Poor C catering from DME (and equally bad lounge food)


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Poor C catering from DME (and equally bad lounge food)

Morning DME-FRA in business. The catering was clearly done in DME (as opposed to FRA) because cold cuts / vegies were equally as discussing and stale as they were in the lounge, the chunks of smoked salmon were smelly (also strikingly similar to salmon I tried in LH/OS lounge) and the omlet was hard and barely edible with mystery tomato sauce.

I understand challenges of catering from outstations, considering sanctions over Russia etc but come on, I had better food in SU Y.

With food being one of the few small differentiators between Y and C on European flights, this was a disappointment, especially on early morning flight when it's impossible to get breakfast in the hotel.

If DME catering situation is so bad, I wonder if it possible to do double cater DME flights from FRA (I guess for daytime it's feasible but for early morning flight storing food overnight - no?)

Edited to add: food on outbound flight from FRA was decent (sorry no pictures), so I assumed the problem was limited to DME catering.

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That, I'm afraid, is pretty much the standard [in terms of catering] of short/medium haul's business class within Europe, with the rare exceptions being LOT, Austrian, Air France (much improved recently) and I hear (I've never flown with them) Aegean as well.

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I am afraid my Air France were very much school cantine dinners, really not good. At a gastronomic level, I think KLM is doing ok at the moment. Equally, SWISS is pretty poor these days.
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Agree it looks awful but itís a carbon copy of regularly awful LH catering Intra Europe, from the photo, the jam & butter & smoothie are exactly what LH uses & the rest looks the same, so Iím not sure DME is the culprit
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I tend to skip breakfast in all cabins classes these days, as it is generally terrible. Applies to both short- and long-haul, unfortunately.

The catering does not help much to differentiate short-haul J from Y, so I have started to book Y for short hops.
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Better than catering in the US ;-)
I tend to eat the breakfast on short haul, rather than long haul when I have connection coming back from overseas. At least typically fresh.
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