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Lovely Lupaia, Tuscany, Italy

Lovely Lupaia, Tuscany, Italy

Old Nov 20, 19, 4:08 pm
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Lovely Lupaia, Tuscany, Italy


Map| 1 Review | 100% Recommended


Località Lupaia 74 | 53049 Torrita di Siena, Italia , IT

Lovely Lupaia by livefromtuscany :) (81 Photos)


What a brilliant way to appropriate the joys from staying at AMANs to this beautiful part of Tuscany AND share / spread the joy to others too !11AC24A8-E813-4D0F-A4C9-0D368F877D94.jpe  

The attention to detail ! Just look at the positioning so as to enjoy every aspect and what views . Even the Arbutus unedo , the strawberry tree ; and Montefollonico up on the hill to the north of Lupaia can be seen from many parts of this seemingly undulating and vast site .


Ever since livefromtuscany discussed or began having his Tuscany thoughts swirling in his head while he was still vienna-resident , we were determined we were going to stay . It just took them awhile to lovingly restore this ancient farmhouse estate to what it is today . While Lupaia has been open about 5 years now , it has been constantly and annually improved on with an infinity pool .. new suites added , just lots of pleasant surprises .

Then we had to wait to visit , patience indeed , until this past September !

It was not in vain :)



Pre arrival - Arrival

Our trip planning got a bit more serious last year after our Seabourn Odyssey cruise from Athens to Venice was confirmed .

livefromtuscany swung into action to help me figure out from AMAN to AMAN , since they had stayed at the ones we had ambitiously intended to include on this RTW ( round the world ) trip . Yes , it was a bit too much to have included AmanSS & Ruya besides AMANCGV & ZOE since we had to rush to Japan for the RWC ( Rugby World Cup ' 19 ) . Too much of a good thing ..

Anyway , he was also having to exercise his patience as he was coordinating our transfers from AmanCGV to Lupaia & to MOMilan after , with various permutations including potential detours . Just as well it was him discussing with his favourite chauffeur and not us ;)

We were very relieved to see 2 strong men waiting at the Venice pick up jetty considering the amount of luggage we had accumulated by then , especially from Venice herself :)  The father and son team was unfazed . Smooth drive directly to Lupaia , bypassing Florence too ( can anyone believe this ? ) !

The arrival was simply fabulous - like being greeted by " long lost " friends when in actuality , we had just met up few months ago ;)

We were shown around the main building before being shown our suite .

Check In

Checking in was a breeze in - suite . Welcomed with refreshing juices and fresh strawberries from Lupaia ' s gardens - separate patches .


Our mini suite or large room - Orto

We had been wisely assigned Orto which overlooked their nurseries / vegetable gardens and beyond to even more spectacular scenery .

It was also very close to the main building where the dining areas and lounging areas are - you will understand why described as areas when you stay .

Anyway , back to Orto .. we liked how practical the layout is .

Note the Nespresso machine , see the plate of strawberries in the next compartment ? And below , behind the curtain , is the minibar which has complimentary soft drinks / juices and in our case a jug of cold milk .

They also remembered to place a large bucket of ice for us - one of many of AMAN touches specifically for us :) ; livefromtuscany knows as we have been at various AMANs at the same time ;)

Decent AC too , having temp easily at about 16 C / 60 F was a relief  ;) . Alternatively , like we opted at times - one can leave the door / windows open but with the screen in place for cool early morning and evening breezes .

Leading to our private garden and suite


The bathroom was decent sized even for taller and wider folks ( many of the other rooms have good sized bathrooms too though configurations vary ) .

Bright with windows for natural light to flood in .

Strong water pressure for the rain shower but we did not have time for the bath tub even though we had planned to soak after truffle hunting  ..

Notice the shower door and screen ? Very familiar and nice touch , customised by manufacturers of AmanCGV ' s ;) , generously sized .


Lounging areas

There are various common spots where one can choose to relax .

Here are photos of some options indoors and out .

This patio is just outside of the main indoor lounge .1148B730-DA20-43D0-A943-99BCC20AE733.jpeFCFF4691-0749-4E3D-8DED-AFEA9FFA6923.jpe

Scattered throughout the property are benches , chairs of various types 

Some where you can even have a drink , meal and read books / magazines - choose your cranny / nook 

Or you may prefer to relax with this view of Montepulciano 



Marvellous meals !!

Have stalled for awhile as this can turn into a dissertation plus tough time selecting the photos .. meals were simply superb - still dreaming about them   ! ! 

Lupaia olive oil made from their own on site olive grove :)147D16CB-49B7-4E2E-992E-4438B5FD987F.jpe

The homegrown organic aubergines - yummy ! How could it be possible ?812FA0B1-D6E6-4E53-9105-4F79D731D66D.jpe

Strawberries fresh daily from their huge patch - in room , at breakfasts , etcetera & in pastries  , ..

This was a dessert .. ymm :) hmm .. 95326A96-008F-4D93-A329-FCA36BAAE622.jpe
What the breakfast spread looks like sans the cooked option !! 7F7F540F-9876-4518-BEB1-4F1935F0E1EF.jpe 06D27BC4-9ECC-4749-AE86-8166001D9201.jpe1750230E-AD08-4E9A-BE5F-AF036DAF7CBF.jpe01BC53A0-59B8-4E1A-88A2-D909ED63F005.jpeA1A78AA5-EA4D-4892-96DE-79719F74D03C.jpe9070BC33-D825-4F47-88D1-3F5B0C67C046.jpe284DF945-9402-4188-9A23-067D6DACEBBB.jpeCA97025C-43A0-4352-AF5B-513464018E44.jpe

That little bit of truffle is what was left after a few dishes over various breakfasts & dinners . From one of what we " hunted " ;)

Oops , deleted some photos by mistake . Reinstate when I continue , eventually .

Rest of meals to follow :) , hope I do not delete more photos ..


Had such enormous breakfasts , yes had the cooked portions too , that we did not have any of the daily light lunches .

Dinners were so delicious that everyone opted to eat in !

Part of a dinner , note the use of the truffle we bought / got from our truffle hunting :)

The chefs and " wait " entertaining team are terrific ..

Everyone staying while we were there were amiable . All stayed in for dinners & a few even for lunch .
We had to check out by Friday except for the " buyout " guests .

Homegrown tomatoes , courgette flowers , the last of our truffle :( ..

.. Simply satisfying ' simple ' ..

Prepping till wee hours of the morning for the event ' s pizza party the next day 

Relax or partake in array of activities ;)

Way before our stay , livefromtuscany emailed me a list of potential what can be described as " explorations " off site and somewhat more relaxing options on site - if one can classify or even consider cooking classes as that besides the " spa or rather massages " .

Lots of dithering as one could not possibly do everything . After it came close to the start of our trip in September , we finally came to a general consensus . Partly because we had to reserve our aforementioned truffle hunter :) and ..

Relaxing before the hunt

Where is that tantalising truffle ?5031E3F9-D4B0-4277-852F-7CA9B2BB4511.jpe567D0E09-3A30-40BE-9C1D-44AC4B54A567.jpe9A49A1B4-DE35-41E0-ACCA-788C89AE17F8.jpeE2658296-32EE-4B51-BB29-04537980A11D.jpeD3309FB8-8BF4-49D0-88A1-B35C1A0C47D6.jpe

Out of the woods , finally ! What brilliant sunshine :)

Opted to revisit Siena for the day as loved it the last time in the dead of winter , buy more luggage ;) , .. livefromtuscany ' s favourite chauffeur drove us so that we could appreciate the views and shown secret local places .



Let you in on one of the secrets , you will have to stay at Lupaia for the others ;)
Enroute back from Siena to Lupaia , we stopped by this villa where a scene from " Gladiator " was filmed 47655A8E-8685-406A-BE30-FD4448877B72.jpeE5DE596C-8F06-4873-8F13-2AD620B9D041.jpe

We also visited Montepulciano & Pienza another half day .

View of Lupaia from the Montepulciano Church grounds

Pienza alley5B9FBA42-DA4B-478D-B866-6B858C27C192.jpe

One of many vineyards by Lupaia 410836E5-50D5-40C2-A9B1-8DDBD19BBEF9.jpeDABB3EA4-7ECF-4C48-8A1D-01D85B683D95.jpe

We also enjoyed massages by a local masseuse in one of Lupaia ' s rooms , we could have opted for having in suite .

The room we used :)


Had lemon and lime trees in this garden including this huge birds ' nest7D39C919-4F9C-4774-8ACC-5008800ED137.jpe

Possibly could have chosen this as massage venue too but a guest was arriving that evening 

Garden of another suite

Then there is the infinity jacuzzi and pool with gorgeous views !



Superlative service

This Amanjunkie couple knew how to translate their AMAN experiences  into their own " little " abode and continue to uphold stringent standards while uncompromising quality and uniqueness ( while AMAN has been slipping up recently ) .

There is sincerity in all the staff ' s warmth and diligence in following through to excellence .

Practical methods and a cheerful international team are observed everywhere :)

Then there are the flowers - floral arrangements every well thought placements . All freshly arranged with some additional flowers and ' greens ' from a local florist  . Simply stunning 

One of ?? in our suite 

Oh , how did this get here ?

The carefully curated wall boutique ;)
In the dining rooms , with flowers for every tableA35171C5-0ED4-4523-AA35-D73C7DCB4037.jpe1D817B9B-FB9C-4D3D-9FCB-1C6370B443CD.jpe 

Note the basket of walnuts from their garden too4BB34B03-3B0A-4802-8D07-DAB7B061F05D.jpe


Remotely in the centre of Tuscany :)

Best have a sharp sense of direction if self driving here - forget GPS .

But really , if one is driven to Lupaia , one can " ooh & aah " at the scenery safely ;) and arrive in good time - in one piece - to enjoy Lupaia sooner than later .


Odds and ends

As this is small inn , just about any one you meet is able to assist you bar possible language ?? , which is rather nice .

Am sure , the pool will be a welcome relief in summer . Large shallow portion to sit in & the other parts to float / swim in to cool off .

However , the water was freezing in September ! 
The jacuzzi was a relief after inadvertently braving the pool  ;) ..

While Lupaia seems to be in the middle of nowhere , she is amidst famous vineyards in the province of Siena between Montepulciano and Pienza , and near Siena . Visiting any of these is easy enough .

livefromtuscany is upfront that the last bit to Lupaia is on unpaved road but should be easy getting there if one is alert if not using one of Lupaia ' s seasoned partners . 

One has to be reasonable fit to stay here as the property is on undulating terrain and as you can see from the photos , the paths are pebbly .

All this and the beautiful done interiors add to the charm of Lupaia .


Lupaia is so special that I dread the thought of her being impossible for many to appreciate . Why ? She may become so popular that getting a room may become difficult - especially with numerous returning guests , this says volumes . It is already happening during certain periods . 
For those with easy access to Tuscany , they are the blessed ones :)


Will be in discussions soon with livefromtuscany to plan future stays ;)

Lovely Lupaia by livefromtuscany :)

Would you like to write a review on the Lupaia ?

No, thank you.
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Thanks mods for helping to move this , much appreciated . Now to figure out how to load photos & amend without deleting ..
Writing TRs while let lagging is not ideal but when one is usually jet lagged & if waiting for a not jet lagged state , TRs may never get posted ..
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Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
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Amazing. Ive been waiting for this and it did not disappoint.

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I stayed at Lupaia last year and it was magical. Chris the owner is a great host and took care of everything. One of the best in my travels. ^

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Seems like an amazing place. Thanks for sharing.
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You are welcome , all . TR is incomplete as it is indeed an amazing lovingly maintained homestead inn so will take some time in putting pen to paper - in this case , finger to iPad
Lupaia is currently closed for the season until March . There will be the usual & more maintenance works , etcetera and to give the terrific team a breather .
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So beautiful! Some day....
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Happy to see these photos! Thanks for posting.
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Looks amazing! On the list for 2020!
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Have been trying to complete my TR , managed to continue other day . However , I have been encountering this Error 403 Not Authorized. when I attempt to add / finish . Will try again later . Or perhaps check if my Amanemu TR encounters same issue . Possibly continue with that first instead .. AMANs going forward or .. 10 different ones this 2019 ?
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Looks like two thirds of the pool are too shallow, so it's not a pool where it is possible to swim 20-meter-laps, right?
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Originally Posted by deer View Post
Looks like two thirds of the pool are too shallow, so it's not a pool where it is possible to swim 20-meter-laps, right?
Swimmable but it was freezing , the first third is very shallow . Not sure why but it was so cold , that I could not even stay in - stepping into was a shock - the second third from which one can start floating / swimming , but not try butterfly stroke .
Do not even recall it being so freezing in Finland , in winter !

Instead , it was good to plunge into the jacuzzi - so swam in the jacuzzi .
livefromtuscany mentioned something about covering / freezing over in winter ? .. the pool is not heated .

Was just going to post in my TR , when deer chimed in .

There is often someone lounging poolside for the sun & view . There is an unmanned bar too .

TR should be about done by this weekend .

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Originally Posted by deer View Post
Looks like two thirds of the pool are too shallow, so it's not a pool where it is possible to swim 20-meter-laps, right?
No unfortunately not - its 18m long, of which 5m are 30cm, 5m are 80cm and 8m are 140cm deep. Because of the general water scarcity in Tuscany, the cubic meters permitted for swimming pools are heavily limited, depending on the number of beds a property has. We have made it as large as legally possible. Oh, and if the pool is deeper than 140cm, a life guard is required to be present at all times - hence most pool stay within this limit, even at the Rosewood i believe.
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The town of Montepulciano as seen from Lupaia

We had an exceptional stay at Lupaia last summer.
It was so good that after our first night we immediately cancelled our plans to stay at Portrait Firenze, extending our Lupaia stay by a further 3 nights.

I sincerely hope that we have some semblance of normality this summer in Europe as a return visit would be fantastic.

The closest comparison I can think of is to Aman Sveti Stefan:
  • It felt like we were living in a self contained village, preserved in time.
  • Incredible service.
  • Very robust and high quality hardware, in keeping with the traditional design.
  • Spectacular scenic pool.

My full review is here for anybody who wants to see 100+ images and enjoys incredibly granular analysis of every little detail...

REVIEW Lupaia : San Biagio Suite [COVID-era]

The beating heart of Lupaia

The spectacular hillside pool, alive with the intoxicating scent of lavender
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