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ChrisFlyer66 2017-01-25 22:16:58

(Wikipost) Walmart Money Kiosks (2016 onwards)
This is the thread for 2016. The previous megathread is here.

Kate will only allow load totals up to $1999.99 every 10 minutes. It does not matter if it was you or the person before you. If you go over that limit, Kate will freeze. Sept 2015- Several people have reported the 10 minute limit is now longer than 10. Not sure how much longer yet. Several Kate's have locked up following the old 10 minute rule.

9 digit pin problem - Sometimes, for unknown reasons, after you swipe your card and enter your pin, MCE will ask you for a 9 digit pin. To date, no one knows why this happens, or has a fix for it. If it repeatedly asks you for a pin, this is the same as the 9 digit pin problem and there is no fix.
Unplugging and re-booting by a supervisor doesn't fix this problem.

For consistent MCE issues, use the WM feedback link to report:
Select 'store experience' and be sure to include the store number and address. If you include your name and phone number the stores sometimes call when it is working again. Do not abuse this as it may lead to your MCE being removed.

How to shut Kate up by sosamo
  1. Before you press anything, plug the headphones into the jack near the pinpad
  2. The touchscreen will "gray" out, and you won't be able to press anything.
  3. Press '3' on the pinpad
  4. Press 'Enter' on the pinpad
  5. Continue business as usual on the touch screen.

Note: If you ever make a mistake, to get out, just unplug the headphone.

Walmart Money Center Kiosk Location

Any of the walmarts on the list have a Kate

Look for "Walmart Money Center Express" as one of the services

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