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Amangiri Trip Reports (combined threads)

Amangiri Trip Reports (combined threads)

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Amangiri Trip Reports (combined threads)

Earlier this year we decided to add another Aman to our list of experiences, and chose Amangiri, in Southern Utah.

Coming from the US West Coast – and, most likely, anywhere else – several options exist for traveling to the property:

1) Drive
2) Fly to Las Vegas and drive (or have Amangiri arrange transfers)
3) Fly to St. George, Flagstaff, or Phoenix and drive (or have Amangiri arrange transfers)
4) Fly to Page, AZ where Amangiri provides complimentary round-trip transfers

We chose the last option, which entails flying a very small regional “airline”, Great Lakes Air. From LAX we flew a small Beechcraft 1900 (interior photo [not mine]) to Prescott, AZ, where we unloaded a few passengers and added a few more before heading on to Page.

I cannot urge you strongly enough to choose one of the other methods of transportation.

All of our flights were delayed, and when I looked over their history, the performance/on-time ratings were incredibly low. Couple this with a later afternoon (if on time) arrival into Page, and one would not be at the property until 4:30pm or later.

Based on our chats with other guests (and, I believe there are similar reports elsewhere on FT) I would strongly encourage the following type of travel plan, if your schedule allows:

1) Fly into Las Vegas, and overnight for one (or more) night(s)
2) Hire a car and drive to Amangiri in the morning – I was told it is a beautiful and easy drive to make
3) Stay at Amangiri
4) Leave Amangiri late afternoon/early evening to return to Las Vegas, where one can either catch an evening flight, or overnight and then fly the next morning.

Especially coming from the West Coast, this is an incredibly easy itinerary, and Las Vegas provides the best combination of luxury properties and flight diversity/schedules.

On arrival at Page, we were met by an Amangiri representative and immediately ensconced in one of their BMWs for the ~ 35 minute drive to the property.

Once we arrived, I just knew we were in for a fantastic experience. The property is STUNNING.


Up Next ... Amangiri: The Tour

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Amangiri: The Tour


On arrival, we were greeted by the GM, Nicholas Gold, the Activities Director, Jade McBride (he is one of the first two employees at Amangiri!), and Cameron, a staff member of the front desk who took us on a tour. Before setting off, we were offered warm towels and a delicious glass of hot cider.

Amangiri Entrance

As I mentioned earlier, I find this property absolutely stunning; both from the interior and the exterior. Cameron first took us through the main Pavilion …

Amangiri “Portal” (sorry for it being so blown out, but it provides a stunning “window” out into the desert … just go and experience for yourself!)

Amangiri Pavilion 1 (Front Desk and Boutique are behind and to the right, Library is raised and directly ahead)

Amangiri Pavilion 2 (Living Room, located to the left of “Amangiri 1” photo)

Amangiri Pavilion 3 (Dining Room 1, as taken from the raised Library)

Amangiri Pavilion 4 (Dining Room 2, facing out to the Pool)

Amangiri Pavilion 5 (Open Kitchen, looking back through the Pavilion)

Amangiri Restroom (Located just outside Main Entry)

After going through the Pavilion, we continued on to the Pool, which we actually never used, as our stay was in early February and it was far too cold. That being said, it is well laid out and gorgeous ... especially in the way it incorporates the landscape into its design.

Amangiri Pool 1

Amangiri Pool 2 (The central rock/escarpment is the feature Zecha knew around which the property must be centered!)

Amangiri Pool 3 (Note the steam from the heated pool. Brrrrr!)

The property is laid out in a soft “V” shape, with one leg being the Desert Wing and the other being the Mesa Wing, joined in the middle by the above shown Pavilion. The photo in the initial post shows the Desert Wing (from right to left) leading to the Pavilion (three big windows on the left).

As we were staying on the Desert Wing side, Cameron first took us on a tour through the Mesa Wing …

Amangiri Mesa Wing 1 (Gorgeous outdoor seating area right off the Pavilion)

Amangiri Mesa Wing 2 (Looking “down wing” from the Spa)

Amangiri Mesa Wing 3 (looking back towards Pool & Pavilion; note “Window” slightly to the left of center frame)

The Mesa Wing is where both the Spa and Fitness Center are located, as well as two “Signature Suites” – the Terrace Suite and the Girijaala Suite.

In particular, we both found the spa here to be jaw-dropping … in terms of both “hard” and “soft” products.

Amangiri Spa & Fitness Center (Fitness Center up the stairs, with an available elevator if needed)

Amangiri Fitness Center

Amangiri Spa 1 (outdoor waiting area to left, which leads to locker rooms)

Amangiri Spa 2 (Water Pavilion)

Amangiri Spa 3 (Looking away from the Water Pavilion area, with indoor treatment rooms to the left and two outdoor treatment terraces straight ahead)

Amangiri Spa 4 (Looking toward Water Pavilion area)

Up Next … Amangiri: The Tour (continued) and Our Suite

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Amangiri: The Tour (continued) and Our Suite

Amangiri: The Desert Wing

After touring the Pavilion, Mesa Wing and Spa, Cameron led us back through the Pavilion, down a few steps (elevator available, if needed) and out into the Desert Wing, which comprises Suites 1 - 17 ...

Amangiri Desert Wing 1 (Suite 1 is the Amangiri Suite, and the furthest away from the Pavilion, while the numbers grow higher as proximity to the main areas decreases)

For my tastes, I found the Desert Wing to be the more striking of the two wings. It is much less open than the Mesa Wing, and more like one is winding through a slot canyon ...

Amangiri Desert Wing 2 (notice how much more "claustrophobic" the initial part of the walk is)

But even more arresting, this is the wing that has several of the "Living Walls" ...

Amangiri Desert Wing 3 (notice each of these walls has a "Living Wall" section)

Amangiri Desert Wing 4 ("Living Wall" featured in center wall of prior photo)

Amangiri Desert Wing 5 (Another "Living Wall")

But don't worry ... if it feels a bit too "tight" for you, just like we experienced on one of our outings you eventually find yourself entering more open spaces ...

Amangiri Desert Wing 6 (mind the step at night after drinks!)

... but even then, you still experience the stunning vision and design of Zecha and his three architects (Marwan al-Sayed, Wendell Burnette, and Rick Joy) ...

Amangiri Desert Wing 7

After walking down the few steps seen in one of the above pictures - with a kindly caution from Cameron - we were led to our Suite, #3, which is a Desert View Suite.

Amangiri Desert View Suite 1 (Exterior Entryway)

I loved the "Do Not Disturb" rope; one need only stretch it across and attach it to the opposite wall to ensure complete privacy. Too, this particular Suite has a lovely attached "pond" (not really visible in the above photo, but you can just see the lip of it on the left wall) that extends a small way out into the public walking area, with several fish living in it!

We walked around the corner and saw our patio, which had an outdoor lamp and a small table with two chairs, all impeccably designed.

Amangiri Desert View Suite 2 (Looking back towards the entry portal)

And then it was time for the "Main Event" ... our suite (I'll let the photos do the talking)

Amangiri Desert View Suite 3 (Bedroom, looking in from desert patio doors)

Amangiri Desert View Suite 4 (Alternate bedroom angle)

Amangiri Desert View Suite 5 (View through desert patio doors)

Amangiri Desert View Suite 6 (Vanity area; closets closed to the right, toilet area directly behind, and bath & showers directly ahead)

Amangiri Desert View Suite 7 (Massive tub area)

Amangiri Desert View Suite 8 (Shower; there is one on either side of the bathtub)

Amangiri Desert View Suite 9 (View from bathtub; yes, there is a shade to pull down, if you want to ensure privacy)

Amangiri Desert View Suite 10 (Outdoor desert patio, with gas fire-pit and a spectacular view!)

As you can see, the Suites - which are all the same interior, regardless of category - are gorgeous, and very well designed and decorated.

Though not large, they are perfectly sized for a single person or couple (cannot imagine trying to shoe-horn a child in here), with both interior and exterior lounging spots (the exterior spaces are where the various Suite categories differ).

I know some have complained about the "industrial" nature of the concrete, but I find it a perfect complement to the desert environs. The doors to the desert patio open all the way, creating a seamless outdoors-to-indoors transition, with the textures/treated concrete perfectly playing off the color palette of the desert.

Aside from the usual amenities (including complimentary WiFi), each Suite also comes with a complimentary mini-bar, which is refreshed daily.

Amangiri Desert View Suite 11 (Enjoy!)

Too, for those who would like a flat screen TV and DVD player, along with the standard iPod dock, are hidden behind a wooden door, like the mini bar. Why someone would need a TV in this setting is beyond me - we never turned it on once; not even for the Super Bowl - but it is there should you like.

Lastly, I want to note that during our welcome to the room, specific mention was made of not walking out into the desert from the room, for obvious privacy reasons. I know this has been commented upon in other posts and reviews (probably here and elsewhere), but I wanted to make sure everyone knows management is aware of the potential here, and proactively (yet tactfully) addressing it.

I am grateful, too, as I would hate to have my gorgeous, serene vistas spoiled ...

Amangiri Desert View (Bliss)

Up Next ... Amangiri: Activities & Excursions

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Amangiri: Activities & Excursions

Amangiri: Activities & Excursions

Zecha's planning perfectly positioned Amangiri to provide every guest with a large variety of Activities and Excursions from which to choose.

As I mentioned in my first post, Jade McBride is the Director of Activities at Amangiri, and his passion, commitment, and dedication to ensuring each and every guest has a perfect experience really impressed me. He really managed our expectations well, and helped guide us towards activities and experiences he felt best meshed with our likes and priorities.

My first interactions with him occurred in a series of pre-arrival emails, in which he included digital copies of the Spa Menu, sample Dining Menus, and most importantly, the "Amangiri Adventure Guide" ... an wonderfully informative and detailed compendium (~ 40 pages!) detailing so many of the experiences one may have at Amangiri.

These include the following:

- On-Property Hiking: 4 main trails, which are Cave, Coyote, Hoodoo and Studhorse (ranging from 3/4 - 3+ hours) ... can be either guided or not

- On-Property Via Ferratas: much more intense hiking/climbing, centered around fixed cables and ladder rungs (there are 4 of these, with optional "add-ons", though I believe they will complete a 5th sometime this year)

- Children's Activities: Everything from Desert Art discoveries to Paleontology excursions (also, children may partake in most - if not all - of the other activities, too)

- Horseback Riding: both on- and off-property

- Guided National Park Tours: Everything from the North or South rims of the Grand Canyon too Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, Zion, and more

- Off-Road Adventures: combining both riding in a Hummer with other activities

- Boat Tours: everything from Colorado River/Grand Canyon rafting to full day Lake Powell cruising/watersports to multi-day Lake Powell House Boat adventures

- Private Air Tours: Helicopter, Plane, and even Hot Air Balloon (of which I believe there are photos in another thread)

Basically, anything you can dream up, Jade can arrange. My jaw hit the floor when he described some of the more "extreme" itineraries he planned for other guests ... some several weeks long, with intermittent stays at the property surrounded by most/all of the above!

As we only stayed three nights - arriving early evening the first day and departing mid-day the last - we had to be a bit judicious in making our choices; both because this was meant to be a "reconnection time" weekend (and we didn't want to run ourselves ragged) and because, quite frankly, we did not want to totally empty the wallet.

Because as stunning as the experiences and vistas are, so is the pricing!

I know for some - if not many - on this forum, this is not too relevant, but I did want to make mention that one should expect triple-digit and up pricing for everything.

However ... I still strongly encourage you to seek out and experience at least some of what is on offer, because you will see pure magic.

"Good, fine," I can hear you muttering. "But what about you lot ... what did you get after?"

Good question!

We explored many of the on-property hikes - both guided and not - and, after several discussions with Jade, took the Navajo-guided Slot Canyon tour, which was just the two of us and a local, Navajo guide (I believe this is called the "302 Slot Canyon Tour").

First, the on-property hikes ...

Amangiri Hiking 1 (Can see the Cave in the distance)

Amangiri Hiking 2 (part of the Cave hike)

Amangiri Hiking 3

Amangiri Hiking 4

Amangiri Hiking 5

Amangiri Hiking 6

Amangiri Hiking 7

Amangiri Hiking 8

Amangiri Hiking 9 (Can see a Via Ferrata faintly between the mesas)

Amangiri Hiking 10

The areas and landscapes surrounding Amangiri, to me, are magnificent ... and I would think this remain the case regardless of the time of year you choose to visit. I don't feel like my photos come even remotely close to doing the landscapes justice.

In addition to hiking the property, as I mentioned we took the Slot Canyon excursion and immensely enjoyed it.

As it will just be your party - I believe - there is flexibility as to when you may begin. During our discussions Jade learned of my interest in photography, which allowed him to tailor our itinerary by ensuring our guide, Gabe, was both knowledgeable as well as someone who enjoys taking photos too.

Given the time of year and lighting conditions - not optimal, unfortunately ... the best times for Slot Canyons are mid-March through (I think) early October - we were picked up by Gabe around 10 am, and set off on the ~ 40 minute drive to the Navajo Nation, which is where the canyons are located.

We all chatted on the ride, and I really enjoyed the free-flowing and open dialogue (over myriad topics) shared. But the time we approached Antelope Canyon, I felt like I was experiencing this with more a friend than a guide.

We toured three canyons: Antelope, Rattlesnake, and Owl (in that order). Depending on your preferences and schedule, the order can be easily be tailored to meet your whims.

I found Antelope the most awe-inspiring of the bunch, though certainly each was spectacular. However, this also means it is the most popular with other groups. Given we visited in early February, we did not find it too crowded - in fact Gabe tailored it so we would explore it in between visiting groups - and found ourselves the only three for the majority of the time.

Gabe proved phenomenal at pointing out photo opportunities, but even more so at sharing Navajo history, culture, and spirituality with us. Several times, in several canyons, he brought out his Navajo wind flute and played for us ... an indescribably unique and special experience. Hearing the mournful notes echoing through the canyon, I felt truly humbled ... such spiritual moments. I hear it now even as I write this ...

Slot Canyon Tour 1

Slot Canyon Tour 2

Slot Canyon Tour 3

Slot Canyon Tour 4

Slot Canyon Tour 5

Slot Canyon Tour 6

Slot Canyon Tour 7

As you can tell the color tones and topography forced my jaw to drop. I must've been quite sight, continually walking around agape, as though in a daze.

So many reds, oranges, and golds ... and February is far from the most ideal time to visit. In the Summer months, when the sun hits just so, the canyons glow and marvelous sun beam "windows" shine through, glorious with floating motes of dust. Gabe showed me some magnificent photos, and I am sure others may be found online.

Aside from the flute playing, Gabe also pointed out many rock formations bearing eerie similarity to people, animals, and more. He also knew just where to position us to take magnificent photos, though as I am a bit of a private person I am unable to post them.

However, here is an example of the aforementioned formations:

Slot Canyon Tour 8 (A howling wolf)

We enjoyed an absolutely amazing experience here; in fact, after a bit I simply stopped taking photos and reveled in the majesty of these canyons.

After thanking him profusely, Gabe returned us to Amangiri, smiles on our faces and contentment in our hearts.

But he did pull over for one final viewpoint ...

Slot Canyon Tour 9 (Wahweap Overlook, overlooking part of Lake Powell)

Up Next ... Amangiri: Color Commentary

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Amangiri: Color Commentary


Having taken you on a tour of the property, our suite, and briefly described the various activities and excursions available at Amangiri, I would now like to provide some details and specifics in order to better help you determine not only whether or not to visit this property, but if so, some specifics to help guide you in maximizing your stay.

First, the Suites

As I wrote in an earlier post, Amangiri divides itself into two wings: the Desert Wing and the Mesa Wing. Within each of these are several types of suites from which to choose. Please know that, regardless of your choice, the interior spaces of all the suites are the same; only the exterior spaces differ.

The Desert Wing comprises suites numbered 1 – 17, while the Mesa Wing contains suites numbered 18 – 35. In the former, the lower the suite number the further from the main Pavilion, while in the latter, the higher the suite number the further away.

The Desert Wing, in addition to Desert View Suites and Desert Pool Suites, contains the Amangiri Suite (Suite #1); the Mesa Wing, in addition to Mesa View Suites and Mesa Pool Suites, contains the Terrace Suite (Suite #34, I believe) and the Girijaala Suite (Suite #35, I believe). It also comprises an Observation Terrace, direct access to the Pool and Jacuzzis, the Spa and the Fitness facilities.

In terms of choosing the suite that is best for you, here are my thoughts

- To maximize relaxation and peace & quiet, I would recommend a low-numbered suite in the Desert Wing.

- To maximize your proximity to the facilities offered, I would recommend the Mesa Wing. But, with that being said, I did note several suites I would try and make a point of avoiding ...

Suite 18 (first on the Mesa Wing, and you can see its proximity to the outdoor sitting area, which I would imagine can be busy some nights

By chance we ended up meeting and speaking with a couple we found out stayed in this suite; they mentioned it would not be their preference, but with such low occupancy their stay was not meaningfully impacted. However, they suspected during peak/busier times this would be a less desirable location.

Too, it is located directly across from the Pool entrance, which may be either a great positive or a great negative … I would imagine the former for those with either children or a great inclination to spend as much time as possible at the Pool.

Suite 18 (Can easily see straight into the pool; Suite 19 is not much further over, either)

If you prefer the Mesa Wing, I would strongly recommend a Suite numbered 28 or higher, as from this point on one is past the entrance to the Spa/Fitness area, and it is only “residential” from this point onwards …

View from edge of Spa (Suite 28 entrance to the direct left)

- Regardless of which Wing you choose, I would strongly encourage you to skip a Pool Suite, unless you choose one of the Signature Suites. Pool Suites, like I experienced at Amanwella, are ludicrously designed in terms of the placement of the pool. It is in the front of the suite, meaning you are subject to any noise from guests walking along the pathways. Too, I found them a bit claustrophobic and uninviting, with a high wooden lattice-work wall being the only separation. Here is a photo:

Amangiri Pool Suite Pool (No Guest, so it was not completely made up)

Pool Suites do offer Sky Lounges, which are second-story, outdoor patios with beds on which to recline and look at the incredible night sky.

Sky Lounge (Amangiri’s Photo, not mine)

To me, this is actually a stronger selling point for these type of suites, as opposed to the pool. But that being said, you may star-gaze from your suite’s outdoor sitting area, regardless.

- Overall, I found my strong preference to be the Desert Wing because of the more intimate and private feeling … too, I do not at all mind long(er) walks to get to main areas, so being right at the end was wonderful.


I know one of the primary complaints I have heard and read about Amangiri is the food. And I can certainly understand why this is the case, as our experiences ranged from very good to sub-par … even when getting the same dish more than once.

Overall, I appreciate what the kitchen is going for, and there are some quite good dishes. In particular, while there we enjoyed, greatly, the Bison, Fritters, Pork Belly, Carnitas Nachos, and Chorizo Pizza.

However, we found Breakfast to be fairly poor, across the board. And my greatest complaint would be the un-evenness of the quality. For example, as I mentioned we greatly enjoyed the Carnitas Nachos our first lunch, and ordered them again our last lunch right before leaving. But, the second time around, the quality was not as good, and several components were left off.

Lastly, I found desserts/pastry to be a spot most needing of attention … though with a talented pastry artist as a wife, I know I can be quite picky.

All of that being said, I think they are trying to move in the right direction, based on conversations I had with Ricky, the Assistant F&B manager.


We both found the service here to be very, very good, though still in need of some polish in a few, small spots.

Before going on, I believe it fair to point out that we stayed during a very low occupancy period, though immediately following a two-week property Buy-Out for Land Rover NA. Clearly our experiences will not mirror those from guests who stay when occupancy is at 100%.

First, the few (and small) hiccups we encountered:

- While staying, I asked for a Sunday New York Times, if possible, and was told this could be arranged. Unfortunately, Sunday morning it was the local Page (or Phoenix?) paper, and on top of this they placed a several dollars charge on the bill. The amount was trivial, but did strike me as a bit chintzy given the overall price-point of the property.

- We had several, small issues with our Suite. The bathtub drain, once sealed, could not be opened, and despite a mention of this it was never fixed (I would have to use a knife from the mini-bar to pry it open to drain). Too, after our second night the fireplace could not be lit due to a lack of fuel, and it took several calls to rectify this.

- Our last night, a Sunday, dinner service was a bit slapdash and all over the place; however, it was Super Bowl Sunday, and everyone was so pleasant we were not overly fussed. Just an area for a bit of polish, that’s all.

- Lastly, on departure only one of our bags had the Amangiri luggage tag, and unlike pretty much every other Aman TR one reads, there was no farewell from any team member(s). This was more surprising than anything else, and I am sure is a bit of a one-off.

Enough of this, now for the positives …

In general, we found almost everyone to be genuinely nice individuals, eager to ensure we had a wonderful time. We were always greeted by name, and constantly asked how we were enjoying our stay, and if there was anything that individual could do for us.

But in particular I would like to single out Michelle, who works in the Spa, and who is absolutely just a wonderful person. Each and every time we visited (which was at least once or twice, daily) she had a beaming smile and could not wait to chat with us about our stay, answer any questions we had, and do everything in her power to make the experience absolutely wonderful. She is really an asset for Amangiri.

In fact, she is the one who ended up showing us something we would enjoy perhaps the most during our stay …

“Secret” Hot Tub in the Spa

During our first walk-through with her, she pointed this out as her favorite spot on the property. While, obviously, no secret, it is tucked away and therefore perfect for an individual or couple wishing to relax. Available on a “first-come” basis, you may even order drinks or wine to be brought in, should you so wish. And swimsuits are optional, given its privacy.

We would typically call ahead from our room to the Spa, and she would turn it on, set out towels and waters, start the fire, and arrange our drink(s) of choice.

This became a nightly retreat, and we would sip a cocktail or champagne while relaxing in the hot water and enjoying the incredibly beautiful night sky.

Note: during the day un-guided hikers may end up walking on the ridge above, so perhaps leave the “skinny-dipping” until nighttime

Another example of “typically Aman” service we experienced is the nightly turn-down gift.

Navajo Tea

Navajo Jewelry

But on one night they really touched us; while eating dinner, a Navajo musician played a flute, and we enjoyed it so much I asked the girl at the front desk (unfortunately I did not write down her name) if a CD of his or similar music would be available to borrow for us to listen to in our suite. She disappeared for a moment and handed us one, but of course, lo and behold upon returning to our room we found awaiting us …

Could it have been anything else? I guess I should have known it was coming!

Another example of great service occurred when my wife booked one spa treatment, but then in the beginning of the treatment during her discussion with the therapist he quickly recommended a change to a different (and, we later found out, pricier) treatment, which he thought would provide more of what my wife wanted.

Not only was the treatment itself phenomenal, she said, but we later discovered they had intentionally only charged us for the originally booked treatment … and would not hear of making a change.

Finally, other small highlights include:

- Kyle, our guide for one of the hikes, really taking his time and providing a wonderful, informative experience … even tailoring the hike for the two of us (though it was intended to be a group hike, we were the only two on it)

- Rob, one of the servers, is quite the photographer, and took some time to share his knowledge and tips with me

- Connie, the Pilates instructor, was fantastic when leading our session (again, ended up just being the two of us). She was incredibly nice, utterly thorough, and very concerned that she help us with our form, breathing, and overall enjoyment of the experience

- Lastly, despite there being incredibly low occupancy, the property put on a Super Bowl viewing party in the Villa (obviously not booked); while we did not attend, others who went said it was really, incredibly well done, in typical Aman fashion

So, while there are some areas for improvement (as always), the absolute majority of our experiences were extremely positive.

UP NEXT … Final Thoughts

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Amangiri: Final Thoughts


Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Amangiri, and would absolutely recommend it. I do feel like we hit it at (for us) the optimal time – early February – and would strongly recommend others consider going then as well.

Occupancy will almost assuredly be rather low, the crisp air allows for incredibly comfortable hiking/outdoor activities, the night sky is clear and awash with stars, and it truly is a magical experience.

Smile! You will have a great time!

I would rate Amangiri as follows:

Management: 9/10
Food: 7.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Location: 10/10
Hard Product: 9/10

Amangiri Pros:
- Location
- Overall Design
- Spa
- Fitness Facilities
- Menu of Excursions/Activities
- Very Warm and Hospitable Staff

Amangiri Cons:
- Non-Signature Pool Suite Pools (what is with this design choice?)
- Excursion/Activity Pricing
- Level of Polish on Service Could Improve
- Potential Lack of Privacy Due to Wandering Guests
- I Can Imagine it Crowded at High Occupancy Levels

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Looking fwd to this one!
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Awesome. Keep it coming!
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Agree the over night or longer at the MO Las Vegas and the drive to Amangiri made for a very nice pre arrival which I have done twice. This winter we had snow which they said was very rare. Looking forward to your report.
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2nd aman report !
first pic is new angle i think

feb 2 2013 >
Originally Posted by aa213bb View Post
Amangiri (posting from the library now
logistics >

dont forget SGU
LAX-SGU ended apr 7 2013 http://info.flightmapper.net/route/YY_LAX_SGU although late arrival
DEN-SGU replaced it, and there is still SLC-SGU (which ill probably do for multistop trip)

PHX-FLG probably only if can avoid layover or on award ticket
PHX is an hour? longer than LAS, but has sanctuary for example

Originally Posted by Kagehitokiri View Post
giri >

UA LAX-SGU i wonder when this started... i guess wikipedia isnt the best
- closer than LAS/PHX
- can be single ticket
- i would assume more reliable than ZK

although confused that gallivanters says this for drives
SGU 3.5 hours
LAS 4.5 hours

late 2010 >
LAS $650 OW
PHX $700 OW
+10% service
air charter from $3K OW

May 17, 10 2010 >
Originally Posted by gemmablond View Post
Amangiri...flew in/out of SGU
Feb 27, 10 >
Originally Posted by kmklint View Post
Amangiri arranged a private charter plane from Page, AZ to Las Vegas (Boulder City) for 1500.00. IF I wanted to fly over Bryce Canyon on the way to LV, the cost was 2200.00.

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Originally Posted by NYBanker View Post
Looking fwd to this one!
Originally Posted by Ericka View Post
Awesome. Keep it coming!
Thank you! I hope it lives up to your expectations. Everyone please bare with me as the whole thing may take a few days.

Originally Posted by zigzag View Post
Agree the over night or longer at the MO Las Vegas and the drive to Amangiri made for a very nice pre arrival which I have done twice ...
Yours may have been one of the reports I'm remembering. Certainly, too, people we spoke with during our stay said this is an incredibly easy drive.

Originally Posted by Kagehitokiri View Post
2nd aman report !
dont forget SGU
LAX-SGU ended apr 7 2013 http://info.flightmapper.net/route/YY_LAX_SGU although late arrival
DEN-SGU replaced it, and there is still SLC-SGU (which ill probably do for multistop trip)
Thanks Kage! Info added to my initial post.
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incredible pics, and thats just so far !
Originally Posted by aa213bb View Post
Pool, which we actually never used, as our stay was in early February and it was far too cold

steam from the heated pool. Brrrrr!
what was main pool temp..?
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Originally Posted by Kagehitokiri View Post
incredible pics, and thats just so far !

what was main pool temp..?

I'm not sure of the exact temp, but it was certainly warm enough for us to swim, had we so desired. We contemplated it a time or two, but ended up choosing an alternative, which I'll detail in an upcoming post.
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Originally Posted by aa213bb View Post
certainly warm enough for us to swim, had we so desired. We contemplated it a time or two, but ended up choosing an alternative
ah, understood - cold in general, not the pool.
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thanks for the great report! looking forward to the rest
did you find a difference in service level between the Amangiri and the Asian Amans?
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