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nlp Dec 13, 01 10:08 am

Consolidated "Getting to/from _____ in the Los Angeles area" thread
Is there any public transportation from SNA to LAX? Thanks.

askworldtraveler Dec 14, 01 8:41 pm

My guess - Super Shuttle

I believe one of the airlines has a shuttle between the two.... $$$.

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Worldtraveler36 Jan 11, 02 3:21 am

Walk! LOL

Just kidding. Yeah, Super Shuttle, Prime Time, and if you want to go all out, a taxi You'd have to sell your first born to pay for the taxi.

I love LA, but our public transportation sucks!!! Also, major traffic jams on the freeways unless you go at 2am, so do take that into account. Sad, but have to.

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anthonyanthony Apr 19, 02 4:46 am

If I arrive at LAX at 5am in the morning, can I make it to SNA for a 8:45am flight using Prime or Super Shuttle? Or will I have to shell out the bucks to get a approx. $65 one-way rental car for the short trip?

Eastbay1K Apr 19, 02 1:59 pm

My one way (but overnight) weeknight rental a few months back at Hertz was under $50.

JS Apr 19, 02 3:03 pm

You could fly it for $149. UA 6292 departs LAX 6:40 AM and arrives SNA 7:15 AM.

You could also take the green line Metro train (G bus from the terminal) to Norwalk and the southbound Orange County Metrolink train at 7:08 AM, arriving Santa Ana at 7:34 AM (taxi to SNA? never been there).

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anthonyanthony Apr 19, 02 10:31 pm

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Eastbay1K:
My one way (but overnight) weeknight rental a few months back at Hertz was under $50.</font>
Best quotes I can get for my day of travel is $49.99 plus taxes/fees/surcharges/shuttle charge/concession fee/graft/rent/gas/electricity/etc, which probably comes pretty close to $60. I've seen rates go down as the day of travel gets closer, so hopefully that will happen. The cheaper car rental companies don't serve SNA, which might explain why it's more expensive to go there.

JS, the Orange Country metrolink sounds interesting, I didn't know about that option. But in this case I'll have to pass, since if I will only get to Santa Ana by 7:30 and still have to take a taxi to the airport, check-in, go through security, it is going to cut it too close for a 8:46a flight. Is it an easy connection to get from the Metro G line to the Metrolink train?

As for flying United from LAX to SNA -- would love to but the price rules it out for me I think the quotes I was getting were for $200+

So far I think I'm going to take Super Shuttle. They're quoting me $20...but I have to wonder if they're going to drive all around SoCal dropping everyone else off before they drop me off. PrimeTime Shuttle is asking $41 for the same trip...anyone know why PrimeTime shuttle charges double? Are they a more reliable, fast shuttle service?

JS Apr 19, 02 10:55 pm

There is a shuttle between the end of the Green Line and the Metrolink station, although I haven't taken it myself.

I agree that arriving in Santa Ana 1:15 before the flight leaves from the SNA airport is cutting it close. That's the first outbound train of the day. Trains to BUR run more frequently.

Just curious, why did you book an itinerary like this? Leaving SNA just a little later would work out nicely via the train.

anthonyanthony Apr 20, 02 9:18 am

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by JS:
Just curious, why did you book an itinerary like this? Leaving SNA just a little later would work out nicely via the train.</font>
Taking the earliest flight out of SNA allows me to maximize the number of connections in my flight. This trip is a mileage run, which is why I am being so mindful of the costs.

Unforuntately, the red-eye is the only flight HNL-LAX on CO, so I don't have the option of taking an earlier flight from HNL. (Except maybe partner NW's afternoon flight.)

Shareholder May 30, 04 12:45 pm

Consolidated "Getting to/from _____ in the Los Angeles area" thread
I may pop into Los Angeles for a couple of days and most of what I want to see is reachable on the various subway lines. Likely will stay at the Westin Bonaventure, and know there is a SuperShuttle between LAX and the hotel, but I also notice that several Green Line stations cannot be very far from the airport. Are there any transit buses that serve LAX which go to one of these stations? As a subway buff, I would like to ride as much of the new system as possible, in part to explore the public artworks on display.

olympicnut May 30, 04 1:42 pm

I'm 99% positive there is a shuttle bus from LAX to the El Segundo green line station (board the bus outside baggage claim at the terminal you arrive at and keep an eye out for a sign on the bus that says "Green Line").

Yes you can get to downtown this way but it might take a LONG time. You'd have to take the bus to the green line station and take that to the blue line, then transfer to the blue line and take that to downtown. Not sure which station you exit to get to the Westin Badadventure.

Check out this website to see if it helps any more:

Here's another link:

Click the Ground Transport button, then Public Transport button for more info.

Enjoy your stay here in Los Angeles!

Shareholder May 30, 04 5:10 pm

Thanks. I subsequently did some checking on the MTA site and there is a shuttle that does a loop around the terminals and then goes to the Aviation station. Supposed to take about an hour from there, even with the change to the Red line. Have lots of time.

MisterNice May 31, 04 3:49 pm

You take theairport bus shuttle to the light rail "Green Line" Aviation Station. The buses run about every 15 min. Buy you ticket there. Its best to have coins as sometimes the machines will not accept greenbacks.


N227UA Jun 3, 04 3:21 pm

Take a "G - Metro Station" bus at the shuttle bus area which is remarked by blue sign on the arrival level.
It's a free service to 'Aviation - LAX' station.
You can pay the ticket by cash or coin.
I believe that LA metro doesn't accept credit cards or debit cards.

Shareholder Jun 21, 04 5:41 pm

Thanks everyone. Just to update this for anyone else wanting to undertake this folly: it is the G-LAX shuttle bus that runs out to the Aviation station. You get it from the Blue Airport Shuttles bays on the lower arrivals levels. [You could take a B-Parking Lot shuttle and walk 5-minutes but not really worth it unless you want to look at the collection of exotic aircraft on the lawn of a local banquet hall: WWII fighters of all origins, some Korean War jets and even a Bell X series rocket plane!]

However, once at the station, the ticket dispensers only take cash [coins or $1 bills]. Best deal, unless you are just going to a city hotel, is a $3 day pass [$1.50 if you are over 62]. The Green route is all above ground and runs along the right-of-way of a major expressway. Service is about every 15-minutes and you will likely want to transfer to the Blue Line at the Rosa Parks station to get into the city centre. [Very poor signs but walk to the east end of the platform and take escalator or lift down to the Blue Line station.] This line also runs on the surface, but is more an LRT going through Black [great view of the Watts Towers] and Hispanic neighbourhoods. At 7th station you will likely want to change to the Red Line, a true subway which runs either to the Union Station or out in two spurs to Hollywood.

Total travel time between LAX [hotel shuttle to Green Line shuttle to station to Wilshire/Western station and transfer to bus for Beverly Hills, Museum Mile, etc.] is about 2-hours. However, as a tourist is does give one a peek at an LA that most seldom see. Once you figure it out, the LA Transit System is actually quite good and very cheap. There are also buses that go right into Santa Monica from the LAX transit centre, which also makes for an interesting drive. Just $1.75 each direction.

Biggest drawback is that the whole system is automated -- except for the drivers -- and I encountered just one fare checker in two days of riding the system, other than buses, of course. Thus it is impossible to get directions, etc. There is, however, one can get information and a very good transit/city map at the ticket kiosk at Union Station. However, you must take the escalator up to the "Transit Centre" there, and not the railway station at the opposite end.

This system is also known for its interesting public art at all stations. This also makes for an interesting "tour".

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