Chime to Manufacture Debit Card Spend

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Chime to Manufacture Debit Card Spend

I was hoping to use Chime to generate 15 debit card swipes across 4 debit cards with $10 MS on two, $100 MS on 1 and $1000MS on another.

These number are per month.


0. Does the 3 external debit car load limit really mean "3 swipes for the lifetime of the account"?
1. Can I add 5 debit cards to my Chime account and choose which debit card to use when doing a swipe?
2. .. or is it more like Serve/BB that allows having only one debit card (and I have to delete one card before I can add another)?

All of these cards are debit cards from credit unions.
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With Chime it is more like a bank account. You can fund it with a bank account, or debit card, however in funding it with a debit card you are only allowed 3 debit card loads for the entire life of your account, and in addition they charge a 3% fee for most cards. For me the first time I loaded from my PPBDMC and it was free, but now it says 3% fee if I were to do it again.

So I don't think you'll be able to do what you are thinking. Another possible option might be to use Square to process credit card transactions. You can get $1,000 in free credit card processing by using this link:
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