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Banks that allow Money Order deposits via Smartphone or ATM(2017-2019)

Banks that allow Money Order deposits via Smartphone or ATM(2017-2019)

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This is a new thread for 2017. The previous discussion can be found here.

Banks that allow Money Order deposits via Smartphone

Allow MO deposits via Smartphone:
  • BB&T. $1,000 per day, $3,000 per month. WU works fine. Doesn't seem to take MoneyGram.
  • Charles Schwab, depending on account up to 10k/day (While they allow MOs, their app may not be able to read all MOs. MG only work with dark printouts.)
  • Citadel FCU: normally works great with WU, but only do one deposit, small amount first time to test. Increase deposit amount slowly, and do not exceed 2K daily or they may call you and ask what you are doing, or freeze account. Very fraud-conscious at this CU. MO funds avail. within 24 hrs. Apparent $10K/mo limit.
  • Citibank (500 first 6 months, 1500 thereafter) Citibank does not allow MoneyGram mobile deposits and most ATMs reject the MO.(Ref)
  • Clearview FCU
  • DCU - works, reports of shutdown for MS specific behavior (depositing Money Orders) start in March 2017 (Ref, Ref, Ref posts 99 and onward)
    clears immediately (Ref). Very finicky that the MO be filled out completely and the back is endorsed "for deposit only DCU".
  • Everbank ($50K per day total, no check bigger than $50K) (but see report of shutdown
  • NorthePointe bank. 10 day hold per new accounts <30 days old.
  • Penfed. $5K per day limit. WU works fine. A portion of deposit may be held back for a few days. Doesn't seem to take MG (amount entered doesn't match amount detected error message).
  • Simple* (March 2014: People now receiving emails asking source and purpose of MO deposits) (Ref)
    15 photo deposit per month and $3000 per deposit (first 5 are limited to $2000). Robust MO reading (Ref)
  • SunTrust Only seems to accept WU, posts next day if in before 9pm.
  • United Bank
  • UFB Direct
    prefers MoneyGram MOs; WU MOs work fine also. Will Shut down. (Ref)
  • USAA (Ref)
    May be limited to $1k/day available immediately (Ref), with remainder held for 1 week. User experience: $5k/day. One person reported shutdown after a few months, doing less than 5K mo in MO deposits.(Ref)
  • Wells Fargo
    $2500/day $5000/mo ($1000/day $3000/30days for new accounts < 180 days) (Ref)
    user experience: multiple <=$500 (Ref); WU MO (Ref)

Do not allow MO deposits via Smartphone:
  • Ally
  • Amalgamated Bank (cannot deposit MOs via mobile app)
  • Aspiration
  • Bank of America
    Not reliable MO reading (Ref)
    Effective 2/23 BofA no longer accepts mobile deposits of MOs or TCs. (Ref)
  • Bank of the West
  • Barclays. The terms state MOs are not allowed. MG worked twice but not again!
  • Capital One 360 (won't accept MO via mail in deposit either)
  • Chase
  • Discover Checking* (NUMEROUS REPORTS MONEY ORDERS ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED); user experience: <2k (Ref); 2 days to post (Ref); terms do not explicitly state a limit (Ref)
  • Eastern Bank. $2500 per day, $7500 per month. Update 3/22/16: Per chat, Eastern no longer accepts MO over Mobile Deposit
  • Fidelity Investments - no MO's accepted at all
  • Fiserv-based credit unions
  • Fulton Bank
  • LMCU Will shut down MO deposits for high volume.
  • Navy Federal Credit Union
  • PNC (Ref)
  • Radius Bank: Mobile deposits no longer allowed
  • Sallie Mae (actually, does not accept money order deposits at all)
  • Santander: MG and WU are a no go
  • TIAA-Direct (3 checks per business day, $10K per day) No longer viable after calls by Candy in Sep 2014.
  • Vanguard - No MO's accepted at all

Allowed Via ATM:
  • BoA - may be deposited at ATM (Ref)
  • Bank of Oklahoma (BOK)
  • Cambridge Savings Bank (Boston MA area) - accepts MoneyGram at ATM, haven't tested others yet, fund post in 1-2 business days, automatic detection doesn't usually work (have to edit the check amounts) (ref)
  • Capital One Bank/360 - automatic amount detection for Western Union, posts within 1-3 days; Auto detects MoneyGram if the ink is dark enough, available next 1-3 days (Mar 17 Ref); USPS accepted, but not auto detected, available 1-3 days (Mar 17 Ref).
  • Chase - about four days to clear (Ref) (Ref)
  • Citi
    Haven't been able to successfully deposit Western Union but MoneyGram usually works. No longer works, have to deposit with teller.
  • Citizens: ATM will automatically detect amount as long as ink isn't faded; if read incorrectly or not at all you can manually edit amount
  • Huntington
  • KeyBank: Will accept Western Union money orders. Refuses to accept MoneyGram (from WM) money orders. Recent 2016 reports of problems and risk of shutdown if
  • M&T Bank -- can deposit MoneyGram, but you have to enter the amount manually.
  • PNC Bank: ATM will automatically detect amount as long as ink isn't faded; told by teller that ATMs have no problems accepting MO deposits
  • TD Bank
  • USAA
  • US Bank, can deposit MoneyGram, but you have to enter the amount manually.
  • Webster Bank - accepts MoneyGram, need to enter amount manually, funds available next day (Ref), same with USPS Money Orders (Ref) and Western Union
  • Wells Fargo accepts MoneyGram
  • going over even just a few thousand a month.
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If you are worried open a 2nd checking account, or even a savings account at another bank, and transfer the money when needed.
That's my plan. Need to push it to p2.
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If Alliant is closing accounts due to a lot of volume, what's considered "a lot" of volume?
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