Lufthansa delayed baggage compensation

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Lufthansa delayed baggage compensation

We were recently traveling to Austin via Frankfurt and none of the bags arrived at the destination. We are visiting for a short time and it was incredibly inconvenient not to have any bags. On top of that they made us checkin our carryon bags since the flight was full. We arrived with just our passports and few documents.

Ground staff refused any compensation and asked us to email lufhansa customer relations. We had to buy several things for the next 4 days after which we received our bags. We filed compensation claim with receipts but its been more than 2 weeks and haven't heard anything from Lufthansa. Is this normal ? Any suggestions to get Lufthansa to pay or get a response from them?
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Sorry to hear about the problems. I would hate to arrive at destination without any bags - I'm surprised that LH made you check-in your hand luggage? They were excessive in size or weight?

Anyway, first of all the response time from LH is much longer than 2 weeks. 6-8 weeks are not unheard of in matters like this. If you have not heard from LH in 3-4 weeks from now call or trying email again - did you receive an email from LH with the case/reference No?

Secondly, if you have original receipts for necessary purchases of clothes, toiletries etc, LH will most likely refund the expenses. I don't expect any issues there (unless of course if the nature of the purchases made or the total amount per pax give rise to objections). However, if you have travel insurance coverage these expenses will often be covered and paid out much more quickly than by the airline so check with your travel insurance also.
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Your question asks about compensation. I would not expect any.

However, LH is responsible for refunding your reasonable out-of-pocket expenses. It may simply take time.

As others note, it is much easier to deal with travel insurance. Typically smaller reasonable claims with receipts are paid without question in a few days.
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You will get your money, don't worry. If you claimed no more than about 300 euros per passenger, the refund will likely be hassle free. The wait is usually 6 - 8 weeks.

One time an airline responded after 11 weeks, with the refund, an apology, and an extra USD 1000 travel voucher for the inconvenience. And I said, you are forgiven, Mr Airline!
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