Trouble paying Bills with BlueBird

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Trouble paying Bills with BlueBird

Works fine for me (website). When I select a payee it does not display it completely but during the Review it shows fine.

All payments arrive as expected ( last one was over 1200.00 )
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target to zero

Just prior to having the problem I used both cards at Target, and brought the account balances to exactly Zero. Maybe I won't do that again. I then added $1,000.
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Glad I found this thread as I was having all sorts of troubles paying a bill. Got rid of periods. Also for PO BOX I used a number 0 instead of letter O. Hopefully that will do the trick.
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Originally Posted by ashap View Post
Check the bluebird thread. Could be a "'" or a "0" in the nickname causing a problem.
How silly. I changed the digit 0 to the letters oh in the nickname, and everything worked. The nickname Edit function does not accept the numeral 0. I use the last 4 digits of the card in my nicknames and about 1/3 of my cards have a zero somewhere in those digits.
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First Payment Works; then stops working

I've been using Bluebird with Google Chrome and making payments through there. No problems at all doing one bill payment - goes all the way through to the confirmation screen. But if I try to pay a 2nd bill in the same session the REVIEW button (2nd to last screen) doesn't do anything when clicked. If I log out and back in I can get past that screen but then the SUBMIT button (last screen) doesn't work. I can use the iPhone app without any issues but it's just more work as I manually record the confirmation number into my money management software instead of cutting and pasting from the browser.
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I haven't been able to use the website for payments since last year. I have switched to making them via the mobile app and everything works fine.
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I tried paying a bill using BB about a week and a half ago. The payment never made it to its destination. I had to dispute the charge with BB. I'll update to let you guys know if I see that money ever again.
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I think there is a large ongoing issue with Bluebird Billpay.

I have a new account (opened about a week ago) and I have added all my CC accounts to billpay without problems. I have also successfully payed two CC bills this way. I also wanted to add my landlord, so I could pay rent via BB. Every time I try that, it tells me they are having "technical difficulties" and gives me a number to call. I called and the guy on the other end told me they have a trouble ticket open for weeks and it is being worked on. He also suggested I tried mobile bill pay, which for me failed in the same way.

As all of the payments that work for me are for large companies (banks mainly) and they happen via ACH, I have a feeling that non-ACH (i.e. check) billpay is broken. They have intentionally disabled adding of new non-ACH payees because of that.

For those of you who have issues, what kind of bill are you trying to pay? Who is the payee?
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I've paid my garbage hauler non-ACH, went off without a hitch. But I have had problems getting payees entered. Once I enter a payee and try to pay, it hangs and I end up having to go back to the main page. I had to edit the payee and re-enter the zip+4. It seems like that got messed up somehow. Once I did that I could bill pay no problem.
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the other way around, got rid of last 4 digits and it went through
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Anyone having trouble using bill pay this fine east coast morning?
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