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How far do you drive to see Kate, Simon, etc?

How far do you drive to see Kate, Simon, etc?

Old Jul 31, 15, 11:53 am
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How far do you drive to see Kate, Simon, etc?

It had been a while since my last AOR. Have to travel a little further now due to a nearby Kate being injured.

Drive to Kate= 17 min one way.
Drive to Simon= 12 min one way.

After meeting spend requirements on 5 cards, I figure I'll have 3 1/2 hours or so invested, considering time inside. Not bad for 100K TY points, 100K SkyMiles, & 50K Mileage Plus miles.

How far are others willing to drive? I value Kate highly because I can use two BB accounts on the same trip and don't have to deal with humans.
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Old Jul 31, 15, 12:13 pm
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Kate= Don't have one too close. I have heard rumors of one about 30 minutes away but don't have time to go and check it out yet. I have plenty of walmarts around me (one I frequent a lot since its on the way home from work) and have not had any problems thank god.

I don't buy Simons. I buy VGC's from a grocery store because I have 2x on grocery. The activation fee might be a little higher at $5.95 instead of the $2.95-3.95 at the mall, but I am getting 1012 points vs 503. I have some "near" me. If I took the toll way and no traffic about 20 minutes.

If it was more restricting for me than it is now I would go about an hour-1.5 hours away depending how much cash I would try to MS. I am still in school so when I am at school it is more restricted and that is how far I drive, but when at home it's awesome!
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Old Jul 31, 15, 1:08 pm
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Willing to drive 30-mins one way.
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Old Jul 31, 15, 1:31 pm
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I drove about 30 minutes the other day for one, only for it to be out of service.
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Old Jul 31, 15, 1:51 pm
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Originally Posted by diseased View Post
I drove about 30 minutes the other day for one, only for it to be out of service.
I did a 1 hour circuit of my area only to find out 1 Kate with a "Lane Closed" Screen, one with an "Out of Order" printed sign just taped over it, and one just completely removed from the store. Ended up biting the bullet and saw a cashier who pushed the load through fine

Loads: 10 minutes (would drive up to 30)
Spends: 15 minutes
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Old Jul 31, 15, 1:57 pm
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I'm very lucky and I know it. Simon is 4 miles west of me and Kate is 2 miles south. Sometime SO goes to office 1/2 block from Simon so even better. Sprouts opened up next to Kate, so not even a wasted trip any more.
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Old Jul 31, 15, 6:54 pm
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Simon is less than 1 mile away, I have two Kate's about 20-25 minute drive for each.
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Old Jul 31, 15, 8:34 pm
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Simon is less than a mile away from my commute to/from work so its no big deal to stop in. The most frequently functioning Kate is probably 5-10 minutes out of my commute so if I plan it well I can stop in at the mall on my way home and then WM the next morning.
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Old Jul 31, 15, 10:30 pm
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I drive about 15 minutes everyday to visit KATE. No one seems to use her...
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Old Aug 1, 15, 7:05 am
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I pass by two on my way to work every day.

I can't imagine a scenario where it would be worth it to me to drive 30 minutes one way to do a Kate load, but to each their own I guess.
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Old Aug 1, 15, 7:52 am
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How far do you drive to see Kate, Simon, etc?

I'm very lucky. I doubt I'd ms as much if I weren't (small kids so limited time). Kate is 4 miles from me. I run 5 days a week for exercise so I just integrate one or two runs a week as a 'Kate run.' Nice to have a bathroom and water fountain break midrun also. There is also a Kate on my commute that I sometimes use. I don't use Simon's as the grocery stores around here are easy to deal with.
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Old Aug 1, 15, 9:09 am
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GF: You coming over to see me baby? (4 miles away)
Me: On my way!

<takes the 5 mile loop, including a stop at grocery store (5x rewards + $8 in flowers) and Kate ($2k load)>

GF: Flowers again? You're so sweet!
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Old Aug 1, 15, 9:12 am
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Not a single Kate or Simon Mall for me

Nearest Walmart with Kate is 3 hours away from me in different state.
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Old Aug 1, 15, 12:07 pm
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Simon is 10 minute drive, Kate is 4 minute drive.....love visiting friends since they are so close
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Old Aug 1, 15, 1:39 pm
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Meh - who wants to drive? That is so environmentally unethical. Over here we can walk or take a free trolley or train for all our modest MS needs.
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