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This is the thread for 2017 onward. The previous discussion can be found here.

UPDATED Oct-2018: A lot of CVS store take CCs for GC purchases. Some stores check CCs and scan driver's license (with hand scanner). The best GCs are OVVGC and VVGC. The only differences are card designs. The current fee is $5.95 for $25 - $500 variable loading. If prompted for PIN, enter the last 4 digits.

Look for mobile shipping portal with CVS bonus. Certain CCs have category bonus.

CVS is cash only for all Incomm-related reloads and reloadable cards, including Vanilla Reloads and Serve swipe reloads.
See memo to stores for complete list. Other cards at CVS can still be bought using credit, but YMMV depending on location, Manager, etc.

Transaction limits since October 20, 2014:
Transactions with $300 or more of card face value require ID.
Limit $ 2000 of card face value per 24 hour rolling period. (Some are reporting limit of $1000 per 24 hrs as of 2/2018)?
Limit of 10 cards per 24 hours.

Cash Register Freezing
Multiple reports that the CVS cash register will freeze and lock after scanning the ID when purchasing multiple prepaid cards. Then the register's computer needs to be restarted. Some report that "swiping" the ID instead of "scanning" will avoid the issue.

Limit of 7 tenders (swipes) per transaction. This is most commonly run into when using low-value AGCs. After seven, the transaction must be complete, no cash (or any other payment method) will be accepted to pay the balance.

System error after giving them license If you keep getting this error, there could be a problem with the magnetic strip on your license. Have them use the wand to scan it instead.
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Old Aug 18, 19, 6:59 am
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Anyone having issues purchasing VGCs?

I tried 2 different stores yesterday and another one just now, after csr swipes my DL, they get an error about a system issue.

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Old Aug 18, 19, 8:46 am
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No issues yesterday. I recommend scrolling up to previous pages to look at people with this same issue. For me it was the magnetic strip on the DL and replacing it fixed the issue.
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Old Aug 18, 19, 9:01 am
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Uggh, csr scanned the barcode at all 3 stores.

I haven't purchased in a while.
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I had a good run in January 2018 where I went 22 straight days to CVS within 9:20 to 10pm when they closed after my kids went to bed. Just gotta get that +1 minute!
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anybody try the paypal reload recently at CVS? the new way is having the CSR scan your paypal app at the register -- is it still cash only most places? I see the big paypal sign by the giftcard kisosk, but getting mixed information from cash register attendants who cant figure out if its credit card or cash, since "nobody ever uses the paypal thing"....

Anybody try the paypal reload with an old my cash card? instead of having them scan the app, have them scan the old paypal cash card ?

miss paypal at cvs ...
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Old Sep 5, 19, 7:47 pm
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I don't know if this has been answered before, but these gift cards are purchased with a CC? I've been reading the thread for days!!
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Originally Posted by JeebusSaves View Post
I think Chase is just blocking transactions that are the exact amount of a GC. If I try to buy a GC by itself with my freedom card, it gets rejected. But if I buy a GC and anything else so the exact amount doesn't match, it works fine.
I'm new to this, i didn't know you can buy gc with freedom card! That is awesome!
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Anyone know if the Serve temp cards at CVS are cash only? They are at a Walgreens I tried recently but not sure about CVS.
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