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MUC Sen Lounge

Made my first visit to this lounge at 6pm last Thursday. What a zoo!

People were queueing for seats, for beer, for food. I swear some people wear queueing to join the queue!!

Is this normal? I turned around and left and had a pleasant beer and pasta in one of the nice, quiet restaurants in the main concourse.

I am sure some people stay in the Sen lounge just because they are able to go in there and feel that they are somewhere special, despite the fact that, in my experience, it is third world. Am I being unkind?
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I think this is a very true and honest statement especially during rush hour!! There are 2 lounges and my guess indicates that you used the Shengen one downstairs. If you go to pass control, the SEN lounge is much more relax and quiet.
The downstair lounge is actually far too small for all these SEN people. I am sure a concern for LH when people start really to travel again!!!
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Don`t know how you mean the comparison with the "third world" ?
I hope you don`t really want to compare a relatively decadent First Class lounge with the situation in countries where every third child dies, because of missing water or food... !!!

Beside that I agree that Lufthansa is doing a poor job utilising the available space, both in FRA and MUC.The strange relaxing fountain in MUC for example, who cares about that staff beside an interior designer ??
Wasted space for at least 4-6 chairs.

On the other hand every airline lounge is crowded on a monday evening at six, the alternative in MUC would be the lounge upstairs or one of the nice restaurants or bars.However I have to agree that Lufthansa missed the chance to improve the situation in MUC with the otherwise brilliant new * Terminal !
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Threy:
However I have to agree that Lufthansa missed the chance to improve the situation in MUC with the otherwise brilliant new * Terminal !</font>
Yes, it can be very crowded, but it is much better than the situation was in the old terminal.

In both MUC and FRA the situation is acceptable if you are just on a European shorthaul. However for passengers arriving from overnight lonhauls (especially when travelling paid F) the LH lounges are not acceptable. This is what I like at LHR Terminal 4, BA offers a very nice first class lounge for short haul and frequent flyers and the much quieter Concorde Room reserved for first class passengers on long haul flights. Maybe it would be good for LH to separate the large number of *Gold who use the lounge to get a quick coffee/drink before a short flight and the real long haul traveller who is looking for a quiet lounge and spends 2-3 before connecting.
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