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Falling ill or injured whilst sojourning at a luxury hotel

Falling ill or injured whilst sojourning at a luxury hotel


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A few years ago, the Park Hyatt Dubaiís concierge got steroids my wife needed, without having her to see a doctor or pharmacist. She had called a doctor friend in Italy, and he told her what was needed. We just relayed the info to the concierge. Top notch service.
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After being breathtakingly misled and mistreated in a business deal, my Dad and stepmother took a trip to visit the two places that always cheered Dad's mood: London (and, specifically, Brown's Hotel) and us in Nashville, TN. They arrived after the long flight from Australia and Dad (age 72) was evidently not in good shape. He had a multiplicity of symptoms: upset stomach, wheezing, painful and locked shoulders, stiff right leg and trouble sleeping. The people at Brown's stepped up in spades: they moved them to a much larger suite and basically facilitated Dad camping out for the whole week. After a doctor cleared him of serious health conditions, the hotel arranged cut rate daily in-room massage and a physiotherapist visit, brought ice and hot towels as needed, and even fetched some food from a much-loved hole around the corner (Shampers) that we used to go to when I lived in London. They had a nurse come and help him into and out of the bath a couple of times (my stepmother could not possibly have managed this), and insisted on a comp'd car to Heathrow for the flight to the US. Basically it seemed to me, and Dad, that Brown's was offering hospitality in the oldest sense of the word, and he much appreciated it.
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I had a potentially very serious life threatening illness while at the Racha in the Andaman Sea. It's a long story, but I have in the past, for this same problem, have had to be placed on a ventilator no less when it flares up to keep me alive. At the time we took the trip I had been doing great for several months and thought that was all behind me otherwise we never would have gone. This location placed me a solid 1.5 hours from a hospital in good seas and we don't speak Thai. FlyerEC and the GM were super helpful in relocating me the next day. He put his boat captains (they have a fleet of 12) on a 24/7 notice that I may have to be evacuated at a moments notice that night and made sure his managers were aware of the situation so i had to do was make the call to the front desk. The Racha and its GM could not have handled it better. I ended up moving to Amanpuri the next day to in order to be closer to a hospital.
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A few incidents come to my mind:
1) I got sick while staying at the Plaza Athenee in Paris about 10 years ago. Nothing too crazy, but I was in the mood for chicken soup (jewish penicillin). My wife went to speak with the concierge to see what could be done (this was before uber eats, etc). About 45 minutes later, there was won ton soup delivered in the hotel's normal fancy room service style. Not exactly my grandmother's homemade soup, but close enough! The hotel did charge me for the food (totally fair), but waived the room service delivery fees and included tea
2) I had a very bad allergic reaction to shellfish when in Rio and did not have an epi pen on me. At 2am on January 3rd, the Fasano got a doctor there within 30 minutes. The doctor demanded payment in cash in real which I did not have. The front desk agent charged my room and paid the doctor directly
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This is a valuable thread in the Italy Forum
What To Do If You Get Sick in Italy
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I am afraid to jinx myself because we have been oh so fortunate on our travels. It is something I have thought about and been very grateful we have so far avoided. We do have a Medjet membership and we try to be as careful as possible.

The only instance I can really think of was the time in Florence in 2003 when my husband broke out in a cold sweat and almost fainted on the steps of the Bargello and we feared it might be something serious. We made it back to our room but he seemed to be getting worse so we reached out to the hotel.

The Excelsior was wonderfuló 10 minutes later a very charming and solicitous doctor was in our room, who immediately reassured us both that my husband was fine. He gave him a quick B12 shot , gently admonished him to take it easy and was on his way. My husband immediately felt better (placebo effect?)

Later I realized my husband probably was suffering from Stendhalís Syndrome. Ever since Iíve been careful to pace ourselves!
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Oh we've had our moments, for sure.

Banyan Tree Lijiang, China: I drank way too much and had very spicy food trying to impress our guide. I did...and then I suffered for it with my first and only real bout of elevation sickness. Fortunately, the hotel provided french fries galore for me--the best medicine of salt and carbs.

St Regis Lhasa: Let's just say the altitude combined with those Lijiang-related dietary issues to create a--er very difficult scenario--for my backside. It finally got to be too much. (Insert joke here.) The hotel had a doctor for me in short order--and a translator. It was a comical scene to see the Chinese doctor inspecting me while the chief butler translated from around the corner (and therefore knew exactly what was wrong with me). I think my husband was actually more embarrassed than I was. But the non-Western tablet in my belly button (seriously!), combined with Western meds, did their trick and provided me with relief and eventual resolution within a few days. I'll never forget it. #noshame

Vatulele Island, Fiji: Somehow first my husband and then I caught a gastrointestinal bug. It wasn't pretty. But the hotel took total care of us--even as we were scheduled to switch accommodations in the middle of my bout. The doctor was there for both of us, and the staff brought us water and teas and fluids as often as we needed them, and later brought easily digestible foods to us as well. We both recovered in about 2 days.

Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho: My husband thinks he ate a bad oyster at 3* Yoshitake (while that was the first oyster I've ever loved)...and had quite the stomach bout throughout the night. The next morning, the hotel offered a doctor but he had started to feel better, thankfully. The hotel checked in with us a few times to make sure he was OK. We were quite impressed.

Azura Benguerra Island, Mozambique: My scariest moment, perhaps. Was diving and felt very dizzy and slightly nauseous on ascent as if I were suffering narcosis. Had a major headache that lasted 2 days. Hotel and hotel doctor were not particularly helpful but did have aspirin for the headache, so I Facebook messaged my doctor at home. I obviously didn't dive again and went to ENT on my return home. I was fine. Just mental.

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A couple years ago my husband and I were staying at a resort on the Peloponnese in Greece. We had been traveling with another couple and one by one during the trip we fell ill. ( terrible flu like) It was finally my turn and I got sick just after we arrived at this resort which I had been looking forward to for a year. As the night progressed I got sicker and my husband called the front desk for a DR. Soon after the " doctor" ( we always assumed he was also the pool guy because besides his DR bag he was carrying a pool skimmer ...no joke) arrived.. Anyway he checked me over , left us with some medicine( in Greek) and told me to take it ( mixed with water) every few hours. I swear this stuff tasted like a sani-cake but it was a miracle drug and after a few minutes consuming this swill I almost felt back to normal....of course it only lasted 30 minutes or so and then I felt like sh*t again. When we got home I ended up in the ER thinking I had pneumonia ( I did not) but I brought with me one of the packets of medicine the Greek DR had given us. I asked the DR what it was..... after a minute examining it he said " Basically a lethal dose of Tylenal".
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