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Chiva Som

Chiva-Som International Health Resort Hotel

73/4 Petchkasem Road Hua Hin, TH 77110

Chiva Som (14 Photos)

Chiva-Som International Health Resort Hotel

Preamble ..

It has been 14 years since our first stay , a rather traumatic one , for we had not been to a wellness retreat like it before . It was a release and relief to retreat to MOBKK after , definitely a wise move . We did similarly this return visit , as a precaution but also because we try to stay at MOBKK every time we are in BKK .


We tried to stay a few times last year after hearing ex AMAN GM VP is now GM but the dates coincided with their first ? of phased major renovations 

Airport greeter & transfer

Once we cleared immigration & customs which was fast track for us , we were met by a Chiva Som representative . She called our chauffeur & the MPV soon arrived for our smooth 3 hours ride to Hua Hin 

January peak

Well , we only decided to stay on New Year’s Day ! 

Although they were at 99 % capacity , CS managed to squeeze us in but we had to change rooms on the last night . 

It is important to note that rooms / suites are booked a year or more in advance . Usually by private jetters escaping the winter . Many from Russia & some from rest Europe .

The profile of current guests are almost chalk & cheese if comparing with AMAN of old .

Likely will not get preferred suite if one has not reserved for 2020 ..

Check In

Check in was done in tha al fresco lounge overlooking the ponds .

No photographs allowed beyond this ! ? Perhaps she meant only the public areas ..

Then a quick buggy ride to our room in the main building .

This tree had bunches of red berries , still figuring what it is .


Where check ins are completed with a cold lemongrass ginger drink :) and a refreshing icy cold towel .







As we did not reserve our rooms 2 years prior , we did not manage to secure our preferred suite , obviously . Actually only made our reservation less than a week before our stay . It turns out that it was remarkable that we even got a decent room . 2 somewhat similar rooms as we had to move the last night as returning guests specifically request their usual rooms . Not sure what category they are but alright .

Entry to first room

2 cannisters you see in the reflection are gifts from CS with our names

The roses too were gifts from them .


Both our ground floor rooms faced the ocean & swimming pool . We had a private terrace and could access the grounds easily .

Unless one is on a specific weight management programme , rooms come with fruits daily , selection of loose leaf teas , water & .. ?

No coffee though .

We were also near the spa :) and the airconditioned dining room was a floor up / a short walk or by elevator / lift .

The storm , Pabuk , passed way to the south 



Other direction


Another dawn


A glimpse - edge of  the al fresco Thai restaurant beyond the palms



When we were shown to our first room , a pillow menu was presented to us . This was helpful as it something we need not do when we were about to call it a night & then have to wait for the pillows to be brought & tested for comfort .



There are 2 healthy organic restaurants to choose from .

The Emerald Room , the key colour scheme / decor was emerald - one of the corporate colours , with international cuisine and the Thai restaurant .

We dined only in the Emerald Room in the air conditioned part for all meals - which were all included for guests .

Breakfast was semi buffet as was lunch . Wider spread at breakfast , only time coffee was allowed . The range of teas was impressive .

All greens , honey and some fruits are from Chiva Som ‘ s organic garden .

Portions are tiny , really ‘ tinee weeny ‘ but you can always have seconds or more :) . For one , hadn’t seen a one 1 / 2 “ diameter steak till mine arrived , ordered a second .. the lamb rack - 2 pointers was similar !

However , the dishes / meals have improved tremendously and did not necessitate nightly escapes to town which we made during our first stay .


Edible & even enjoyable meals now ;)


There was also complimentary afternoon ‘ tea ‘ with minute “ pastries “ ?


We did not try the Thai restaurant as there is no aircon . This thankfully will be rectified by end of the year . The views from the Thai restaurant will be similar to this .






Bathroom & part of walk in wardrobe 


First bathroom tub



Second bathroom tub



Not sure if they prepare baths nightly for everyone or if they were doing some service recovery , since they did not manage to get us our preferred suites ? & requiring us to move ..

Surely they did not mean I could not show how nicely they drew our nightly baths ?! Sometimes it was twice a night as they did one before dinner and other after turn down & dinner ( they asked when you preferred the bath - May have said before dinner for one of us & one after dinner depending when our spa treatments ended ! )


The shower was in the enclosed area next to the bath tub . One vanity area was next to this along with another enclosed area for the wc . The other vanity was in another “ room “ with the walk in wardrobe .


Might be of interest to note that one wc was the Japanese type with different buttons plus heating for the seat - unnecessary for the tropics , I would add . Wondering if it was a test bathroom ..

Spa & more

Chiva Som is more than just a spa . 

One of the first persons I met was a capable young looking health and wellness advisor . We had a good discussion with a schedule nicely set out . Until she learnt about my “ trip “ whereupon I was sent to see the physiotherapist . That was where my relaxed spa stay somewhat changed .. more on it later .

What they offer is very comprehensive - the range of treatments is rather mind boggling .

For 54 “ bedrooms , suites “ , there are seventeen treatment rooms excluding with various sauna , steam , etcetera , rooms . Various hot and ice ‘ baths ‘ .

Then there are the physiotherapy rooms . I ended up seeing the young but able physiotherapist who also did 2 hydrotherapy sessions with me . He was the one I had the most time with .. No thanks to sprains , etc sustained just before arriving at Chiva Som !

Nevertheless , I had 3 other experienced therapists who were able to work on me . Glad that the therapists knew their stuff and could deliver  .

.. & more , gym , pavilions , pools , salas ..


There is a rather huge gym with state of the art equipment which we did not have time for .

Also pavilions for tai chi , yoga ; salas for relaxation , yoga , .. , studios for dance , pilates , etcetera like bouncy ball , gyrotonic & the various pools - indoor “ bathing pavilion “ ( activities pool where I had my personalised hydrotherapy sessions ) with controlled water temperatures , outdoor pool and watsu pool - rather small & circular unlike the large real pool at Amanemu .

The indoor pool pavilion also had jacuzzis , etcetera ( the spa had similar & seem more used ) 

Sometimes , one can have this rather large pool to oneself .

The outdoors pool may have been a bit busier with perhaps 2 or 3 in at a time - max .

Figured with one ‘ s day with a rather full schedule as there are activities from 7 am in the morning , one can barely escape for pure relaxation ;)


As you can see from the photos in the sections above and also below , the beach disappears during high tide .


Otherwise , it is quite nice to jog or stroll on with footwear on the firm sand




Medical aspects of the Retreat

Then there is the “ medi “ spa aspects where various aesthetic & laser treatments are available . Everyone gets a complimentary initial consultation utilising ‘ VISIA ‘ 3 – dimensional computerised facial imaging and colour photography with a dermatologist . 

This was rather interesting and painless . The dermatologist who saw me did not perform some cleansing , etc complimentary treatment though . Different doctors on various days , know the others did .


While we appreciated the service , it is not to be confused with the AMAN ( of old standard ) . It was not anticipatory like some other luxury hotels .

However , there were nice touches like the floral baths , sometimes drawn twice in the evenings ; floral arrangements - roses & also orchids in the bedroom & bathroom .

They also provided igloos of ice nightly , with ice packs along with fabric protectors for me to apply on my sprained ankles & knee . The first evening , the nurse team spotted me on way to early dinner and ran after me to enquire how I was .

What we also appreciated was the complimentary overnight laundry for exercise clothes and swimwear 

The Emerald Room wait team also took note of my allergies & injuries . A senior waitress / supervisor was assigned to our table as we often were the only ones in the air conditioned dining room . The buffet for breakfast & lunch were in this section . The chefs were out constantly to check on the food and replenish .

With VP as GM , being almost veteran ex AMAN , and another ex Aman on his team in F & B , things can only be upwards :)


Away from the bustle of Hua Hin yet close enough .

Seafront !



Am not even sure if there is one .

Every room now has butlers and they are good . They seem to double up as concierge :)T

The guest relations team had their glassed in air conditione area near the elevators lifts & spa too


We are pleased to have returned .

If we do not want to be in Switzerland / EU , USA , etcetera for medical spas and opting for warmer clime , Chiva Som is a good alternative .

Just have to decide way in advance if during peak periods .

More huge renovations this year including overhauling the spa , bathing pavand restaurants . 


Will be something to look forward to year end or 2020 .

Plus more engaging conversations with VP , .. :)

Chiva Som

Would you like to write a review on the Chiva-Som International Health Resort Hotel?

No, thank you.
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Were the roses a gift or ordered?
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The petal bath could have been more plentiful for Thailand.
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Originally Posted by Aventine View Post
The petal bath could have been more plentiful for Thailand.
Originally Posted by LinLant View Post
Were the roses a gift or ordered?
Forgot ( erh wasn’t too sure about the photo taking policy too ) to take photos of the bath with the tub covered with petals .
These were the other baths .. photos were taken after I splashed the jasmine / rose petals out .. remember the Archimedes bit ? .. but I replaced the orchids they are larger & easier to retrieve
Yes , I got out of the tub to get the iPad for the photos

The roses were not ordered ; gift from Chiva Som . There was at least another arrangement in the room too , see room section as I realised have sneaked a photo which should be ok to post - will remove it if I hear otherwise so hopefully you take a look ..

Was going to mention in later section . This TR is still WIP ( going to email VP who was on vacation after we left to ask about the photos ‘ policy ‘ ) .

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I've always liked CS and their serious approach to health and wellbeing. It's also convenient(ish) to Bangkok. I always found service to be good to sometimes very good, but never exceptional.
I fine option as long as you realise that 1) Hua Hin is (IMHO) a crappy beach option compared to other spots in Thailand, and 2) you're in for a serious health boost (if that's what you're after)
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