Lounge Access/priority check in w/family

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Lounge Access/priority check in w/family

We are going to SIN & BKK as a family (SEN, FTL, 4 chd no status), and I wonder what the rules are, especially in SIN & BKK, regarding Lounge access and priority check in:

Sector 1: MAD-FRA 2x C award, 4x paid Y, stopover in FRA 7 hours
Sector 2: FRA-SIN 2x F award, 4x paid Y, stopover in SIN 3h
Sector 3: SIN-BKK, 6x paid Y
Sector 4: BKK-SIN, 6x paid Y
Sector 5: SIN-FRA, 2x F award, 4x paid Y, stopover 10h (same arr & dep date)
Sector 6: FRA-MAD, 2x C award, 4x paid Y

Sector 1 (MAD): Check in LH in MAD at C counter, reason C and SEN, incl. children
Lounge access: 2 C passengers and 1 guest each, 2 chd stay outside, since MAD has no LH lounge, only genereic airport lounge

Sector 2 (FRA): FCT access for all of us, reason is F Class flight, includes spouse and chd.

Sector 3 (SIN): check in in transit at SIN for TG flights priority check in as *G, even with 5 more pax who are not Gold? Lounge access for 6 pax, only 1 *Gold? How many guests/family are allowed?

Sector 4 (BKK): Check in at the TG *G counter for 6 pax allowed? lounge access?

Sector 5 (SIN): Check in for 6 pax at the LH F counter, SEN benefit allowed as family. Lounge access to the SQ Lounge 2 F pax and 2 guests, 2 chd have to stay outside?

Sector 6 (FRA): Departure from the FCT allowed because arrival same day on LH F, departure on LH, and family benefit allows the 4 chd as well.

Did I overlook or misinterpret anything?

Thanks for comments and corrections

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Zorro - just to give you a heads - up:

You will receive a lot of flag for the 2xF award 4xY paid (assuming the F are the SEN and FTL). Jsut add to oyur post that all your kids are pros when flying, are above age XX etc.

to your question.

As you are one SEN and one FTL technically no access for the whole family in SIN / BKK (in LH lounges no problem).

However - as you are all one family I wonder if they make exceptions.

FRA - welcome to the FTL and FCL for the family
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Check-in should never be a problem. I never had the experience or read of anybody who was rejected to check-in with the rest of my/their party not being in C or *G.
For the lounge access outside the LH lounges (SIN/BKK) the *G rules apply. As per those rules only one guest is allowed per *G member, finish. Everthing that happens in your favour then is luck.

But as I assume the miles come from M&M, couldn´t you have ticketed MAD-FRA-SIN-BKK vv. as an award ticket? Or going through BKK first if they are whining about the max mileage? Would have saved you some tears maybe.

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Thanks for your comments.

@ roundtheworld

Thanks for the warning

Although I have read the flaming posts regarding children flying alone etc. etc. I have never contributed to them. I have strong views on most subjects, including children on planes, but I never thought that the world at large would benefit from being exposed to them (both my views and my children).

Our four children are allowed to fly unaccompanied on LH, and in fact have done so many times. We never had complaints from other passengers or FAs, rather the other way round (our children quietly complaining after the flight about unruly behaviour by other passengers, adults and children alike).

I only mentioned that they are children as it is relevant to the LH lounge policy.

@ flyingrudd'l

There was a promotion in May (maybe an error?) where LH offered free flights to children accompanied by an adult, but only on flights from MAD to SIN, no ther European city, no other Asian city. Odd, but true. Since two of our children are adults and two are children we bought two cheap revenue tickets, and the F SEN companion award. SIN-BKK rt for 6 in the back ended up being S$1000, all in, so thats the reason for the routing.

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Hi Zorro!

What a routing! But in regards to your questions and concerns. Obviously the rules are the rules so we can only speculate to which extend they will be enforced.

My guess is that at none of the airports you will have any problems with priority check-in. It would take a lot for an agent to turn you away once you are actually at the counter.

However with lounge access, things might be different. If the lounges are not too full, you might have a chance at BKK and SIN with SIN being the least likely one. But you won't find out until you try.
But both airports are very nice so even without lounge access it should be fun.
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So it is actually 4 adults and 2 children?

Given that star Gold entitles you to ONE guest I'd say SIN and BKK are going to be a problem...
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Originally Posted by trooper View Post
So it is actually 4 adults and 2 children?
4 children, aged 10, 11, 14, 16, farewise that means 2 children and 2 adults.
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