Walk to LAX

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Walk to LAX

I am not from LA and I have a question that I know is going to make me sound like a cheapeskate, but that's okay. I don't mind walking and I occassionally find myself somewhere on Century or LaCienega near the numerous hotels needing to go to LAX.

It has always worked to nonchalantly hop on a hotel shuttle van but recently a van driver noticed that I had walked to the hotel from the sidewalk and wouldn't take me because I wasn't a hotel customer (I usually have a small bag so I look like a customer).

The $12 cab ride was ridiculous for the short ride. I can never remember which MTA bus stops at LAX from that area.

Is there a pedestrian entrance from Century or La Cienega or one of the parking lots that can be entered on foot with a shuttle bus to LAX. Similarly, how does one walk to the MTA transit center and pick up the LAX shuttle bus? The MTA website seems to indicate that a person can walk from the Sheraton Gateway to the LAX transit center.

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On Century there are also several parking lots. You could try to hop the shuttle at the Parking Spot. Walk in go to the left around a car or two so as you walk to the shuttle you look like you came from where you just parked.
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Los Angeles public transit sucks for a city it's size...but here's the website. You can look up bus information and trip plan using it....

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I think it would be more convenient to keep using the hotel shuttles. Just make sure you enter through the side and walk out the front like a hotel guest.
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If you're not a guest of the hotel, IMHO, you should not "rip off" their services.
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Thanks for all of the responses and ideas.

I'm Hulton and Starwood Gold, so I hardly see how hopping on a shuttle bus with existing passengers is ripping them off, but whatever.
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I believed you can walk to the Radisson Hotel at the corner of Century and Sepulveda, cross Sepulveda using the crosswalk, and get to Terminal 1.

If you prefer to take a bus, you can ride Metro Bus 117 (Fare US$1.25) at the corner of Century and La Cienega to get to the Transit Center at Lot C. From there, you can hop on the free shuttle.
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There are other agencies which service LAX transit center:

S.M. BigBlueBus
Culver City (big green) Bus

Have you tried the Thrifty rental car shuttle? It's not too hard to sneak in there!

Also, don't hesitate to haggle with a flagged-down cab who is heading to the LAX taxi queue anyways.
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