Postponement of Lufthansa return tickets

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Postponement of Lufthansa return tickets


We bought two Business Class long haul tickets this time last year originating in LHR.
We used the outward bound leg.

When we were about to return to UK in April this year my mil who has long term medical problems deteriorated such that we decided to stay with her as my wife is her Primary Carer.

After some difficulty we managed to postpone our return journey with Lufthansa until the end of September this year which we were told was the latest date we could postpone until. That cost us Eu 250 per person.

Recently my mil has been discharged from hospital after a two week stay and the doctors have told us that she will further deteriorate, but can't give a time line before she passes away.

So we will of course stay with her until she passes away.

As we were told back in April that we will not be able to postpone our return flight further, we wondered if with the extenuating circumstances we might be able to postpone the flight for maybe something up to a further month.

Does anyone especially the Lufthansa Representative have a view on our situation and if there is a possibility of a further postponement how we might best go about it.

We have found that when talking by phone to Lufthansa customer service that some are very helpful others not so. That's a fact not a criticism, as it is the same with any phone calls to large customer service reps.
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LH (and all IATA carriers) tickets expire at the end of one year. Thus, it sounds as though LH extended the tickets as far as they can be extended.

I would presume that as your wife is the primary caregiver that with proper documentation, your travel insurance will simply cover the cost of a new ticket.

Without knowing the routing and fare basis, it is hard to provide good advice as to whether asking for a compassionate refund is even useful.
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