Berlin choices

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Berlin choices

We had planned a stay at the Hyatt Berlin, and after reading reviews and posting about it found that traffic noise may be an issue. And I need somewhere that is quiet. After researching forever it looks like the luxury hotels that might be an alternative would be (and a few have summer specials).

Brandenburger Hof
The Regent
Hotel de Rome

The others that look to line up after these maybe?

Hotel Concorde
H10 Berlin
Grand Hotel Esplanade
Mecure Hotel

Right now thinking maybe Hotel de Rome, and a few nights at the Concorde or something else for a different part of the city. If anyone has any suggestions for top of the line, quiet, swimming pool, great service, etc. I would appreciate it. I searched and hadn't seen many recent threads on it.
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I have stayed several times at Hyatt and never found it to be noisy, but Hotel de Rome is even better service wise and in a more quiet area. I would not care about moving unless you really love to see different hotels. Yes, Berlin is a big city but it is pretty easy to get around.
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The person who told you that Grand Hyatt Berlin is trafficwise noisy, just lied to you. Of course it's inmidst the city, but there are only small roads directly around it. Also the windows isolate perfectly.

The only Berlin hotel which is in a purely residential and because of that absolutely quite neighborhood, is the Schlosshotel. It's good quality, but changing management, has a small park, but it's really really far away from everything.

Ritz Carlton is servicewise the best, but the front is quite close to a bigger road - if you go there, ask for a room in the Tiergarten direction.

The Brandenburger Hof is also somehow quite, but in a very old-school-West-Berlin location.

Best luxury hotels for sightseeing are both Rocco's Hotel de Rome and the Regent.

I would absolutely suggest NOT to split the stay, to avoid the western part of the city hotelwise, and to really avoid Melia, Pullman, H10 Berlin and the lousy Mercure Hotels by all means. You will have not pool, no luxury, no quality there.

If you are younger than 50, then you should consider he hippest luxury hotel in town which is the Soho House Berlin.
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Thanks for the replies. Interesting about the noise. If I add the Hyatt back in, I might have some discounts that might narrow it down.

I could choose the Hyatt Grand Suite or the Ritz Jr Suite, at basically the same cost. I don't know if I could get the Tiergarten view at the Ritz...though.

Also I'm Hyatt Platinum. But looks like the Club Lounge would be closed part of the time I would be there.

Any suggestions on which you think would be nicer. They both look nice, but no full pictures really of the Ritz suite.

And thanks for the details on the other properties.

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has anyone compared RC and GH club?

when does the GH club close?

is china club worth paying for a night at adlon, whether staying or not?

i definitely look forward to trying soho house.

Brandenburger Hof has an amazing breakfast, as well as a pseudo club offering.
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Just a reminder that the RC, Regent, Adlon and Rome are all Virtuoso properties.

Be sure to explore the areas of Hackasche Hofe and Prenzlauer Berg in the eastern part of the city. Hackasche Hofe was very bohemian and Prenzlauer Berg had many historic buildings, many which, by now, should have been converted to lovely shops and apartments.
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It looks like the Hyatt suite is not available. I signed up for the Virtuoso newsletter, and put in my contact info. I guess I'll see what they offer.

The Brandenburger Hof looks like they have a special to consider.

Yes, we definitely want to see more of the eastern parts, thanks for the suggestions.

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I wasn't overly impressed with the R-C club lounge when I was there.
Too many business meetings and not enough service.

p.s don't do the underground tour lol...just don't!
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Regarding Swimming Pool!

Oh, I forgot that you asked for a swimming pool... Then things become clearer:

- Skip the Ritz Carlton - only a small fake pool with jetstream-pseudo-swimming (RC is next to a big traffic-crossing anyway, which you only miss when booking Tiergarten direction)

- Skip the Regent - no pool at all, only access to 500 meter further overly crowded Holmes Place fitness club with overloaded pool

- Skip the Brandenburger Hof - no pool at all, only access to some sports club outside

- Soho House only medium choice - top floor pool has brillant views over Berlin, but is only 12 meters long, so no decent laps possible

- Best choice number 1 is the Grand Hyatt with Berlins most beautiful pool - top floor, large pool, views all over Tiergarten, the Philharmonie and half of Berlin

- Best choice number 2 is Rocco Forte's Hotel de Rome with it's 20-Meter-Pool in the historic strongroom of former Dresdner Bank headquarter (that's what the hotel building was decades ago)

So it seems clear: Book either GH oder Hotel de Rome through a Virtuoso agent like DavidO, AGB or MarshKing on this forum to get free breakfast, upgrade etc.
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Loved Hotel de Rome. Very quiet, rooms on the 2nd floor have 20 foot ceilings... Had an excellent massage in the spa. Would stay there again in a heartbeat.
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I the RC Berlin was a fantastic hotel, and really liked the club lounge. We never heard any street noise in our room whatsoever. The rooms are kitted out with very high quality furniture. Club Lounge was very elegant and quiet. Club lounge food is not a big spread but is very nice - they generally have one main dish out (such as a pasta) and various accompaniments and a salad, easily enough for a meal if you so wish. Excellent selection of drinks, with champagne on tap all day long. Service was exceptionally good at all times, and apart from Ritz Phulay Bay probably the best of any Ritz we have tried. Its in an excellent location as well.
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Originally Posted by Earthman View Post
p.s don't do the underground tour lol...just don't!
why? Had plans to go on it. Looked like it would be interesting, how did it turn out?

deer - thanks for the details. Narrows it down quite a bit. I'm still a bit confused about Virtuoso agents and contacting them thru email. Right now I can get a summer special with those options at Hotel de Rome. But I also like to have the ability to move to another property. So it looks like your summary is right on mark, especially the pool choice. So Hotel De Rome, Hyatt, and possibly keep the Ritz as an option.

Thank for the new reviews above of Rome, and the Ritz.

And xray, what kind of room did you get on the second floor?
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Booked Superior Deluxe with Virtuoso upgrade to Junior might have been on 3rd floor... 1st thru 3rd floors have the high ceilings. Our room overlooked Bebelplatz.

The included breakfast buffet is very good - they cook to order hot entrees and then there are the usual cold buffet items. The restaurant is quite lovely.

The pool area is not large but there are nice loungers with spa showers.

I was lucky to find out about Hotel de Rome through FT so I am just passing along the good tips - you won't be disappointed especially if you can find a good summer deal.
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This might be a little whacky, but worth a look at:
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Originally Posted by deer View Post
the Grand Hyatt with Berlins most beautiful pool - top floor, large pool, views all over Tiergarten, the Philharmonie and half of Berlin
grand hyatt berlin's an interesting one. i've been curious for a while - especially after gallivanter's guide said some rather good things about it. a recent stay, &... (the hyatt forum has heaps on it, of course, but from the perspective of a luxury property...)

that pool is indeed beautiful. views over everywhere. the afternoon sun slanting in. november berlin turned to gold. that was wonderful - one of those moments that make you suddenly grin with delight - those moments that luxury hotels should, for me, be in the business of producing...

& the rooms look quite subdued on the website, but turn out to be quietly indulgent in reality - & much more pleasing than the photos suggested. very like park hyatt zurich, in many ways. rich subdued colours, heaps of silver-grey marble in the bathrooms, a new bang&olufsen tv, all maintained to a high standard. the bathroom's semi-open, so from a top-floor club room, a shower looking out over the tiergarten is not a bad way to start a day at all.

& vox restaurant downstairs gets packed with locals who know what they like. some wonderful people-watching: a matriarch presiding over her clan, she made up to the nines, two feet wide if she's an inch, draped in pearls the size of golf balls... (people take this place seriously, in other words - people who live here, & could clearly pick any restaurant in town.)

& the little details are present, & cared for. the corridors are elegant, & have some interesting art and photos of berlin. there are clefs d'or concierges on the staff. some of the food on offer in the club lounge is excellent: pastries and croissants in the morning, clearly made with care and good ingredients; a shamelessly chocolate mitteleuropa-style cake in the afternoon. the gm is very committed and responsive - replying to an email i sent, with a couple of concerns, within two hours, on a weekend, when he was actually away from the property.

& yet, & yet... ah yes, those concerns...

there are details which jar, which remind you that they're essentially trying to run an upper end business hotel and a luxury hotel in tandem, at the same property. the club lounge, for instance.... some of the food was lovely, some - particularly in the evening - felt offhand, cursory. the club coffee was from one of those airport-lounge machines, so the lattes/capuccinos are truly horrid, though the espresso's ok. & they play grim elevator muzak there - though not elsewhere, thank goodness. (also: & a designer decided it would be a good idea to raise the ceiling in the club lounge - which would be good, but they now have one of those grim 70s-bungalow-style plasterboard suspended ceilings over much of the room.) i used it for breakfast & the occasional cake, avoided otherwise.

some rooms, too, are to be avoided - the inner courtyard view felt depressing, to me - and buildings crowd around the hyatt on many sides. the tiergarten view, preferably from a high floor, is really the one to go for.

(so, essentially: cheaper rooms + much of the club offering = upscale business hyatt, geared to that market and sold to that market. better rooms + suites + vox restaurant downstairs + health club = luxury property, sold to that market.)

now this is in many ways a very fine hotel. but - as with park hyatts in the states, though less so at park hyatt paris, for instance - there's clearly an 'a-team' and a 'b-team' when it comes to the staff. the good ones are very good: they've got a great front-office manager, & some very hospitable people, who know how to really welcome guests. they've also, unfortunately, got a few klutzes. two prize ones on the front desk, one afternoon: piece after piece of incorrect information, brusquely delivered; i was left fuming.

actually, with hyatts, i've started to recognize a certain look, with the b-team. a request is made. the response: wide-eyed, uncertain, unsure what to do next, speaking quite quickly, deciding to be definite even if quite unsure. i've started to call it Doing The Headless Chicken. at its first appearance, i know to smile sweetly, draw things to a close, and talk to management instead.

so this is in many ways a contender... but unlike hotel du rome, it's got a bit of a split personality. with the right room, & the right plans, & a table at vox, & a swim up above berlin, it can be wonderful. (just avoid them headless chickens...)
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