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MileageAddict Jul 5, 14 9:14 pm

READ BEFORE POSTING IN THIS FORUM - Manufactured Spending Rules and Guidelines
Welcome to Flyertalk and the Manufactured Spending forum! The purpose of the Manufactured Spending forum is to share information. Everyone is welcome to share as much or as little as they wish, so please respect their choice to do so, keeping in mind that the forum is geared toward both new and experienced members. Posted below are a few rules and guidelines that we expect all contributors to this forum to follow.

Question: Who should be posting in the Manufactured Spending Forum?

Answer: All Flyertalk members are welcome and encouraged to post any and all strategies, ideas and promotions pertaining to earning airline miles or points through strategic spending.

Many visit this forum regularly and appreciate the generous efforts taken to share in the opportunity to generate mileage.

New users (newbies) are just as appreciated and valued as established users.

Question: I don't have a MS deal to post but have questions. Should I post my inquiry here?

Answer: Yes. A user posting a question should feel welcomed and expect responses that provide appropriate answers. Prior to posting a question, please take the time to research and search the forum for other posts that may have already addressed the question you want to ask. If you post a query that has already been addressed in a similar thread, your post may be redirected or merged with the other post.

All other users are expected to respond to inquiry posts in a professional, friendly manner. Misinformation post responses meant to confuse other users will be removed immediately.

Question: What should not be posted in the Manufactured Spending Forum?

Answer: Please make sure that what you are posting in this forum is of primary interest to those looking to generate airline mileage through spending strategies.

Advertisement posts with embedded reference links or promoting referral links will be removed and the user banned. Again, use the signature feature for this.

As specified in the FlyerTalk Rules and Guidelines "Posts containing promotional messages for commercial products or services - including but not limited to ... solicitations to donate miles or points are prohibited and will be removed. FlyerTalk is not a marketplace and nothing is to be offered for sale or conditioned on an exchange of money or barter." This policy also includes "free" offers, where no compensation is sought.

Question: What is prohibited in the Manufactured Spending forum?

Answer: Posts containing obscenities, masked obscenities, boorish behavior, trolling activities or insults to other members will be deleted.

Flyertalk is built on a foundation of like-minded individuals supporting and helping each other. We are an established, nearly 20 year old community that expects all of our contributors to be friendly, professional and respectful.

POOR BEHAVIOR IS NOT TOLERATED. Posts not adhering to the expected guidelines will be removed and the offending poster issued a warning. Repeat offenders will have their posting privileges suspended and/or have their account terminated. Insulting or derogatory responses to new users (newbies) is forbidden.

All Flyertalk users are expected to read and abide by the Flyertalk Rules as posted here:

Question: I publish a blog with information that I think would benefit the readers of Manufactured Spending. May I promote it here?

Answer: If you have appropriate information or an article to share with the Manufactured Spending audience, you may post the information in this forum but referral links are prohibited. Postings with a link to your blog will be removed. However, direct blog links without referral links are permitted on your signature line.

Question: What can I do if I need assistance or see an inappropriate post?

Answer: Contact the moderators at any time with questions or concerns. If you posted something here by mistake and meant it to go in another forum, we can move it for you. If you see a spam posting, offensive behavior or a post that needs editing, refrain from responding and please click on the red triangle icon at the bottom of the post that needs moderator attention.

You are welcome to send the moderators a private message anytime. Your MS moderators visit Flyertalk and monitor the Manufactured Spending frequently each day but please be patient and keep in mind that Flyertalk moderators are volunteers and not online 24/7. It may take a few hours or depending on our work schedule and travel, a day or two for us to get back to you.

Thank you for visiting,

Your Manufactured Spending Moderator Team


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