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Nov 24, 2015


We want to let you know that we are making a change to your Target Prepaid REDcard by American Express, and you will no longer be able to add money from your debit card at Target stores. As always, you can continue to add money to your Prepaid REDcard by using:

Your debit card online through your Account
Cash at a Target Store
Direct Deposit (You can automatically add all or part of your paycheck, government benefits and federal tax refunds to your Prepaid REDcard)

DEAD FOR DEBIT CARD LOADS EFFECTIVE 10/12/2015 - MEMO: http://frequentmiler.boardingarea.co...uests-can-use/


Effective May 6, 2015 registers are hard-coded to not allow credit card reload. PIN-based debit cards are working, however YMMV. PIN-based debit cards may be refused by cashiers.

Prepaid Redcard is a reloadable American Express card. It is only available to purchase at select Target stores.

    This site may error when in Firefox, especially with adding payees / bill pay. Customer service says to use Chrome or Internet Explorer.

    Cash (or debit card) loading at Target: ** - $1,000/transaction, $2,500/day and $5,000/month
    Online Debit Card Load * - $200/day and $1,000/month
    Checking/Savings Account - $2,000/month
    Checks - $2,000/day and $10,000/month
    ATM Withdrawals - $750/day and $2,000/month

    All "Monthly" limits are per calendar month and reset on the 1st of each month.
    Daily limits reset at midnight Eastern time, 9 PM Pacific time.

    *For online debit load, only use of bank-issued cards is allowed. The use of pre-paid debit cards (Netspend, Paypower, Univision, Paypal, etc.) and VGC/MGC/AGCs is not allowed. Your account will be flagged upon first/second attempt.

    ATM Withdrawals:
    No-fee ATM usage at US Target stores* and U.S. Allpoint network ATMs. (ATM usage not available at any other ATMs.) Find an Allpoint ATM at: www.allpointnetwork.com Note that some ATMs only allow $400/transaction. There is a $750/day and $2,000/month limit to ATM withdrawals.

    RedCard is only available in specific Target stores and is not available in all states. Go to this site to find a list of available locations:https://amex.serve.com/prepaidredcard

    Q: Can I reload a RB at a Target that doesn't sell RB?
    Yes. However, the cashier may not know how to do it. You may be able to coach them through it by saying "It's like reloading a Starbucks (or Gift) card". For step-by-step instructions on one method of 'coaching' new cashiers see Post#1904

    Q: Can I buy or reload a RB in North Carolina?
    See post here: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/manuf...a-63.html#2520
    There is currently a software issue preventing any reload of any kind in NC. It is a known issue but there is no ETA on a fix.

    Q: Can I reload the RB at any register, or just at the Customer Service desk?
    It can be done at any register, however some cashiers are not trained on how to do this and you may have to go to Customer Service.

    Q: What is the most efficient way to drain a RedCard?
    Use BillPay to pay bills. For example, pay the credit card you used to load RedCard with. You can also withdraw money at ATMs.

    Q: I cant access the BillPay feature through the RB website!
    Verify that your account information correctly reflects a 10-digit phone number (including area code). Numerous people have reported that their account only had a 7-digit phone number (no area code) and that, after updating to a 10-digit phone number, BillPay miraculously started working.

    Q: Can we buy a temporary Redbird card while we still have a Bluebird or Serve account?

    Q: How many Redbird cards can you purchase at once?
    You can only purchase one Redbird card a day per SSN. If you plan to purchase more than one, be sure to use a different SSN for each purchase to avoid activation issues.

    Q: Can we register our temporary Redbird online while we still have a Bluebird or Serve account?
    No. You will have to cancel your Bluebird or Serve account first before registering.

    Q: How do I cancel my BlueBird or Serve Account online? Do I need to call them?
    Frequent Miler posted a useful trick that will help you cancel online How to cancel Bluebird online This works for both BlueBird and Serve.

    Q: Cancelled Bluebird, why does registering Redbird error out saying Bluebird is still active?
    If you have open transactions that have not been settled, like BillPay checks that have not yet been cashed, the account cannot settle and will not be truly closed. Thus Target will reject it until it's permanently closed.

    Q: Can we get Redbird online?
    No. The only way to get Redbird is to find a participating Target store and buy a temporary card there. Some people have purchased RB on Ebay, Amazon, or through private deals. Be aware that doing so may violate the TOS of one or more of these services. Also be aware that buying an un-activated RB, you are potentially buying "stolen" merchandise; the seller *may* have simply taken the un-activated RB cards from a target store without permission. At best they got permission from a low-level employee; they certainly are not getting permission from someone authorized to allow sale of RB outside of the current Target-authorized roll out markets. It is highly recommended to only buy already activated Redbirds because many Targets which do not offer Redbirds also will not be able to activate them and you will spend a month with the Customer Service line trying to get a new one.

    Q: Does the initial load you put in when purchasing the Redbird count against the monthly limit?
    No. After registering the Redbird online, any loads done will count against your monthly limit, even on your temp card.

    Q: Can we load Redbird with Target gift cards at Target?NO.
    When loading, the register displays a large message saying that gift cards cannot be used to pay for this transaction.

    Q: What are the cards load limits per transaction at Target?
    [B]As of 2/2/2015 there is a maximum $1,000 load per transaction. You can no longer load the same RB multiple times (multiple swipes) in 1 transaction. Likewise, you can no longer load multiple RBs (say your's and your spouse's) in 1 transaction. Maximum of 1 load, for $1,000 per debit card payment. End of story.

    Q: What credit cards can I use to reload RedCard in Target stores?
    NONE. As of May 6, 2015, credit cards cannot be used to reload.

    Q: Can I reload with a debit card?
    Yes, but only if the debit card can be authenticated with PIN-number. Signature-based debit that processes on the Visa/MasterCard/AmEx networks will NOT work.

    Q: Can I reload with a prepaid debit card or Vanilla Visa?
    Yes, but only if you have a PIN for that card.

    Q: How can I load 2 debit cards in one transaction? Example 2x$500.
    1. Swipe debit card on my terminal after total comes up $1000.
    2. PIN pad comes up. Enter 4 digit PIN.
    3. Do you want cash back? press NO
    4. Do you want full amount on this card? press NO <<<Note: I pressed YES and did not have a step 5. - PHLisa
    5. Cashier reads something on register, asks how much on this card. $500. They push something to continue.
    6. Swipe card #2. Enter PIN
    7. Repeat 3 to 5. Total: 0.00
    8. Receipt prints. Thank cashier. The end.
    (thanks to Mamibear)

    Q: Can someone else buy a Redbird card for you?
    Yes. When you buy a temp Redbird card at Target, you have to give them your drivers license info, your SSN (can be any set of numbers, does not need to be real), birthdate, and more. Then, you have to register the card online in order to get a permanent card. In the process of registering online, they ask for the birthday of the original buyer on the first screen, but you can put your own and it will still work. Either way, you can still change the details on the following screens. I did this for my wife. I bought the card at Target and used my own drivers license, SSN, etc. But, when I got home, I registered the card to my wife. I cant promise this will work for everyone, but it worked for me.

    Q: Can you reload Serve/Bluebird at Target?

    Q: How do I contact Target's support team to resolve an issue with my RedCard?
    Call Target's Prepaid Resolution Team, their direct telephone number is 800 438 6468 (open from 8AM to 430PM MST).

    Q: Can you have both Redbird and AFT cards?
    You can have both Redbird and AFT since they are independent products.

    Q: I got a "Pending" notice that the registration is being reviewed, what now?
    Add [email protected] to your address book, and check your spam folder for an email about it. You can also call in. They will need images or faxes of:
    Social Security Documentation (must clearly show full 9 digit Social Security Number). Choose 1 of the following options:
    ◦ Social Security Card, OR
    ◦ A Medicare insurance card
    Picture ID
    ◦ A valid driver's license card OR
    ◦ A valid state issued ID OR
    ◦ A valid United States Government ID Card (e.g. Green Card) OR
    ◦ A valid United States Passport (photo page only)

    Secure Document Upload
    Here's the link to upload secure documents to REDcard: https://secure.prepaidredcard.com/User/SecureFileUpload
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    Prepaid REDcard (Target) 2015-2016

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    Originally Posted by jediwho
    What time of the day and which city?
    dc metropolitan area/va

    around 9:00 pm
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    Originally Posted by gauravpgupta
    dc metropolitan area/va

    around 9:00 pm
    Completed Transactions
    OCT 12 2015
    Cash Reload TARGET 001874

    + $500.00
    OCT 12 2015
    Cash Reload TARGET 001874

    + $500.00
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    Originally Posted by gauravpgupta
    Completed Transactions
    OCT 12 2015
    Cash Reload TARGET 001874

    + $500.00
    OCT 12 2015
    Cash Reload TARGET 001874

    + $500.00
    Can you post an image of the paper receipt, instead of the online transaction?
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    Originally Posted by shan23
    Can you post an image of the paper receipt, instead of the online transaction?
    it says "Cash Reload" if you are viewing the transaction history on the online website.
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    Originally Posted by Happy
    I am very skeptical on the EMV speculation because just last week a guy at my Target in front of me on the line was trying to use his EMV enabled Debit Card to either pay or load his regular TGT card. The CSR told him it would not work because the POS "only accept swipe Debit Card at this moment but you can try." The POS refused the swipe. It also rejected the card when inserted to the EMV slot. So the guy wound up left without accomplishing anything. That was only 3 or 4 days ago, the TGT machine rejected EMV debit card and now this EMV thing is being used as an explanation on why the debit card load is failed because it isn't a chip card? No way.

    I would say if it still does not work after another day, this is a redux of May 6th.
    This is correct. I have a chipped debit card and I cannot use it at Target as a debit, only credit. There is something wrong with their system that will not accept it as debit.

    WM will accept it, but WM doesn't make me insert the chip in the reader either. It goes through with just a swipe.
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    Post deleted. Wrong thread.
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    My bro was able to load his RC using a $500 visa gift card at a target in Flushing, New York around 12pm today.


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    Originally Posted by FlashLite
    My bro was able to load his RC using a $500 visa gift card at a target in Flushing around 12pm today.

    On the receipt it says, "Was this trip a treat? Tell us!"

    You better F&%$ing tell them!

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    From the Silver Lining club without any evidence, I am going to sleep tonight telling myself Discover executives begged for mercy to Target. If RedBird dies AND Discover doesn't payout for AP, AND there is not Small Business Saturday...man what a 4th quarter. I'll take up knitting.
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    Originally Posted by FlashLite
    My bro was able to load his RC using a $500 visa gift card at a target in Flushing, New York around 12pm today.

    First photo evidence of life woot.
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    Any of our west coast friends venture out tonight since it'd technically be a new day (by 8 minutes)?
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    Originally Posted by gpen1827
    First photo evidence of life woot.
    Good news, no doubt. We're all hoping it isn't one of the last few breaths of a dying patient....
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    Central California tonight just after 9 pm PDT/midnight EDT. Failed load with an actual debit card. "Target gift cards and third party cards" not allowed on the Guest Service screen after typing in the load amount. After typing PIN and selecting no cash back, the employee's screen says allowed load amount with tender $0.00. The employee went out of her way (more than I expected) and took me to three separate registers, all of which failed. She seemed fairly confident this is a permanent change.

    But you can still load the card with cash, price match a cheese grater to Amazon, and get 5% of with your Prepaid Target Redcard.
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    I think its really funny that people are jumping off of a bridge because of what happened today. Glitches like this happen for RB/BB/Serve all the time. Can people take a deep breath and lets see how it plays out the next few days instead of overreacting and calling Amex and One Vanilla to see what their thoughts are. Sheesh.
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