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Kettering Northants QC Aug 27, 07 1:18 am

I could have sworn it was operating as The Peninsula (before becoming The Regent) until the early 90s. My copy of the LHW featuring the hotel was picked up at the Oriental in SIN on my first visit in 91. Oh well it looks like the mystery is pretty much solved :D

HUGE AL Aug 27, 07 4:23 pm

Originally Posted by francophile (Post 8276406)
Your observation is a common of Asians. If you go to the CX board, do a search on "caucasians" and you will find some threads regarding Asians receiving less than stellar service.

This may very well be the case, however, being that I grew up extremely Americanized (my second language is German, my third is French), I take a stronger offense to it and am never afraid to point it out as my money is just as green as anyone else's. Give me great service and you'll see the ridiculous gratuity I'm famous for... :)

Originally Posted by ACfly (Post 8277632)
Can somebody explain to me why this is the case? Why would one race treat the same race in an inferior way? I don't understand?

The best place to understand this is the NY Times Bestseller: The Asian Mystique

jhm Aug 28, 07 5:35 am

Can I ask which of the Pen and the Oriental has a better concierge ?

I have one night in Bangkok this coming Saturday. I've booked a balcony room at the Pen. I've visted Bangkok twice before (both last year) and stayed at the Shangri-La and an i.sawan spa cottage at the Hyatt.

I didn't venture out in either case - the former because I was knackered (after a lot of flights in the middle of a fortnight's RTW) and the latter because I was busy enjoying various spa treatments. This time, I want to see what Bangkok has to offer.

So I e-mailed the Pen yesterday night to ask about airport transfers and also a suggestion for a restaurant and a bar/club for dinner (Thai), music (modern) and drinks. I mentioned that I'm fairly well travelled - living in London and having visted, for example, Singapore, HK, Shanghai, Tokyo, New York, Paris, KL and lots of other places over the past 12 months - so I'm basically looking to be impressed by what Bangkok has to offer which is unique.

This morning, I receive responses from two different people about the same thing. The airport transfer price quoted in one was wrong.

One person suggested the Bed Supper Club on Sukhumvit soi 11 and directed me to the website. Having had a Google, it seems that this place is at least 5 years old and not cutting edge anymore.

The other suggested I try the DOME complex and said that it's "Bnagkok most highest drinking and dining" with two options available - the Sky Bar and Sirocco restaurant. Having a look myself, it seems that this is wrong (the Banyan Tree bar is apparently higher) and Sirocco does Mediterranean food which wasn't what I asked for. I replied and have now got a suggestion for Sala Rimnam for a Thai set menu and a Thai classical dance performance (which again isn't what I want).

I can't say that I'm too impressed with the performance of the concierge staff so far at the Pen! Or are my expectations too high and/or my request unrealistic ?!?

Kettering Northants QC Aug 28, 07 9:11 am

We only went for drinks but Mrs Northants JP and I much preferred the Dome over Scirrocco.

The difference in height I think is fairly small and unnoticable.

We found it much more pleasant to sit outside at The Dome. The night we went to Scirroco was very steamy - literally so - you're on the top of the hotel by the vents and a lot of steam seemed to be blowing around.

The Dome is also much closer and within walking distance of the Pen, being about 5 minutes walk from the Peninsula Pier next door to the Shangri La and about 10 minutes walk from the Oriental.

planecrashlaw Aug 28, 07 9:33 am

We stayed at both properties a couple weeks ago. I think the only negative we found at the Pen was the concierge staff. They seemed cold and somewhat hesitant to help. The one time we did use them for dining resulted in an average meal at a rather run down place. We had to press them for directions, and had to request that they produce a map with a drawn routes. It felt like we were dealing more with a front desk rather than a concierge.

I'm just wondering if the layout of the concierge desk has something to do with things. They are directly outside the guest elevator lobby and are the first desk that you come to on your way out. The front desk, OTOH, is hidden off to the side, and since you do not check in there, most guests probably do not see it till check-out. I'm just speculating that they get lots of general hotel questions that might be directed to front desl staff at other properties--and thus are more generalists than most other concierge staff, rather than true experts on the city. That could explain their somewhat detached attitude.

In any event, we found the Oriental concierge to be warm and friendly--as we expected. The maps and directions came out without asking, again as expected.

The nod goes to the Oriental in this area.

doc cray Sep 2, 07 2:47 am

We Prefer Olderstyle
Hi Stevenshev, all of the above posts have excellent posts. Pen has view, pool, buffet. MO has class and style, but most of all olderstyle guests. My girlfriend and I opt for these people every time now. Olderstyle guests have manners, decorum and manners. If you take a poll of FTers you will see I am in the majority. Put your parents at the MO, they will love it. Doccray

ngfan Sep 2, 07 6:15 am

I agree that MO has more "older style people" than the Pen but I was unpleasantly surprised last year when I saw so many unmannered guests (old and young) at the MO. So older style doesn't automatically mean "best mannered".

I stayed at both the Pen (again) and the Met (first time) last week. As a repeat guest to BKK I now prefer the Met with "younger style people with good manners" and a modern design approach over every other hotel there. For a first timer the Pen would still be my favourite though.

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