MO Purchases using OV @ WM

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Does not work anymore, is dead..... what is the point to report 'not working'?

As of 08/25/2014, Bancorp cards (Vanilla Visa, OneVanilla, etc.) are rarely working first try for debit transactions at Walmart. There is no apparent geographical basis. Basically, it's a crapshoot.

Do not agitate a cashier or store and lose the ability to make these transactions in the future. Multiple failed swipes or transactions will likely increase scrutiny. You do not want that. It is best to stop using these cards.

Vanilla VISA defaulting to credit
As of 5/29/2014, at most Walmart locations, all Vanilla VISA cards issued by The Bancorp Bank are automatically recognized as credit. Most Mastercard have required a workaround for some time. The MoneyCenter Express (ATM, kiosk, Kate) is not affected by this change.
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Old May 30, 14, 11:02 am
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I was just able to purchase a money order but the OV acted as a MC. I pushed the change payment button and entered my pin.
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Do OVs to BB still work?
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Originally Posted by fMD View Post
Do OVs to BB still work?
No quit now!
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Originally Posted by ericdabbs View Post
Just read the wiki. Its pretty clear when you tell them to enter the amount You do know that OV and VGC are used interchangeably. Replace where it says 'OV' with 'VGC' and voila.
Well I guess my question is does this still apply after the wally's system upgrade do you tell them how much you wanna load first or wait till the end after the pin
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I definitely had this issue yesterday buying a MO at WM in North Texas. Now that I know what's going on, I will try again today with the workaround.
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Old May 30, 14, 11:19 am
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Thanks to all who supported me in this thread. I know few diverted off topic and jumped on me, which is of no use to anyone here. Also, from my point when I created this thread, I was actually not able to get any MO and came home empty handed. That's why I wrote the title like this. Later, we got a workaround for this and why are you guys blaming me still for reporting the issue first here?

Also, I don't know how to change the title of this thread. If any one kind enough to tell me how to do this, I will be happy to change title now.
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In Madison, the old way worked Wednesday and the new way was required Thursday.
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Thanks for sharing everyone.
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Originally Posted by Stoughton View Post
"No more MO Purchases using OV @ WM"

Is not right
to all the 'smart' people:

a. when he posted, there was not a work around. what he posted was his experience- his new experience after having used OV to buy MO previously, but now he got this error/treatment as credit. so the statement was accurate for him (and for many others yesterday).

b. if you read the OP, he is asking a question. the only thing missing was a question mark in the title- so what. anyone reading the OP though, can PLAINLY see he was 1. informing people of something new (that was 100% accurate) and 2. asking if others had the same issue (to see if it was user/cashier error).

c. still lost on everyone somehow is that this sure does appear to be an effort by WM to use IT to hard code to block this form of payment (for those with no memory or experience.... think OD, WG, CVS, HIGC- ring a bell?). that there is a work around, changes little and may just be buying us some time until they find a way to shut the door. HIGC was easier to kill thru IT bc it is the only discover debit.

other than the fact that the title could have used a question mark, there is nothing wrong with the first post in this thread. even without the "?", it's fine.

given my usual critical stance on newbs who are clueless and lazy, i'm obviously no defender- usually. but even before his finding was validated, i posted in his defense early on because it was obvious what he was saying, obvious it WAS something new, and the arrogant clique here was in overdrive.

further, a lot of this group who blindly attacked him are little more than newbs themselves- self appointed gurus of MS who have been around such a short time that they don't know enough to understand that things turn on a dime in MS. the same group mocked the first posts reporting the demise of VR @ CVS. remember?

ANYONE paying attention knows it is WM policy NOT to take "gift cards" for loads, MO, BP- AT LEAST on a regional level, and probably storewide (unconfirmed, but likely imo). the fact that we can still do it is related to workers not knowing policy/social engineering, and now a work around- that's all. just like when some of us could still buy VR at walgreens after policy changed- then walgreens hard coded and it was 100% dead. if you think WM won't change their IT to block this avenue, you're dreaming of rainbows and unicorns.
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Originally Posted by Stoughton View Post
This thread should just be locked and allowed to fade away. All that matters is the listing of new steps.
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Originally Posted by kingrat View Post
I agree but some idiot will keep it going... lol
seriously, what is with you guys? this is like some bad frat house movie.

all you're doing is revealing that you're inexperienced in MS, arrogant and naive.

read my longer post a couple up. if you don't understand/agree with it... sorry, you're a newb too then. you guys act like nothing can change. you also talk as if you don't understand the problem, the patriot act, WMT's requirements to comply, etc. one of many simple facts here is that what we do looks an awful lot like what criminals do. you think their internal #'s didn't explode since these became pin-abled? you think it's no concern? you think this is some cash cow for them? whatever share they get of moneygrams .40-.69 fee, plus 1 swipe fee per $500? for something that looks shady and is wrought with fraud?

yeah, can't imagine why anyone would think that they're actively working on an IT solution to shut down buying a cash instrument with an anonymous GC...

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Old May 30, 14, 12:37 pm
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I had the same issue at walmart today. OV's were recognized as credit. Have to go again and give it a shot
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TL;DR version - There is photographic evidence in this thread Wallymart IT is working on hardcoding the registers to cash/real debit only. When Wally IT is done, game over just like with [email protected], HIGC, OD, etc.
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Originally Posted by uncommonsensical View Post
to all the 'smart' people:

a. when he posted, there was not a work around.
Wrong! There was a work around. He was just not aware of it.
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This workaround has been required for anything but Visa-branded cards since the dawn of time.
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