LH only as good as weakest link - Baggage service

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Angry LH only as good as weakest link - Baggage service

Bags can misconnect but how LH handles this misfortune defines the overall airline. My family of 3 with a 15 month old baby was traveling from Berlin to Miami on 7 June where all of their checked bags misconnected in FRA. After having waited at the baggage belt in MIA for the last bag to appear (A380 aircraft), the airline told my family that their bags had misconnected and would come as soon as possible, most likely on the next day direct flight. What happened next was a bunch of confusing emails about the bags status including the bags would arrive the same night and that the delivery address couldn't be found. The LH app did not display any information using the international baggage file key which was different from the information on the website. The bags arrived in fact the next day on LH462 but were not updated in the system until later that evening. It took now 26 more hours to hear again from LH baggage service because of bad weather (on the ground??). Trying to contact the MIA station via phone was unsuccessful. On the evening of 9 June suddenly a text message was sent that the driver was outside the gate of the destination address. Multiple conversations between us, LH baggage service and their subcontracting delivery company did not turn up the driver and so the bags were never delivered. Now 72 hours after the completion of the flight and 48 hours after the bags touched down in MIA, still LH has not delivered the bags to my family. The quality of subcontractors along with airline's resources at many of the international destinations do define the overall quality of service and the brand of the airline. In this case LH has failed the communicated standards for a caring quality airline. To be continued.
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Sorry to hear we just went through not the same but also frustrations with there service after our bags missed our connection at FRA..
We just spend a long weekend without our clothes or anything else for that matter. We where flying from AMS to ALC transfering at FRA. We had a two hour connection which was cut short to an hour after a balls up in AMS. Still even with an hour connection left they failed to tranfer the bags over a distance of 500 meters at FRA. We arrived in ALC on thursday and no bags, it happens but then the news came that the bags would not come until saturday. On saturday, they called to say they would not deliver the bags until the next day. The next day was the day we where set to depart.

Lufthansa was not capable, to deliver our bags to us in four day's. They could have posted the bags to us from FRA and they woulld have been there the next day and saved our weekend. The incompetence of the airline and swissport at ALC was unbelievable.
They have lost us, lufthansa we will never use them again. The 1 & 1/2 egg as businessclass meal on a 2,5 hour flight (with one drink) didn't make it any better, but that is a different story.
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After the bags arrived in MIA on LH462/08 at around 3pm, it took the local baggage service two more days (more than 48 hours) to actually deliver the bags to the address on file.
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With the very high baggage fees this is just unacceptable.
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I also had a poor experience recently on a BOG-AMS in J via FRA. Neither my bag nor my partner's arrived in AMS. LH did deliver mine 48 hours later to my home address in BRU, but it took 4 days for my partner's to arrive. When mine arrived, it had obviously been opened and checked, which is fine, except all of my clothes and goods were just thrown back in and it was a complete mess. My jeans had been stamped on (huge boot mark on the front of them.

LH agreed to pay toiletries and offered 30Eur in compensation on top of that. I said I would accept only on the condition that they told me who had opened my luggage, why, and why my clothes had been walked over. They said they couldn't explain anything. I never received the compensation, and my partner also didn't receive compensation nor the money for the extra toiletries she bought even though they asked twice for the receipts and her bank details (and received them twice) and confirmed that they would send her the money for her essentials that she bought.

This was 2 months ago. I gave up on pursuing any further as in the end aside from the mess and having to wash perfectly clean jeans I didn't see the point, and LH didn't really seem to care about the fact their customers luggage can be dealt with in such a way, regardless of whether it be by security in Colombia, groundstaff there or in FRA, or whatever. Left a very bad taste in my mouth.
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Remember my flight GVA - FRA - IAD last year: first leg was delayed, but we still had 1h in FRA since also the last leg was delayed (all weather related). Still, my luggage didn't make the connection. But at least they put it on the UA flight a couple of hours later, and I was called out by name at the IAD luggage belt in order to inform me. So all fine - however I agree that the SMS you receive are really a joke: it is hard to identify what the text really means and when your luggage will ultimately arrive. My luggage finally came at around 11pm local time on the same day...
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