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So I tried to use my permanent ATM card to withdraw the $100 from a MoneyPass ATM yesterday. The transaction kept getting declined.

I called up again the same # intent on asking him why this was. I got sidetracked however discussing the whole scenario again as to why the card was suspended.

The guy looked around my account and said something about a card opened in February. I said I didn't have any other GD cards, and asked what the last 4 #s were. He read them off and they were my GoBank card. I said "yes, I have a GB account, but that is a BANK account, not a pre-paid card."

He then told me that he was going to investigate further and call me back by end of day.

In the meantime, I was able to liquidate the $100 via AP.

Sure enough, 30 minutes ago he called back. He didn't tell me that much more than previous, but the following was made pretty clear:

- My card was shut down for "unusual cash load activity" he stated that this would be across "all GreenDot cards"

- He seemed to say that the account notes pointed out that it was *because* of the load activity on my GB card.

- He said that their department doesn't have access to the GoBank activity, so he can't say anything more about it.

- He said that I would be unable to open another Walmart card in the future. But, likely he meant any GD card.

They way he talked...saying that all cards are GD cards (including GB) and activity is tracked across all of them, sounded like my GB account should be shut down too.

I probably was stupid to have pressed as much as I did, although honestly if they shut down my WM card because of my GB activity, then they are quite aware of my GB activity. As of now, my GB account is fine (I had loaded about $1000 on it since my WM card was supposedly shut down). I can only hope that there isn't some pending alert on my GB account just waiting for a manual review and then a shutdown.

I am pretty easy on my GB...about $3K a month...I might take it even easier for a while so as not to risk it.
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I loaded $494 onto a temp card and tried to register the card online. The website said they couldn't verify my information. The phone rep told me the same thing. I recently got closed by GoBank so I guess this whole exercise was stupid on my part. Little surprised I couldn't even get past the information verification phase. It appears you can sign up for a card for free on their website.

Hopefully I'll be able to get rid of the balance on this temp card without issue.
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Originally Posted by jedge View Post
It appears you can sign up for a card for free on their website.
Preferred version is only available in store.
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