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RedSun 2019-03-17 06:43:47

(Wikipost) Wells Fargo Platinum 5x at Grocery-Gas-Drugstores(2016 onwards)
This is the thread for 2016. The previous megathread is here.

The current WF cards that earn 5x Go Far Rewards points (WF points) are WF Visa Signature card and WF Rewards card. The 5x introductory period is 6 months, then they earn just 1x WF points. Each card is now capped the 5x at $12,500. (Updated Mar-2019)

Wells Fargo Visa Signature card:

Wells Fargo Visa Rewards Card:

Churnable to get repeated 5x rewards?

Not possible

How to pay down CL quickly?
Use WF account to pay

Likely to get shut down if...?
- Cycling several times through your CL
- Cause a negative balance
- Have a really high balance
- Calling in and getting caught by human eyes on MS activities.

To check what your 5X/5% window is:
In your account summary page on WF website, go into the CC, and click "show my rewards" on the left side, then click "Visit Wells Fargo Rewards"
From there go to "Earn Rewards" on the top and click "My Offers" and go into the "Promotional Offers-Usage" tab.

To check which transactions get 5X/5% before your statement posts
To check if new transactions are eligible, go to "My Rewards" on the top, click "Activity", and set the start/end dates. You should see a "bonus earning" 4% for anything that's eligible.

What to do when transaction not going through due to FA?
Human @ fraud prevention line is 877-575-0462 (to verify charges if locked out) (Update 3-3-15 - Phone number no longer in service per this post)

Automated response number: 800-446-0664

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