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New Aman, Azerai, GHM & Ahn Lu Resorts - original 2020 Edition

New Aman, Azerai, GHM & Ahn Lu Resorts - original 2020 Edition

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New Aman, JANU, Azerai, GHM & Ahn Lu Resorts - original 2020 Edition

2020 edition of the original thread, started by deer in 2008

Every rumor and every finding about future openings of new resorts in one of the brands founded by legendary hotelier and Aman-founder Adrian Zecha.

The main part of the thread is about upcoming Aman resorts: the brand, under which Zecha invented the highly personalized luxury resort concept 30 years ago, taken over from Zecha by russian entrepreneur Vladislav Doronin in 2015. Furthermore we discuss future openings of GHM, founded by Zecha as well, but now he and longtime partner Hans Jenni are rumordly out. Ahn Luh is a chinese luxury chain which is advised by Zecha, and Azerai is Adrian Zechas own new brand, which he categorizes as "affordable luxury". And we added one more column, where we show rumors about Doronins reaction to Zechas Azerai, kind of an Aman discount-brand called JANU.

This yearly thread continues the discussions of the recent ones. In the threadstarter, every news and rumor is collected, keeping the whole list constantly up-to-date, from very old rumors to the newest. Please contribute and comment every rumor you snap!



- Aman New York on 5th Avenue opposite of Trump Tower, as written by New York Post found by VOSS http://nypost.com/2016/05/31/luxe-sh...rown-building/, early, mentioned here in this thread from 2015. Now officialy advertised with a teaser from Aman: https://www.aman.com/resorts/aman-new-york Opening 2020, featuring a 25 Meter Pool, which is a great thing for a central New York hotel.

- Aman Nai Lert, Bangkok, Thailand, postponed to 2022, but now officially announced in an aman-email. Developed by a real estate company with the same name. Likely to be located in ultrasmall Nai Lert Park in the Erawan shopping area, next to a monstrous former-Swissotel-soon-to-be-wellness-hospital-building. https://www.nationthailand.com/property/30376029

- Amanrica (hopefully not "Aman Costa Rica"...): as rumored in this New Aman thread from 2011 on, finally it manifests itself as real, as Aman is already teasing it (https://www.aman.com/resorts/costa-rica) on their own website, and the developer (http://amancostarica.com) as well. It's on a yet unspoiled pacific coastline, but sadly other resorts will be developed nearby as well. I heard rumors about maybe 2021opening. Flyingdoctorwu found the following article with formerly some good details https://travelsort.com/aman-costa-rica/ - but they deleted some of them, clarifying in an Feb 2019 update, that construction has not started yet.

- Amanvari, Baja California, Mexico, announced to open 2020 but most likely opening later. Just announced on a cocktail party in San Francisco (attended and posted by Larkin). It's outside of Cabo on the Sea of Cortes, and Aman is already posting it on the website: https://www.aman.com/resorts/amanvari

- Amanalula, Saudi Arabia, three resorts in the desert, opening announced for 2023. Together with the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU), Aman will develop three distinct resorts of architectural excellence in North West Saudi Arabia, in AlUla, a place of very special natural and human heritage. Contracts signed by Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Culture and Aman-CEO Doronin, marking the brand’s first entry in the region. First spotted by @chinmoylad.

- Aman Niseko, in a northern Japanese ski region, rumored first by Gallivanters, by Aventine and calledmetop (and by 5khours under the name Aman Mt. Moiwa). Now officially announced by Aman for the year 2023. Design looks great https://www.aman.com/resorts/aman-niseko, but sadly it is again part of a development with three additional hotels, shopping and restaurants, and not a purely remote thing like the original Amanresorts...

- Amanmiami, Miami, USA. Doronin looking out for location, saying in an interview with Bangkok Post: "My real estate company, Oko Group, is headquartered in Miami where we are developing several luxury residential towers, so we know the city very well. Miami has become increasingly sophisticated and and an Aman would fit well in this gateway city" https://www.bangkokpost.com/business.../lap-of-luxury. In his last interview he is aiming towards a 2023 opening. https://www.barrons.com/articles/20-...in-01580749299


- Aman Mykonos, Greece, where also a Four Seasons is in the making. Rumored by a Philippe Servais on Twitter.

- Aman Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA, also rumored by Servais.

- Aman Canouan at the tiny southern Caribbean Island of Canouan, which is famous for its pink sand beaches. It is part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Currently, Canouan is only hosting a Mandarin Oriental, with a Soho House and the Aman supposedly following up.

- Aman London, early planning, no site yet according to GK1998, mentioned again by FT in 2015 in Doronins urban-resort-context and repeated in his Bangkok Post interview

- Aman Paris, as mentioned on Aman investor Doronins website for a short time (and then quoted by Bloomberg here http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-1...lder-spat.html, repeated in his Bangkok Post interview)

- Aman Singapore, as mentioned on Doronins website and repeated in his Bangkok Post interview

- Aman Hong Kong, as mentioned on Doronins website and repeated in his Bangkok Post interview

Up to 4 Aman in Portugal:
- Aman in Aljento Region, "could join soon" according to Ex-Aman-CEO Jolivet
- "Aman in Douro Valley" (UNESCO world heritage site, famous for its wine), architect JM Gathy according to GG, but according to vuittonsofstyle Aman pulled out.
- Aman Porto: According to Gallivanter's Guide, there could be another one in Porto by architect Kerry Hill, but this was not confirmed by my Aman-source. 4 your eyes only brought it up again in 2014.

Up to 6 Aman in Gabon, West Africa:
- A resort with 20 luxury tents to the south of the Loango National Park
- A hotel with 30 villas on the Phare de Ngombe site in the Pongara National Park just outside of Libreville
- A hotel with 30 suites in Libreville
- A hotel with 30 suites in the Lop National Park
- A hotel with 30 villas on the Kongou Falls site in the Ivindo National Park and a resort with 10 tents on the Langou site in the same park
- A resort with 15 tents in the Batk Plateaux National Park
First spotted by Gallivanter's Guide and paul2, there were offical reports of the signing ceremony with government: legabon.org -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbsplegabon Resources and Information.. But nothing heard for a long time, only "still on the drawing board" according to Jolivet

Up to 6 new Aman in India, according to The Hindu Times (spotted by Gallivanters here http://www.thehindu.com/business/Ind...e8991259.ece):
- New Delhi
- Mumbai are definitely our target cities for setting up new properties as well as
- Rajasthan will have one more resort
- Chennai
- Bengaluru
- north east of Kolkata

Up to 3 more Aman in Morocco:
- Aman in Essaouira - Gallivanter was twittering about Aman buying a Riad & connecting house in the costal town of Essaouira - and yes, they have! But did not start working on it. Sadly - because in combination with Amanjena it would be great having an Aman Beach Resort here!
- Aman in Morocco's Mountains - Gallivanter is reporting, that they are also looking for a property in the mountains, which would als make much sense regarding the boring location of Amanjena.
- Aman in Morocco's desert": According to FlyingDoctorwu, Amanjena GM Nicholas was scouting spots for a tented camp in the desert

- Aman in Seoul, Korea, mentioned by seiknujnama and by Gallivanter's

- Amanoca close to Angra dos Reis, 2,5 hours from Rio de Janeiro. JM Gathy from Denniston will be designing. Only 20 room resort plus private villas for sale, on 70 acres of land including beach and marina. http://www.atlasholdingsintl.com/pro...zil/brazil.php
First spotted by Air Junkie. Opening postponed from late 2013 according to GK1998 - seems like it completely lost traction...

- A project combining a tented camp in the Galapagos with a hotel in Ecuadors Quito would also be desirable, according to Jolivet Interview

- Aman Bora Bora (Tahiti) relaunch, on bigger grounds than before. seiknujnama belives that renovations start soon for a reopening, GK1998 says "on hold".

- Aman near Vancouver at Jervis Lake, first rumored by Gallivanter's Twittering, now facts found by luxury: http://www.jervisinlet.ca/amanproperty.html

- Amanoman in Shuwaimiya, Oman. Spotted by Kage, Zecha being down in Kuwait, discussing with United Real Estate Company about managing their eco resort project.

- Aman Napa Valley, as rumored by ngfan and now in 2015 brought up closer by pricesquire, as a "3-house-resort", unclear wether its 3 different locations or 3 buildings nearby.

- Aman Rwanda, as found by Ericka and by Gallivanters Twitter: rwandaeye.comHopefully this Aman will never become reality, since Ruanda is anti-democratic and puts people in jail for their sexual orientations.

Up to 2 more Aman in Mexico
- Amanseramai in Loreto.
- Aman in Riviera Maya, opening unknown (Source: Gallivanter Guide).

- "Several" new Amanresorts in Sri Lanka, including Colombo and Anuradhapura.

Up to 3 more Aman in China:
- Aman in Diqin area northwest of Zhongdian, Yunnan Province, China, according to seiknujnama already started construction opening in 2015
- Aman in Dali, also Yunnan Province in Burma direction - a city, famous for marble and a huge lake. First mentonied by Gallivanter's Guide.
- Aman in Huangshan , Anhui, as reported by bearbrick in this thread.

3 Aman in Brazil, according to paul2, starting with:
- Aman at Alagoas, a spectacular site on the north east of Brazil, mentonied by paul2. Actual status: postponed.
- Aman at the Amazon. Told by Zecha in interview in 2008 (found by Kagehitokiri). Status: Pre-development.
- Aman at Pantanal (first mentioned by paul2). Status: Pre-development.

Up to 3 potential Amanresorts in Malaysia:
- Amancrag atop of Penang Hill (800 meters) at Penang Island, Malaysia. Spotted first by south_sea99, it will be the conversion of an old colonial hotel into a 20 villa Amanresort, most likely with quite spectacular bungalow design. Planned opening in 2014, then some bureaucratic problems...
- Aman in Pulau Besar, North Malaysia, on the Island of an inland lake - long time nothing heard.

- Amanresorts at Chile, Argentina and Ecuador, according to Adrian Zecha in http://goo.gl/qyx1U

- Aman on Banda Island, Indonesia, as reported by Groombridge: "A 20-room renovation of an existing colonial era building on the remote island of Banda Niera (one of the nutmeg islands). The building is at the opposite end of the town from the ocean, abutting the woods." Also mentioned by Zecha in http://goo.gl/qyx1U.

- Aman Gcek, Turkey (Architect Kerry Hill), rumored to me by an Aman manager, first specified by paul2.

- Aman development in Burma, as reported by Andrew Harper.

- Aman Sidney at Goldfields House project on Circular Quay, with Kerry Hill as architect. Aman is "mooted" for it, according to Gallivanter's twittering.

- Aman in Mozambique, East Africa, happening according to Gallivanter's twittering.

- Aman in Tanzania, East Africa, according to kalihikai.

- Aman in South Africa, first called by vuittonsofstyle. kalihikai added, that Aman already bought land and startet development.

- Aman in San Marino, according to this article Informasi Seputar Sepak Bola - Berita Bola found by Trickster10.

- Aman in Cyprus - in or around the formerly legendary and now haunted Verengaria Hotel in the Troodos Mountains, as rumored on flyertalk by namaguide with possible opening date 2013

- Aman in the Peru mountains near Cusco - 3400 meter high, found by Paul2.

- Amanmara in Kenya, spotted by Paul2.

- Amanresort at Sukarta, Indonesia. One good hour from Yogyakarta and a little more from Amanjiwo. According to user Sundarma, construction should have begun in spring 2010, so an opening should have been expected around 2013...

- Dubai Aman near the Airport - "a unique lifestyle resort at DWTC's Dubai Trade Centre District" (DWTC announced crafting Lifestyle resort - PropDubai.com). Sounds disgusting!

- Aman on Grand Bahama Island, designed by good old Jean-Michel Gathy, according to AirJunkie.

- Aman in Bovina in US State of New York, spotted by bearbrick.

- Aman in Hawaii - paul2 rumors, that ex-Amanusa-GM Monty Brown is developing something there... But vuittonsofstyle later wrote, that Monty retired, so most probably there will only be a GHM in Hawaii.

Up to 2 Aman in Mexico
- Amanseramai in Loreto, Mexico.
- Aman in Riviera Maya, Mexico, opening unknown (Source: Gallivanter Guide).

Up to 3 Aman in Jordan, bad outlook because of war in region
- Amanbadu in Dibeen, Jordan, which is close to Jerash, "an amazing Roman city" according to vuittonsofstyle, opening in "an ecologically sensitive forested site", managed by John Vasatka & Tania Rydon who already left Amanyara for it, according to paul2. Then rumored to be delayed due to problems, then back on track with Ian White as opening GM according to Gallivanter's 2014 rumoring. Some design draft spotted by Kage in Kerry Hill Book: http://ww3.sinaimg.cn/large/64943757jw1e2xka0uqhdj.jpg On hold because of war in region.
- Aman in Wadi Rum Desert
- Aman in Amman

- Very, very speculative rumors about Amanresorts in St Petersburg, Bermuda, Maui, Kenia, Cuba, Los Angeles and Aspen on flyertalk.


- Amankila Villas

- Amanwana Villa-Tents


- Amanduna in Comporta, Portugal, opening was hoped for 2014/2015 (Gallivanters), but according to DonJ the land was sold in 2019 to an "Amorim family" & some "Vanguard properties", opening a club.

- Aman at Desaru Coast, not far from Singapore on the south-east - Investor passed it to One&Only
- Amankea in Greece: Investor passed it to One&Only
- Aman in Cavtat, Croatia - frozen/cancelled according to black duck and vuittonsofstyle many rumors, most likely new Aman owner Doronin did not like the design
- Aman in Perth, Western Australia - project went to Como as "COMO The Treasury"
- Aman Pearl Island in Panama, part of a huge development project at Pearl Island, instead of Aman they will do some RC Reserve stuff and so on...
- Amancaya in Norman's Cay, Carribean
- Aman Nevis - cancelled because of "differences in opinion", apparently between Government and Aman...
- Bangkok at Firehouse near The Oriental
- Nepal
- Fiji, opened as http://www.yaukuve.com
- Amanmila in Greece.
- Malibu Resort & Spa in California.
- Shanghai, Ex-British Embassy at Bund 33 - will now be a State Guest House managed by Peninsula...
- Aman Estero Santa Barbara in Mexico, Baja Californica near Mulege, 600 km south of Tijuana.
- Sicily
- Aman Palau (either on the site of a former Nikko Hotel on one of the Palau Islets, or on Kayangel Island)

Voronins cheaper brand called JANU by Aman, seemingly something like Chedi in former Zeche times, with contemporary design and higher room count. Website launched under https://www.januhotels.com, generic-pic-posting Insta account https://www.instagram.com/januhotels/.


- JANU Sveti Stefan, Montenegro (first spotted by SanDiego1K . Now in design phase, so it will be opening in 2022 earliest:

- JANU Tokyo

- JANU Al Ula, Saudi Arabia


- JANU Rosa Alpina, Italy .First brought up by Epicura , Aman is investing in the Rosa Alpina hotel in Alta Badia, Dolomites: https://www.ff-bz.com/weitere-themen...ber-leser.html, https://www.journaldespalaces.com/en...tant-Chef.html
As the hotel hardware is not up to Aman standards, my speculation would be that it will be flagged JANU.


Currently 2 in Vietnam. "Azerai will open a new property every six months within the next 2 years" says Adrian Zecha in a Monocle Interview spotted by ngfan. In an interview in April 2019, he is talking about a pipeline of "nine signed projects": HOTELSMag.com

- Azerai Ke Ga Bay: Opening April 1 2020, it is former positively rated Princess D'An Nam Resor https://www.slh.com/hotels/princess-d-an-nam-resort-and-spa, now being azeraiisized through renovations and training. So its the first Beachazerai, 45 min. from Phan Thiet and 4 hours by car from Ho Chi Minh City. https://www.tui.com/hotels/azerai-ke...elinformation/

- Azerai Havana, Cuba. Gallivanter's twitter rumoring that Zecha already has a GM working there.

- Azerai in South America "in three years time" according to the Monocle Interview.

- A possible Zecha-Gathy-property in North Napa, California, USA, according to Kagehitokiri and also mentioned in the HotelsMag Interview quoted above:
chance of a zecha / gathy property - north of napa CA


- Azerai in Bagan, Myanmar, cancelled by AZ for political reasons concerning the situation of the Rohingya according to the Monocle Interview.


- The Chedi, Mumbai, India - opening "2018", a 316-guestroom-highrise-moloch (way to large for a high service GHM hotel...). http://www.luxurytraveladvisor.com/i...nd-india-17787

2 hotels in the Arabian Emirate of Sharjah:
- Al Bait Sharjah, UAE. A 54 room hotel (brillant!) in a hotel development zone in the heart of Sharjah, now announced for 1. September 2018 (http://www.hoteliermiddleeast.com/29...-2017-opening/). http://www.hospitalitynet.org/news/4060184.html, http://www.boutiquehotelnews.com/hom.../#.UsR3ZnmHZd1

- The Chedi Khorfakkan, Sharjah, UAE. A 100-suite resort on a mountain beside a private cove on Sharjahs east coast, overlooking the Indian Ocean. 130,000 square metres, including buildings called The Fort, The Hilltown and the Town Square. Announced for 2018.

- Chedi Tomakomai in Hokkaido, on the northern Japanese Peninsula: http://www.traveldailymedia.com/1416...i-in-hokkaido/.
First spotted by Kagehitokiri, confirmed by GHM vice president Clement Koh, scheduled for a 2017 opening with 60 fireplaced rooms and 40 private villas, a large spa including open-air hot springs, a health club, indoor and outdoor pools, a library, lounge, wine cellar and a 30-table gourmet restaurant. Designed by marvellous architect Tadao Ando.

- Chedi Ninghai, Zhejiang, China, scheduled for 2017

- Chedi Dhapparu, Maldives. A 130-unit-project (sic!), located on a a 55-hectare large, crescent-shaped atoll near the very small Hanimadhoo International Airport, now scheduled for 2018 and designed by the Nam-Hai-guys from AW2, Paris: GHM wades into Maldives with The Chedi Dhapparu – Maldives Insider

- Chedi, Tamouda Bay, Morocco (near Tetouan on the northeastern top of Morroco next to the Mediterranean, but more than 500 km from Amanjena...). On the beach. According to Gallivanter's Guide it is conceived by Escape Architecture, with 116 Suites and 2 Royal Suites. Once rumored opening 2015, now timed for 2018.

2 Hotels in Zhudong, Hsinchu, Taiwan - first spotted by KrazeeJoe, now all scheduled for 2020:
- The Chedi Zudong, 90 suites with mountain views and 50 meter pool
- The Chedi Club Zudong, 25 villas on vintage point (oh yeah!)


- Chedi at Kilada Hills, Greece - part of Porto Heli development next to Amanzoe. Once Scheduled for 2010, then disappeared, now back on map: Home Dolphin Capital Investors Real Estate Investment

- GHM in Kona, Hawaii. Architect Tadao Ando working on a GHM property there: http://www.hospitalitynet.org/news/4054659.html, first found by Kagehitokiri.

- The Chedi Club Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Far away from the city, but near to airport and Formula 1-track. A mix of residential development and a boutique hotel. Bound to open in 2014.

- The Chedi, Cairo

- The Chedi, Jordan

- The Chedi Tapei, Taiwan, in a suburb next to National Museum - some years ago planned to be completed in 2013. First spotted by instyleprincess.

- The Chedi Club (25 villas), The Chedi Hotel (92 rooms) and The Serai (surely no more...) Hotel (200 rooms) in HsinChu area, Taiwan. First spotted by KrazeeJoe, and expected to take at least 7 years to complete:

- The Ananti Club, Seoul

- GHM development in Burma, as reported by Andrew Harper.

- The Malkai in Barka (near Muscat), Oman, supposed to be opening end-2010 but not opened yet, as an "exclusive community, the development will comprise of 101 four-bedroom villas and 92 two-bedroom suites, as well as a boutique hotel offering 41 luxury suites.", allegedly managed by GHM (http://www.themalkai.com. 3 km from the beach, but with possible beach club access.

- The Artai in Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road next to the Emirates Towers, designed by Denniston. Next to the Dubai World Trade Centre, The Artai Hotel Tower will comprise 150 one and two-bedroom hotel apartments, while The Artai Apartment Tower will feature 250 luxury one and two-bedroom serviced apartments and four restaurants, plus spa and health club.

- "The Tanai" on Turks & Caicos next to fantastic Amanyara, The Tanai on Turks & Caicos next to great Amanyara, with 60 hotel rooms and 30 residences, opening 2009 (har, har!), see also: Gallivanter's Guide & http://www.tcweeklynews.com/default....lynews&he=.com)

- Chedi Corfu - found by vuittonsofstyle, http://www.aw2.net/projects-escape.p...cts&idpr=corfu

- KraljiΓ„ ina PlaΓ… Ύa Hotel at traditional coastline holiday resort Sveti Stefan, Montenegro - an old hotel destructed and newly built, 2010 planned opening, next to Aman Sveti Stefan - no building activity yet, so at least postponed... (http://www.visit-montenegro.com/article767.htm)

- GHM on Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, will be announced end 2008 according to AirJunkie.

- 200-room-GHM Golf Hotel in Playa Grande, Dominican Republic, next to an upcoming Amanresort - Developer says "most likely managed by GHM"

- GHM Hotel in Philadelphia, rumored by Galivanter's Guide with the remark "which should prove quite a culture shock"...

- The Serai (surely not anymore...) Zudong, 200 rooms (please never!)
- The Aayu, Mumbai, India - a 42 suite hotel in the top floors of a 200-meter-high building, overlooking historic Shivaji Park, the Arabian Sea and the island mainland. With a 50th floor rooftop bar, 2 signature restaurants by Robouchon and by japanese star chef Hide Yamamoto. Interior design by Jaya Ibrahim (Legian Bali, Chedi Muscat and Nam Hai). First planned for opening 2017.
- Chedi Club Jimbaran, Bali - the unsexy non-beach-project formerly promoted as The Serai Club, postponed each year from 2008 on, now luckily disappeared...
- Opened - and closed again due to border skirmish between North and South Korea: "The Ananti" in funny communist North (!) Korea in fantastic mountaineous landscape, 5 hour drive from Seoul (South Korea)
- Chedi Taiping Lake, in Anhui Province, China near Mt. Huangshan, announced by GHM, then disappeared.
- Chedi at Livka Bay at the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia, now no more Chedi: http://www.livka.com
- Chedi Dubai on the artifical Palm Jumeirah island
- Elounda Chedi (Crete) - found by vuittonsofstyle, but now no Chedi anymore: http://www.aw2.net/projects-escape.p...s&idpr=elounda
- The Carbonera Club in Cuba http://www.thecarboneraclub.com, part of a larger development with private Villas for sale, Marina, Golf Course and stuff. First spotted by Citizen of the world here, then confirmed by Gallivanter on Twitter, now no more GHM.
- Chedi Qutub in New Delhi, India - a 45-key-hotel located within an ancient, UNESCO listed World Heritage Site. First spotted by travel4vitality, then disappeared...
- Chedi Nusa Penida - on the secluded island of Nusa Penida southeast of Bali. architecture looked amazing http://www.sinnivillas.com/resort-resort.php
- The Chedi Club, Suzhou, China
- The Yamu on Phuket (Thailand), designed by Phillip Stark, appeared on the GHM website in 2007, finally went from GHM to COMO Resorts
- Chedi at Thracian Cliffs in Kavarna (Bulgary), designed by Jean-Michel Gathy. At the end not designed by him and not managed by GHM... http://www.thraciancliffs.com
- "Nizuc" in Riviera Maya, opened without GHM (www.nizuc.com).
- Chedi Bangkok & Chedi Singapore, announced at IMEX Frankfurt travel fair


- Ahn Luh Yanqi Beijing, "scheduled to open in Autumn 2017". Located at the foot of Yanshan Mountains, Hairou District, 60 km northeast from Beijing City Centre. The Yanqi Lake scenic area is one popular vacation area of Beijing. The Ahn Luh Yanqi is designed by brillant Japanese architect Tadao Ando. Interior designers are Japanese designer Akihiro Wakasa of HBA (Hirsch Bedner Associates) together with Agnes Affandy who inherited renowned interior designer Jaya Ibrahim’s design style.

- Ahn Luh Zhangjiajie, located on the northwest border of Hunan Province in south-central China..Zhangjiajie City was originally the ancient city of Dayong, which has been re-built and is located at the gateway to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, a core scenic area of Wulingyuan and one famous geological park.

- Ahn Luh Quiandao Lake, 2 hours from Hangzhou. First named after a salad dressing ("Ahn Luh Thousand Islands"), but now renamed to the real lake, which has a lot of beautiful islands indeed...

- Ahn Luh Lanting, located in Shaoxing city, near Kuaiji Mountains, 30 minutes from Hangzhou, amidst rolling hills and picturesque surroundings. Covering an area of 9.2 hectares, the 99-key Ahn Luh Lanting will feature historic Hui-style homes that will be incorporated into 35 heritage houses. The hotel’s dining concepts will showcase authentic Chinese elements from Jiangsu and Zhejiang.
AHN LUH LANTING - Ahn luh Resorts & Residences Luxury Resorts in China


- Ahn Luh Dujiangyan in Chengdu, which was "a project where the historical and cultural elements feature prominently given that the Dujiangyan Irrigation System, along with Mount Qingcheng, are placed together on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Was originally supposed to be the first opening.

- Ahn Luh Yanming Lake. Another lake resort, nearby Zhengzhou City. Another one formerly scheduled for a 2016 opening.

- Ahn Luh Xunliao Bay. An ocean resort with villas, also not too far from Hangzhou.

- Ahn Luh Yichun in the Heilongjiang province, somewhere in between Hong Kong and Shanghai, where the world's largest Korean pine primeval forest is situated.

- Ahn Luh Delta Island, Xunliao Bay, 2,5 hours from Shenzen, a 100-room-island-beach-resort, some contracts signed in 2012, first scheduled for a 2016 opening.


- Ahn Luh in the Pearl River Delta, in Lhasa (Tibet) and somewhere in Southwest China

- "10 more Ahn Luh in the coming years" according to Zechas Monocle Interview spotted by ngfan.


OPENED since the beginning of the "New Amanresorts"-threads in 2009:
- Aman Kyoto (formerly here discussed as Amaniwa),, opened in November 2019 after more than 10 years of discussion here in the "New Aman"-threads...
- Chedi Ninghai, opened fall 2019 in a mountainous region south of Shanghai, China.
- Azerai Hue,Vietnam, opened in Dec 2018, https://www.azerai.com/la-residence-hue/the-hotel
- Chedi Lustica Bay Montenegro, opened in summer 2018
- Azerai Can Tho, Vietnam, opened in spring 2018
- Amanyangyun Shanghai, opened in winter 2017/2018
- Azerai Luang Prabang, Laos, opened in Summer 2017 - but un-zechaed only half a year later by the investors (sic!)
- Ahn Luh Zhujiajiao, Shanghai, opened in early 2016
- Amanemu in Shima Province, Japan, on green land in a national park overlooking Ago Bay off the Pacific, opened in Spring 2016
- Amanera on Playa Grande, Dominican Republic, opened in Q4 2015
- Amandayan in Lijiang, north western Yunnan Province, China, opened in February 2015
- Aman Tokyo in Otemachi district, opened on Dec 22, 2014.
- Chedi Andermatt in Switzerland, opened in December 2013
- Sakala Resort, Bali. Opened 2013 as Chedi Sakala, way to large for Chedi, luckily reflagged soon...
- Amanoi in Vietnam (very brilliant indeed!), opened in September 2013
- Aman Canal Grande in Venice (very tiny garden, no pool!), opened June 2013
- Amanzoe at Porto Heli, Greece, opened August 2012.
- Amanruya in Bodrum, Turkey, opened christmas 2011.
- Aman at Sveti Stefan, Montenegro Coast, consisting of small Villa Milocer (opened 2009) and Aman Sveti Stefan (opened 2010).
- Amanfayun at Hangzhou, China, 180 km southwest from Shanghai, opened 2009
- Amangiri near Lake Powell, USA, open since fall 2009.
- Amantaka in Laos, Louang Phabang, opened 2009
- "The Aman at Summer Palace" in Bejing, opened 2009
- "The Aman New Delhi", City Hotel with individual pools, opened 2009 - but un-amanized in Feb 2013 as "The Lodhi"



- Azerai Luang Prabang: de-Azeraied and taken over by Avani
- Amanusa Bali, management contract ended in 2018 after 25 year, then de-Amanized with a few villas left to rent

Please add, subtract & comment!!!

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In the new Gallivanter's Guide, our speculation about new Amans in Beverly Hills, Greece and Miami are doubled.
Lyn writes: "Rumour has it that Aman itself will also open properties in Los Angeles and Mykonos, and in 2023, will open in Miami."
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GHM un-zechaed

According to the January Gallivanters Guide, Zecha is out at GHM:

"GHM, which is no longer affiliated with Adrian Zecha, or indeed with its original President, Hans Jenni, has lost The Chedi Ubud Tanah Gajah, which is now managed by its owners, Hadiprana Hospitality.!
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Amanduna will not happen. The plot which was originally intended for the project in Comporta was sold in Q4 2019 to the Amorim family and Vanguard properties. Instead there will be: https://www.jncquoiclub.com/en/comporta/

This is the place: 76QV+4F Lagoa Formosa, Gr ndola, Portugal (paste it into Google maps)
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Originally Posted by DonJ View Post
Amanduna will not happen.
I know no hotelgroup with more announced non-realized projects....
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Originally Posted by offerendum View Post
I know no hotelgroup with more announced non-realized projects....
Open minded thinking, planing, discarding and surprising is fun - and is absolutely positive for the Aman brand!
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Originally Posted by offerendum View Post
I know no hotelgroup with more announced non-realized projects....
I see you card, and raise you a GHM.
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According to Doronins new interview on Barrons Penta website, Amanmiami is planned to happen in 2023 - a new hotel featuring residences in the USA city which will most likely be under water due to climate change in the next 50 to 100 years.

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Originally Posted by deer View Post
According to Doronins new interview on Barrons Penta website, Amanmiami is planned to happen in 2023 - a new hotel featuring residences in the USA city which will most likely be under water due to climate change in the next 50 to 100 years.

Can be the first underwater Aman.
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Aman is just pissing in the wind now. It's a shame, really.

They think more is better. How about they work on the existing issues within the brand first, no?

Zecha is sorely missed.
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Originally Posted by Aventine View Post
Can be the first underwater Aman.
Originally Posted by BenjaminNicholas View Post
Aman is just pissing in the wind now. It's a shame, really.

They think more is better. How about they work on the existing issues within the brand first, no?

Zecha is sorely missed.

Yes ! Wish they would work on the numerous issues . Including hiring wrongly & having PR teams who do not know ‘ AMAN ‘ of AZ days or possess her simple “ finesse “ .. One should not have to use “ crass “ at any AMANs
Thing is how can they ‘ fix ‘ if they do not “ get it “ themselves ?

AZ is definitely missed .

Thankfully some GMs & teams understand , unlike many of their consultants & those ‘ new ‘ ones at HQ

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Originally Posted by FlyerEC View Post

Yes ! Wish they would work on the numerous issues . Including hiring wrongly & having PR teams who do not know ‘ AMAN ‘ of AZ days or possess her simple “ finesse “ .. One should not have to use “ crass “ at any AMANs
Thing is how can they ‘ fix ‘ if they do not “ get it “ themselves ?

AZ is definitely missed .

Thankfully some GMs & teams understand , unlike many of their consultants & those ‘ new ‘ ones at HQ
just returned from an Aman which shall remain nameless .
shocking disaster of a stay.
your description of hiring wrongly and clueless new recruits is spot on and very evident
The Aman experience has been eroded and harmed at its core
its that bad.
although all are obviously trying, they just don’t seem to get it .
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Originally Posted by bearbrick View Post
just returned from an Aman which shall remain nameless .
Without name this post is pretty useless
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Agreed. Also without the specifics of what went wrong such as the complaints on this forum in the past I have seen
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Originally Posted by offerendum View Post
Without name this post is pretty useless
how so ?
i wasn’t reviewing the hotel .
note my post is under this general Aman property thread. If I had wanted to review or comment on a property I would post in the amanresort or resort specific thread.
Besides it was in response to the post by flyerec ( below) who was responding to another post of a similar nature ie about the deterioration of the Aman ethos of old and the potential general direction it’s heading with the new owners. And my latest stay at their resort underscored this .

Originally Posted by FlyerEC View Post

Yes ! Wish they would work on the numerous issues . Including hiring wrongly & having PR teams who do not know ‘ AMAN ‘ of AZ days or possess her simple “ finesse “ .. One should not have to use “ crass “ at any AMANs
Thing is how can they ‘ fix ‘ if they do not “ get it “ themselves ?

AZ is definitely missed .

Thankfully some GMs & teams understand , unlike many of their consultants & those ‘ new ‘ ones at HQ
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