Lounge in BKK for LX and/or BL

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Lounge in BKK for LX and/or BL

Hi every body,

I book itinerary on the LH website BOD-ZRH-BKK-SGN.
BOD-ZRH in business class on LX then ZRH-BKK on LX in business class too.
On the LH web site the only flight to go from BKK to SGN (final destination) was with BL in economy class (booking class B)..
We have 4h50 minutes waiting in BKK airport.

My question is : do we will have lounge access in BKK ?
If yes which one (LX lounge in BKK is normally Thai Royal Silk Lounge and for Jetstar Pacific is Sky Lounge (Air France) for Y max starter
We took long haul business class flight from ZRH and leave with Jetstar Pacific in economy class.

I asked by phone the LX and LH agents but they only said :"may be, you will see at BKK airport"!..
I sent 2 emails to LH website but no answer since 12 days !...

Could somebody answer to my questions ?

Best regards,

Christian from France.
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Hi jhmili,

Probably, the Thai lounges use the star alliance policy:


International Business Class Customers

As an International Business Class Customer you have access to any Star Alliance member carrier’s owned Business Class lounge at the airport where your flight departs, if the following conditions are met:
You present a boarding pass in International Business Class on a Star Alliance member airline operated flight
  • Your flight departs on the same day of your visit or latest by 05:00 AM the next morning
  • The lounge shows the Star Alliance Gold logo at the entrance
You are not entitled to bring any guests.


According to those rules, you would not have access to a lounge, as you are not departing in C class on a star alliance flight. Even if your have *G status, you would not have access, as there you are not departing with a star alliance flight.

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No admission, only the Y ticket is relevant here. You can buy a ticket at around $30 for a 2-3hr pass in various lounges.
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Thank you but i forgot to tell you 2 things :
- I have no status in *A membership,
- the business class long haul flight is a P booking class.

May be a solution is to have acces in arrival lounge in BKK but it's mean time to get out (As french people I do not need a Visa to go to immigration) and to find arrival *A lounge (if permitted) and take time to pass immigration and controls as a non skypriority member ....
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1. No arrivals lounge in BKK
2. BL (Jetstar Pacific) is a low cost carrier owned by VN and QF - it has no connection with *A
3. You have no access as your DEPARTURE airline is NOT *A and you are not in C (BL does not even have C-class)

If you ask nicely it there is a chance TG Lounge Reps will be so confused they will let you in, but I doubt it. If TG does not work (they have 5 lounges in BKK) try with BR, SQ, TG
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