers. Yet I've had the same two best buy giftcards flagged both by cardcash and I highly anticipate a declined in review for cardpool, and these are all bought with creditcards, and on two receipts, actually from months ago, even.

Cardcash would not even let me dispute it or send in a receipt. Now I have at one time done a large sum of MS on lowes cards, on raise, and raise didn't like that, so they asked a lot of questions and receipts, and I actually did go through two levels of support on targets to get invoices and I actually gave raise all the paperwork they wanted and finally got the dang things cashed out.

There's gotta be some sort of weirdness flagging these cards, surely maybe, something I'm just being a noob about. Like I think but I'm not sure I bought the best buy's cards with 2 different credit cards, and one is the credit card I use as a chargeback for cardpool (i.e., the one they charge if you do something bad etc) which isn't probably a good thing. But, I'm pretty sure one of the cards that got flagged on cardcash wasn't used with the same discover. So it's weird. Maybe it's just best buy cards that get flagged more, again I'm pretty clueless. I did try to submit 2 cards in a few minutes each time, to cardcash and cardpool, but then later I Tried just 1 card in 1 day on cardcash, and it still got redeclined. Pretty frustrating.

Klemhuzzah Apr 26, 18 7:00 pm

I think the first thing I would do would be to go online and check the cards' balances. Good luck!

wosstyles Apr 26, 18 7:12 pm

I checked and they are at 100 percent full. they were bought brand new as well.

MaxVO Apr 26, 18 7:50 pm

Originally Posted by wosstyles (Post 29687661)
Cardcash would not even let me dispute it or send in a receipt.

Your merchandise is not the issue. It looks like Cardcash deemed you a risky seller. I'm sure that they keep permanent records of every card that passed their hands. So resubmitting the same GC's would be pointless, and possibly even raise their alarm level.
If you plan to sell GC's regularly, it should help to develop better communications with one or more GC resellers and become "known" to them. They may have a process and have you provide more info about yourself, which would make you less risky from their perspective.

ChuckMango May 9, 18 10:42 am

GC's stopped working if you are trying to buy those...

Klemhuzzah May 9, 18 3:22 pm

Are you talking about buying other gift cards with Best Buy gift cards? I found out you could do that, took advantage of a sale to snag some BB gc, and the very next day BB stopped doing it. Lousy timing on my part.

Anyway, DOC has more about it here:
You can't buy any variables for over $200, even if the packaging says $20-$500. It's YMMV for others, though it's trending toward not allowed, so if you have any, trade them in soon.

Edit: just re-read the comments on Doc's site. One person spoke to a BB manager who says the POS software will be updating on May 10 to disallow buying 3rd party gc with a BB gc. After that, it will be a flat NO, not a YMMV.
OTOH, it seems you can still use BB rewards certificates to buy 3rd party gc. Which is good, 'cause I have $40 of them coming at the end of the month.

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