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ChrisFlyer66 Nov 2, 11 10:50 pm

Originally Posted by Happy (Post 16829538)
Why would you think Chase not charge you? You are not using a Chase card at Chase network.

You will be charged by Chase for using its ATM with a card NOT from Chase.

Your Chase bank account's ATM card will be free at Chase ATM. Every thing else would be subject to $3 fee a pop. You can test it out by using a Non Chase ATM card to try - the screen should display a message to warn you the transaction would cost you X amount of fee. Do you still want to continue? You can then abort the transaction and not being charge the fee, nor withdraw any money.

The above scenario should apply to 99% of any bank's ATMs.

Yep, finding no-fee ATM's seems like an almost impossible challenge.

blase Nov 3, 11 12:51 am

Originally Posted by jake66 (Post 17381845)
Yep, finding no-fee ATM's seems like an almost impossible challenge.

I even found an ATM at a credit union up the street from me that was supposed to be no fee, checked it out and there was a $2 fee. The other kicker? $20 withdrawal, max. Ha!

Frenchie Flyer Nov 6, 11 12:12 pm

Blase, are they still allowing reload with credit cards?

vacaloca Nov 30, 11 10:59 am

Originally Posted by Frenchie Flyer (Post 17401669)
are they still allowing reload with credit cards?

In store only, up to $1k load after initial max $500 load.

A nice surprise today... there is a $10 Target gift card coupon with $50 purchase floating around (non-unique) that expires 12/3. I will only say it works to reload. Not sure if it works to buy. Register allows it... whether your cashier does is YMMV. Good luck!

PS: I double dipped and got 4 $5 LEGO gift cards with the giftcards after the 2 reloads, ha!

Cincycaddy Jan 5, 12 9:01 am

Wish the reload and atm fees weren't so high. I'm interesting in using this to meet minimum spend requirement on AMX Delta Reserve Card to pay my mortgage.

cfuss Nov 2, 12 5:13 am

Target prepaid
Blogger was talking about this prepaid amex, which can be loaded by cc, and withdrawn by atm.

Any experiences?

eddielam Nov 2, 12 6:49 am

Yep, you can get reloaded at Target. Only credit card reload and no prepaid card reload.

$3 loads at Target
$3 ATM withdrawals
1 Free ATM withdrawal per month

Stoughton Nov 2, 12 9:30 am

Originally Posted by agent0068 (Post 19610749)
they're not available in my state. anyone know if i were to get one in a state where they are available, will i be able to reload it in a target closer to home?

Supposedly once you have the card, it can be reloaded at any Target. IIRC, I read that on the FTG

mshah Nov 2, 12 9:36 am

Do you really need a new thread to just ask this? Could have just searched !

Now wait for blogger to spot this and write a blog to spoon feed you!

cfuss Nov 2, 12 9:43 am

Originally Posted by mshah (Post 19610812)
Do you really need a new thread to just ask this? Could have just searched !

Bloggers found it... That is where i read it, but it was non descript. Im on here daily and i haven't seen or noticed this thread yet... Pls merge or delete and ill just rely on that other thread


DaveInLA Nov 5, 12 7:45 pm

Target AMEX
I'm surprised there's no discussion about this. FM wrote about it 5-6 days ago, and while it's pretty clear that it's not nearly as good as the BB/VR deal, it's still not too bad nonetheless. I made a $500 purchase with my Citi HH Visa to meet spend, and I just noticed that this Target is billed as a "grocery store". That means 6% cash for AMEX BCP and 6x for AMEX HH. Best of all, there's no limiting factor such as bean supplies. Is nobody else interested in discussing this?

IRISHMPK67 Nov 5, 12 7:59 pm

I think it will be a nice addition to the tool box. Being able to load with a credit card is valuable to help meet spend requirements, so for that alone it is helpful. Also helpful to consolidate multiple smaller visa/ mc or Amex gift cards into one usable card. Load and balance limits inhibit this card, but still a good card to add to the mix. Just got my 2nd card which is the max for this card. Just to answer the question before it is asked, Target gift cards can no longer be used to load this card.

DaveInLA Nov 5, 12 8:06 pm

Have you gotten your permanent card? FM reports it can take a few weeks from the time you signed up at the store to get the permanent card. Did yours take that long? And once that happens, are the funds from the original load on the temporary card automatically transferred to the permanent card?

The other major limitation of this card vs BB is the lack of Bill Pay. That is HUGE.

amolkold Nov 5, 12 8:13 pm

I think you can also load these with Amex GCs that you can get off BC, though the grocery angle is interesting. I have the free Amex Blue Cash (3%) and Flexperks (2x points = 3.3-4%). Wonder if everything at Target/Wally counts as bonus.

IRISHMPK67 Nov 5, 12 8:21 pm

Bought the temp last week and got my pin in the mail today which means they verified my ID. I should get the perm card any day now. Wrong to compare to bluebird. No comparison, good for other purposes though!

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