Struggle concerning FTL requalification - need advice

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Struggle concerning FTL requalification - need advice

Hi everybody,

Im currently in a little row with LH concerning requalification for FTL status, Id appreciate if you could give me advice how to best tackle this situation:

The FTL card expires at the end of February 03. In 2003, 33264 status miles were acquired so far. From March 02 through December 02, 20000 status miles were acquired.

I had understood the new rules insofar, that cards which expire in 03 will be re-issued, if 50000 miles were acquired in the preceding 12 months. Yet LH insists on loss off FTL status by the end of February 02.

What should I do?

Thanks in advance,

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Feel free to complain all you like. I was in a similar position, in 10 months I will hit the level for SEN but because the final miles don't post to early 2003, versus 2002, M&M has said tought - they don't count. You are only a FTL, deal with it.

To me the whole changeover from one qualification period to another has been grossly mismanaged.
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I too was in the same position and think LH handled it poorly.

That said, it is easy enough to requalify and start towards SEN again. FTL status expires in 2004 so I will continue to receive the 25% bonus.

Since I have Star Gold status with AC I am not as upset as I should be. Once I figured LH wasn't going to honor what their website and other correspondence said, I stopped crediting miles to them. So close and yet so far . . .
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