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Stop & Shop and Giant supermarkets gas rewards points on gift card purchases(2018-21)

Old Jan 12, 18, 1:25 am
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THIS IS A NEW THREAD FOR 2018. The previous thread is here.
***If you buy gift cards outside promotions, you will earn ZERO points.***

Accepted tender: Cash, credit, and debit. Also available are mobile/contactless payment (Apple Pay, etc.) and mobile loyalty (card barcode via app).

Stop & Shop (S&S), Giant Food Stores (Giant PA), and Giant Food (Giant MD) offer points for purchases which can be redeemed for a discount on the price paid per gallon on fuel sales at Shell and S&S/Giant fuel stations. $100* spend = 100 pts = 10c/gal discount. The particular rules vary between the three brands, and within Giant PA, the rules vary by location. Refer to the bottom of this wiki post for more information or links to official info from each brand.

You can earn gas points from both regular grocery shopping and gift card purchases (promotion only).

The grocery reward points (Go Rewards or Flexible Reward) can be transferred to either gas points (Fuel Rewards) or grocery points. The conversion rate is 100 points = $0.10/gallon or 100 points = $1 saving in grocery.

- - - - - - - - - -

Additional Information

A loyalty card is required to take advantage of gas rewards. They look like the above image and can be obtained either online (links at end of wiki) or in-person (at the customer service counter).

The cards currently on promotion are listed in the current weekly circular and usually change every week. VISA and MC from Metabank or US Bank for $20-$500 (plus $5.95 fee) work. For GCs, if it meets the previous requirements, the packaging (blue, silver, birthday cake, etc.) doesn't matter! Check the issuing bank on the back.

S&S and Giant (DC, DE, MD, and VA) allow you to redeem up to 1500 points ($1.50/gal) per fuel purchase, and points expire 30 days after the qualifying purchase. With Giant PA, there is no limit to the number of points redeemed at one time.

Points earned in one program cannot be used in another program.

Your ID may be required when buying gift cards. Your name and other info may also be recorded for purchases over a discretionary dollar value. Whether you're buying a $100 card or a $5k stack, your experience will vary.

You can view your account online using the link at the bottom of the wiki.

It's best to purchase gift cards at the customer service counter, but reports state that a single $500 gift card can be paid for at any register without an issue. Purchases over $1k will require manager authorisation with a physical key, which may slow down the queue. You can go to the Solution Center to save time and make things easier for everyone.

Giant Eagle and Giant Food are different chains with different ownership, and this thread is not relevant to the former.

If you have more points in your account than are redeemed for a fuel purchase, then the remaining points will stay in your account until their respective expiration date(s). For example, if you have 2500 points and debit the 1500 ($1.50/gal) maximum, you will have 1000 points left. Similar behavior if gas is ever below $1.50/gal before discount.

If you don't receive eligible points with your purchase due to system or human error, you can have them retroactively added by customer service (in-store or by phone). Have your receipt and a copy of the advert. It can take up to 24 hours for keyed points to appear in your account.
Official Rewards Pages
Stop & Shop Giant MD Giant PA
Weekly Circulars
Stop & Shop Giant MD Giant PA
S&S Promotion History

3/3/2017: 2x V
5/26/2017: 2x V
6/23/2017: 2x MC
7/14/2017: 3x V
9/1/2017: 4x MC
10/13/2017: 2x V and MC
12/1/2017: 2x V and MC
3/16/2018: 2x MC
4/6/2018: 3x V
5/18/2018: 2x MC
5/25/2018: 2x V
6/1/2018: 2x MC
6/29/2018: 2x V
7/13/2018: 2x V
8/31/2018: 2x MC
10/5/2018: 3x MC
10/12/2018: 3x V
11/2/2018: 2x MC
11/30/2018: 2x V

3/15/2019: 3x V
4/5/2019: 2x MC
5/17/2019: 3x V
5/31/2019: 3x MC
6/28/2019: 3x MC Have a safe and happy Fourth!
7/12/2019: 3x Visa
8/23/2019: 2x MC
10/4/2019: 2x MC
10/11/2019: 3x V
11/19/2019: 2x MC
11/29/2019: 3x MC
3/13/2020: 3x V
3/27/2020: 2x MC
5/15/2020: 3x V

5/29/2020: 2x MC
6/5/2020: 3x V
6/26/2020: 2x MC
7/10/2020: 3x V
8/21/2020: 2x MC
10/2/2020: 2x MC
10/16/2020: 3x V
10/30/2020: 2x MC

11/27/2020: 3x V
12/11/2020: 4x V

3/12/2021: 3x V
4/9/2021: 3x MC
5/14/2021: 3x V
5/28/2021: 3x MC
6/4/2021: 3x V
7/2/2021: 3x MC
7/23/2021: 3x V
8/27/2021: 3x MC
10/8/2021: 3x MC
10/22/2021: 3x V
10/29/2021: 3x MC

List of States and Cities Where Giant/S&S points work, and are correctly priced in the Fuel Rewards App

Florida (at least some Miami stations limit discount to $1, not correctly shown in app)
Montana (very limited stations displayed)
New Hampshire
New York
North Carolina
Pennsylvania (eastern)
Texas (only some cities, not Dallas)

List of States and Cities Where Giant/S&S points work at SOME stations, but are NOT shown in the Fuel Rewards App

Delaware (many stations)
Maryland (some stations)
Virginia (some stations)
Minnesota (widespread participation -- likely due to it being Hy-Vee territory)
North Dakota
South Dakota
Washington state (perhaps only eastern WA)

List of States with No Known Giant/S&S gas points redemption options

Alaska ("Three Bears" Shells used to work, but don't anymore. It might be worth trying the few other Shell stations, but the odds aren't good)
California -- southern (may work in far north California)
New Mexico
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Stop & Shop and Giant supermarkets gas rewards points on gift card purchases(2018-21)

Old May 21, 21, 7:50 am
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Originally Posted by lmagnott View Post
I bought 3 gift cards on Saturday. The points never showed up, so I called this morning to ask for them to be manually credited. The rep couldn't find the transaction associated with my account and asked me to double check the receipt. Sure enough, the last 4 digits of the S&S account number on the receipt doesn't match my account #. She put me on hold to "investigate", and the call abruptly disconnected after 10 minutes. Before I call back, has anyone ever experienced this before? Do I have any chance of getting the points credited to my account, or should I assume I somehow typed in a wrong digit when entering the phone number at the register and now I'm out of luck?
System was down last Saturday.
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Being told that points are to be given for only one transaction and being refused by Stop and Shop CS to apply points for a subsequent transaction.
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Old May 23, 21, 6:19 am
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5/28-6/3: 3x MCs

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Old May 23, 21, 8:15 am
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Looking for SS load for apple promo. Will pay 97%
im also open to swap. Im in Giant area
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Old May 24, 21, 10:48 am
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Originally Posted by misenlai View Post
Looking for SS load for apple promo. Will pay 97%
what does this mean?
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Old May 24, 21, 12:47 pm
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Originally Posted by ffly45 View Post
what does this mean?
10x points on Apple gift cards this week. Sounds like either he wants the S&S points and to only pay 97% of the Apple Card value, which doesn't make sense, or he's willing to buy the cards at 97% from anyone who is buying them for the 10x, which isn't worth the hassle, IMO.
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Old May 25, 21, 8:09 pm
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went on my out of State route to unload my cards from the last Staples V promo & SnSs V promo. Only carded at 1 store and moved on. My last store the csr printed up the MO before I even inputted my PIN on the 1st of 2 cards. Turns out she made it xxx.99 when it was suppose to be xxx.00. She cant undo it and asked if it mattered to me (of cause it does Im using 200 x 2, and thats more then 2 cards0. She called her mgr great I thought Im walking out empty and said she will eat it so that she wont get in trouble. Fast forward I do both cards and get the MO for xxx.00. I wanted a 2nd for xxx.10 and told her I will take the mistake she made and give her .89 in cash for the fee. She then wakes up and asks what type of card am I using, I looked at her and said should it matter Im taking your mistake and covering you, she thought and said OK Thx and I thanked her
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That's a lot of adrenaline for a little gain, but it comes with the territory.
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Originally Posted by alexlar2007 View Post
That's a lot of adrenaline for a little gain, but it comes with the territory.
true, but nowadays when little by little previous outlets for unloading are shutting down, I will take what I can get yesterdays total was 15K in cards
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Old May 28, 21, 1:17 pm
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Anyone in the Giant area looking for a swapping MCGCs this week, feel free to PM me.
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Old May 28, 21, 2:21 pm
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Usually I pass on getting the cards on a Friday, as many times they dont credit and I have to call in to get it taken care of. But being this promo the only time I can buy any is today and next Thurs(will be out of SnS area otherwise) I took a shot and everything credited correctly, TG.
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Old May 28, 21, 5:21 pm
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Also looking for someone in Giant territory to partner with.
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Old May 29, 21, 1:24 pm
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Anyone else having trouble with their Stop & Shop account displaying your go points balance? I purchased $1500 in MCGC on 5/29 around 1:15 eastern but both app and web are not displaying my points balance. (Both existing points and new points that Im expecting from my MCGC purchase)

prob temporary.

update 5/31: somehow my name and address were deleted from my account. Once the phone rep restored my info, the points reappeared.

Last edited by Bullchan; May 31, 21 at 8:41 am Reason: Resolved
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6/4-10: 3x Visas

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Originally Posted by danpeake View Post
6/4-10: 3x Visas

I like how it's always 3X now. Makes it easy to get 6000 points (4 fill ups) each promo.
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